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I'm a active meth user & new to this page are they anybody who struggles daily with the same thing?

Discussion in 'Methamphetamine / Meth' started by nightmare101, Mar 19, 2017 at 5:05 PM.

  1. nightmare101

    nightmare101 Member

    ive been using meth for a year and a half i am 20 years old i have a son that suffers from my bad choices my addition has took everything my car my family my friends even down to my clothes, i went to jail in Georgia for possession of meth it is a felony it was my first felony i was stuck down there & didnt have no body i live in KY so i was a good way from home all due to chasing the dope. i love the high its a everyday thing for me but hearing others stories it helps,, so whats yalls story
  2. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    Welcome to the community, @nightmare101. And thanks for sharing your story with us.

    My son has struggled with addiction for about 12 years. I've taken it upon myself to advocate for people who struggle with addiction and mental health issues, because I know how difficult those things can be...not only for the person struggling, but for their loved ones as well.

    You are so young, with so much of your life ahead of you. I hope you get to a point where you want to stop using meth. Besides the high, there isn't really anything good about using meth...or any other drug, for that matter. And your son deserves to have a healthy, clear-headed mom who is there for him.

    I'm keeping good thoughts for you. And sending you lots of love and light. Know that we are here to lean on anytime you need us.
  3. nightmare101

    nightmare101 Member

    Thats why i am looking into rehab programs cause he deserves my all, i come from a long line of addicts my mother is currently a active user Meth & Suboxone is her choice my grandmother raised me so i dont wanna make the same mistakes she did for him. i wanna quit
  4. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    It's great that you want to quit, @nightmare101. I'm praying hard for you.