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Aug 19, 2015
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    Some say that life’s like riding a rollercoaster.
    I completely disagree.
    Life to me falls more into a riding a unicycle.
    You start your life learning how to live, you’re a bit shaky at the start but you start to get more and more into it. You learn all the tricks and all the rules into riding that unicycle.
    But you may suddenly lose balance and fall.
    And for most people, when it comes to that time that they fall, they lose confidence, they lose momentum and they lose the urge to get back to riding that unicycle.
    Being content with the floor they’re sitting on, watching as others ride freely through.
    You try to get back on, but have forgotten how to ride it with ease, so you just give up and leave it for another day since it’s too hard.
    What you forget is that it’ll just get harder each passing day. Of course it’ll still be hard to relearn how to ride that unicycle, but I know one thing.
    Once you ride that first inch and feel that impact of complete self-accomplishment you’ll never want to stop riding.
    Other may think it’s just a silly inch, but to you, it’ll be great wonders.
    The wonder of having your life getting back to balance just like you getting your balance back on that unicycle.
    There will be some to say my train of thought is silly, but there will also be some to completely understand me and take in my words to their life and get back on that unicycle.
    This is my first post and I hope I make good friends on this site.