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Anabolic Steroid Drugs
Aug 10, 2019
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Anabolic Steroid Drugs


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    Once upon a time, in 1959 to be exact, there was only one Nandrolone in the world: Nandrolone Phenylpropionate. And everyone at that time thought everything was already perfect. A lot of men believed that their collective dream had been fulfilled.

    Science had finally invented a steroid tailor-fit for a man's requirements to become more muscular, stronger, and faster. There was only one problem. While the newly discovered juice was perfect in every way, it didn't last long enough in the body.

    The original Nandrolone steroid was like gone with the wind. It was also rather like the prince turning back into a frog much too quickly. So a solution just had to be found.

    The medical race was on anabolicsteroiddrugs — the mission: to create a clone of Nandrolone steroids that did everything the same but lasted longer. Humanity just felt incomplete without this invention. So it only wouldn't be denied.

    Finally, in 1962, another dream came true. The lab scientists unveiled their new creations. They named it Nandrolone Decanoate this time.

    The invention launched a thousand copycats and unleashed a force that would rock the bodybuilding world and anger through the decades. To date, there are as many versions of Nandrolone tablets of the Nandrolone Decanoate kind as there are human needs and wants. Has science gone overboard?

    Maybe so if you consider the sheer variety of choices when you buy Nandrolone online. There are so many different kinds and so little time. Is it wise to check out one and ignore the rest?

    For many men, this was so except that these males often felt like looking at greener pastures. So as human nature would have it, every Nandrolone for sale was ravaged to the point where authorities such as the American and Canadian governments just had to intervene. The US Food and Drug Administration, for one, would issue a declaration controlling all roids with medical prescription requirements.

    Alas, the situation was akin to Superman being brought before the International Court of Justice to face charges of usurping power. Wonder Woman would come to the rescue, just as soon as the steroid Anadrol was invented to cater to her needs as well as those of her kind. As the alpha males, as well as aspiring-to-be alphas, continued to reach out for Nandrolone pills, modern science would also develop more and more sophisticated stackers for the female species.

    Where will all of this come to and when will it end, this pursuit for perfection? The answer is probably never. For as long as human nature exists, there will always be a need for constant improvement. For those who subscribe to the X-Men theory, every few millennia, life takes a gigantic leap for perfection. So we can only watch and learn.