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May 21, 2017
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    I am 26 years old. I haven't ever had a drug or drinking problem myself. In fact, I haven't ever even experimented at all when I was younger. I was raised in a household with a mother and father that drank a lot, and my father has problems with Opioids as well. They both have self destructive personalities. I am one of 8 children, I am the only one that doesn't have a drinking and/or drug issue. I empathize for my siblings, but I am still finding it a little difficult to understand and to deal with emotionally. It is hard for me to have a relationship with my family. I haven't been around my family much at all since I was around 17. We also can't relate as we have different interests and mentalities. I'm not sure why I turned out the way I did and why I haven't ever had any problems with self addictions. My paternal and maternal uncles are also reliant on Opioids, some family members have had problems with stronger drugs such as cocaine, and alcohol abuse runs far back into my family.

    It will be kind of difficult to even begin to describe in detail the affects and events that have come along with an addictive environment. Some of the things that come along with addictions are self deterioration, neglect, other various forms of poor choices, leading to horrific events, various kinds of abuse, money problems, and trauma. I spend a lot of time contemplating what could be the cause of a person leading into addiction. I now believe that it is a combined variety of things. I believe it is a little due to genetics, it's environmental, and I believe that a specific mentality falls victim to alcohol and or drug abuse. I do know that addiction isn't too prejudice, people of any background, gender, ethnicity, and income level can have problems with addiction. It is always very harmful to everybody involved. I also know that addiction is a lot more common than people understand.

    I want to join this community to learn more about addiction, to help find comfort in relating to others in similar situations, to help others to find a better understanding in what could possibly lead to an addiction and how it affects the addicted and various people around them, to share what I have learned that helps the individuals addicted and their loved ones, to lend kind words to all asking for understanding and/or help, and to share my story as I have a lot that I can share. I hope that I can help other people, and I can be helped myself. Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me, and the beginning of my story!