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Apr 9, 2015
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Grosse Pointe, Michigan
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deanokat Community Organizer, from Grosse Pointe, Michigan

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    1. Reluctantly Here
      Reluctantly Here
      I'm sorry I've been gone so long. I've been battling demons to hard to do alone, so here I am... back again. I questioned if I should because I know I let everyone down by trying to kill myself and never returning. I'm ashamed, humiliated, and I can only hope I'm forgiven, but if not... I understand. I dont remember how to open a new topic page.
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      2. True concern
        True concern
        We love you and are just happy you are ok and happy to have you back
        Sep 17, 2019
    2. Mom does drugs
      Mom does drugs
      My mom does drugs and brings friends over as in bad friends. I’m Being fed and but I just don’t want to be near the stuff she does. My brother that’s 22 is moving out and I’m gonna be the only one here, forgot to mention he’s leaving cause of what she’s doing and I want tag on or even have my aunt(s) take me in. What do I dooo??
    3. liliann
      are you ok dean?
      what going to search around so you don't have to re live anything to tell me
      worried and sending prayers
    4. Joshstillclean
      Hey Dean. I stumbled across a YouTube video you recorded about relapse and you mentioned that you run an abuse forum and a recovery forum. Are you a part of a separate recovery only forum? If so what is the website as I am interested in looking at it. And you should make more videos. That was cool!
    5. liliann
      Bantuguy posted something i reported.
      He is selling iboga roots which is a hallucinogenic root and should only be administered by an MD.
      We don't want people selling things on this site or confusing newcomers.
      1. Dominica
        thanks! i took care of it last night! :)
        Apr 30, 2019
    6. redtail57
      deanokat - I forgot my password so they sent me a temporary one to sign in problem. After signing in I went to change the pw to one of my own, ok when it asks for my existing pw I put in the one they gave me then I put in my new one and hit save then it says the existing pw you entered is not correct . I am signed in using the pw they gave me .What am I to do ?
    7. Liola
      hi there i just wanted to say hi...
      i wrote dominica for some advise for my step son and thought just to send you a hello...i'm going to shoot true concern a hello as well...
      you 3 are my peeps!
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    8. Liola
      yay i am! Hello recovery and wanna bees world...I'm back in thanks to deanokat!
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    9. Liola
      i think i'm on...all i did was refresh the page...i didn't sign in or anything and i ain't changing the password right now...i'm filled with gratitude to you deanokat!!!!
      am i on as Liola?
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    10. Cametobelieve0202
      Hey so I was looking at the “notable members” your the only one that has posted since 2016. What happend to the rest of them?
    11. Lucy44
      How safe is this site to be honest and discuss real life issues with distance abuse?
      1. Missmomma8782
        Very safe if u protect your identity and even if I tell the world your perscise location you came to the site for a reason picture yourself at the ledge of the cliff now all u have to jump I personally jump into tropical island Waters of realistic every day Life lol so it doesn't always have to be unknown drakness or strong seas it's all up to you
        Apr 21, 2018
    12. Silentgirl
      Can some body email me
    13. Silentgirl
      I need someone that can tell me how detox works the withdrawals I never been in detox before
    14. Silentgirl
      Thank you for writing I appreciated but I notice that you’re not an addition
    15. Silentgirl
    16. Silentgirl
    17. gabss123
      I know you stated that you are a previous addict. Do you have any background in healthcare, addiction services, psychiatric services, etc?
      1. deanokat
        I am NOT a previous addict and have never stated that I was. I am the father of an adult son who has struggled with addiction for 12+ years.
        Jun 9, 2017
    18. gabss123
      Do you moderate the posts on this site for accuracy?
      1. deanokat
        I moderate the posts on this site as best I can. If you have something you'd like to bring to my attention, please feel free to do so.
        Jun 8, 2017
    19. Worried I care more
      Worried I care more
      @deanokat Thank you for reaching out to me. I appreciate all the positive feed back and information. I will definitely look into the site you had posted. You're a true inspiration to all of us lost in this mysterious world of drug addiction.
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      2. deanokat
        My pleasure, @Worried I care more. Just trying to help people navigate their way through their struggles. :)
        Mar 31, 2017
    20. Loso
      Deanokat just visiting and thanking you for all the good vibes you send out you are helpful in times of need.. thankyou.. :)
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    Home page:
    Grosse Pointe, Michigan
    Writer/Blogger/Recovery Advocate
    The father of a son in long-term recovery from addiction, I also quit drinking in September of 2008 when a family therapist at my son's treatment facility told me to "be the change you want to see in your son." I am passionate about helping others and constantly work to help break the stigma associated with addiction and mental health issues. In addition to a personal blog that chronicles my experiences with my son, I also write for other websites, including The Huffington Post and The Fix.



    Read my blog:
    “Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don't give up.” --Anne Lamott