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Become a Community Listener

Our Community Listeners provide support and encouragement to those struggling with substance abuse.

Become a Community Listener
If you are interested in having a more involved leadership role in the forums we encourage you to become a Community Listener. Our Community Listeners provide a listening ear for members who may be struggling with a particular issue. They provide encouragement and information to people but not medical or professional mental health or addiction treatment advice. They are the backbone of our community culture of caring and support.
Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide an open, compassionate environment for people seeking support and guidance for substance abuse related issues. We are an expanding community of people from all walks of life who have experienced the ill-effects of drug abuse in our lives, either ourselves or with a loved one, or through working with others on a professional level. Our goal is simple: To help community members endure the devastating effects that substance abuse has on our lives and our communities through open dialogue and the exchange of ideas and support. Are you here because you genuinely love helping others think through their issues? Are you good at helping others find solutions in a patient and compassionate manner out of the goodness of your own heart? If so we'd love for you to join our growing team of Community Listeners.


What Community Listeners Do:

    •    Visit the forums regularly.
    •    Provide a "listening ear" to other members in need.
    •    Greet new members.
    •    Help others locate helpful resources.


What Community Listeners Don't Do

    •    Provide medical advice or counseling.
    •    Promote a single treatment approach.
    •    Preach to or try to change others.



What Community Listeners Get

    •    Your name listed in the "Community Listeners" area of our site.
    •    The satisfaction of doing something good for others and your community.

If you are interested in this role please send a private message to the Community Organizer.