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12 Step for Eating Disorders

Discussion in '12-Step Support Groups' started by juno, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. juno

    juno Community Champion

    Has anyone ever heard of the 12 step program for eating disorders. I know that this is mainly for substance abuse, but food can also be an addiction for some and I hear that the 12 step program is very good for it.
  2. Bonzer

    Bonzer Community Champion

    Hi, Juno! I heard of this 12-step program only after coming to this forum. Can you please explain it in detail or point me to a source, where I could learn about it? What exactly is a 12-step program and who can follow it to get relief? Thanks!
  3. tckc

    tckc Member

    I believe that Overeaters Anonymous is also for people with eating disorders. From my understanding though friends, it is for anyone who eats in a way that is compulsive or obsessive. Also, I don't know of anyone who has experience with it but there is a group called Compulsive Eaters Anonymous. You could try to put either one of those into google and find more information/local meetings.
  4. Bonzer

    Bonzer Community Champion

    @tckc: Thanks, brother. I googled it and found an answer immediately. It was pretty good information and I don't understand, why should anyone hesitate to give it in the first place. I gave the list below and it should be helpful to any individual who finds himself on the same page.

    Here is the list. (courtesy

    Step One: Honesty
    Step Two: Hope
    Step Three: Faith
    Step Four: Courage
    Step Five: Integrity
    Step Six: Willingness
    Step Seven: Humility
    Step Eight: Self-discipline
    Step Nine: Love for others
    Step Ten: Perseverance
    Step Eleven: Spiritual Awareness
    Step Twelve: Service
  5. lgdg090596

    lgdg090596 Senior Contributor

    Oh, there's your 12 step! :D
  6. medievalmama

    medievalmama Community Listener Community Listener

    There is a program called Food Addicts Anonymous. It defines 'abstainance' a little differently from OA. They do use the Big Book as their basic text. I only know about it because I just went on a cruise and there was a woman who identified as a Food Addict who joined us at the Friends of Bill W. meetings. We talked the same recovery language and were wonderful support for each other.
  7. juno

    juno Community Champion


    The 12 Step Program for Eating Disorders is through Eating Disorders Anonymous and it is absolutely free. The program is designed like the 12 step grogram for AA. What seems good about this program is that it is also available online. You can check them out here:
  8. smartmom

    smartmom Senior Contributor

    I haven't - In fact I have never heard of this before. I have never had this problem. I do feel that I need some help with eating too much however. lol I am sure this disorder is just like any other addiction. Twelve steps sounds like a well thought of program. I am sure its one day at a time.
  9. MyDigitalpoint

    MyDigitalpoint Community Champion

  10. kylerlittle

    kylerlittle Community Champion

    Great tips Bonzer!
  11. NanouHammie

    NanouHammie Member

    I have never heard of such a program. I myself have had bulimia since I was 15 on and off. I have never been able to get any kind of help. When I feel overweight or bloated, I have a really hard time keeping my food down. I don't think that any kind of support could help me.
  12. juno

    juno Community Champion

    You will be surprised what a support system can do for you. There are many that you can do directly online and make it very convenient and almost impossible to avoid. Don't suffer, do look into the free programs:

    Private Therapist also work via Skype:
  13. NanouHammie

    NanouHammie Member

    I will give the links a try. Thank you.
  14. kylerlittle

    kylerlittle Community Champion

    I understand what you mean, I would say I know someone who is the same way, where they would decide how they would eat upon how they would feel. It's difficult, but I got through it and I promise there's hope. I think that people who struggle with it need to regulate themselves with overeating and show themselves it's okay, it's not as bad as our minds make it out to be.
  15. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    They should have it if they don't. I'd like to start a rehab for food addictions. There are chemicals in the food making people addicted to them. Why not?
    I swear there is something that if you've eaten reeses or snickers in the past. When they are near you it makes you want to eat them. Even if you are trying to eat healthy and swear off them. GMO chemicals that draw you in.
  16. movingforward1

    movingforward1 Active Contributor

    I have heard of it for eating disorders, but I think it is kind of detrimental to ED recovery. I believe that the most helpful attitudes during ED recovery are those of self-affirmation and empowerment, and the 12-step "I am powerless to my addiction" mantra could harm rather than help.
  17. LeonasSword

    LeonasSword Active Contributor

    Thanks for the information. It can come in handy for people with eating disorders. It's really useful putting a source as well so you're not making bullshit.
  18. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    I have heard about this program, my mom and I went to one group like that a while ago, but sadly there is only one in our city and we really didn't like the way they run things over there. We thought the environment wasn't good at all over there, the people who run that group didn't moderate it... so people there often got into fights, made fun of each other, and swore a lot...
  19. kgord

    kgord Community Champion

    I have tried overeaters anonymous meetings in the past. I don't know, I don't feel that they were that helpful. It may work for some people but I guess A higher power is not going to help me stop over eating. I think better coping strategies and a plan to put in place of stuffing my face would be more helpful. This is something that may help some.