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2nd hand meth crack smoke

Discussion in 'Methamphetamine / Meth' started by Victim of crackheads, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. I had a 4 month horrifying experience living on the 2nd floor in a 2 family home. This was Jan - April 2017. A 60 year old woman on the first floor was using crack and/or meth, and it was making me sick. Told landlord that there was the constant chemical vapor in the house, described as oven cleaner, sulfur, with a slightly sweet undertone at times. I observed her with huge pupils and am positive she was using and polluting the entire house. After two months that she moved in my chest/lungs and nostrils had a constant burning numbing sensation. I could smell her crack and cigarette fumes and stink coming out her windows in the yard. After 4 months of gagging and getting sick with no help from landlord or police that I called on her, I had to move out, not her. There needs to be some better laws against these disgusting and deadly drug users. Prior to this experience I was relatively healthy riding a bicycle or walking 10+ miles and mowing grass with push lawnmower. When I finally couldn't stand the disgusting pollution and fumes she was making, I also developed severe leg muscle pain upon limited exertion which I never had in my life. I have finally realized it's not going away and today had an ultrasound test for circulation problem in my legs. I now am waiting for results. If anyone out there or anyone you know smells odd chemical fumes or smoke living above another tenant, take it seriously and get out. I called police, they said they didn't smell anything, called landlord numerous times, he said he smelled what I described as oven cleaner with a sweet undertone but couldn't do anything without actually catching her red handed. This crack **** doesn't really have that much of a smell, it's more like fumes or vapors that you only notice the nasty effectswhen your in the atmosphere for maybe 6-8 hrs. This was the worst experience of my life and everyone except one close friend of mine was doubting me that this 60 year old lady was smoking cigarettes and mostly crack, 20 hours a day. All the windows open on 2nd floor could not get rid of her nasty fumes from her drugs. So if anyone has or knows someone experiencing what I've described here, you're not crazy, and get out of that atmosphere at any cost. I can't walk up a flight of a stairs anymore without burning leg muscle pain that I never had my whole life prior to this.
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  2. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener

    @Victim of crackheads so sorry you had to experience that and nothing could be done.... that's a shame. i do hope you start feeling better soon.
  3. No amount of drug "fumes" or "vapor" will cause the kinds of physical things you're talking about. The only thing that would noticeably effect you is the manufacturing of meth, and that smell would be so strong that police would've been called long before you started having issues.

    If the police didn't smell anything, and she apparently smokes "20 hours a day", then it's hard to believe this is anything other than you convincing yourself this woman is doing drugs.

    Your physical issues have nothing to do with any kind of second hand drug inhalation. I guarantee that. I've had several roommates and neighbors over the years of my drug use and not a single one had anything remotely close to what you're describing. Not to mention the fact that you never actually witnessed this lady using drugs. This is all speculation. And the fact that you called the police on her without knowing anything concrete is pretty messed up to be honest.
  4. Justice

    Justice Member

    I can totally identify with your post about second hand meth vapors. I too, have experienced the same thing where I live. I live in a 80 unit apartment building and I was in an apartment for one and a half years with the same problem. I experienced this chemical smell that would come into my apartment quite often that gave me burning eyes, a headache, and I was walking around with a sore throat a lot of the time. I went to the doctor and explained to her the problems I was experiencing and she asked me if the symptoms clear up when I leave and yes, they did. I went to the apartment manager several times and she said the same thing that you were told that they didn't smell anything. I also called on the police and they said the same thing. Last summer I saw a relative of the person living below me and they told me the tenant below me had been hospitalized in the past twice for meth overdose. Since then, and after getting a letter from my doctor, I was able to move into another apartment on another wing of the building and I've been experiencing the same thing but only to a lesser degree. This building where I live has a no smoking rule with outside designated smoking areas but offers no protection from this kind of exposure. I think the building owners and management of these units need to be updated and fore warned about these imposing health risks to their tenants. We are definitely living in different times and we need to be proactive instead of reactive. The following is an article I read about second and third hand meth exposure.
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  5. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener

    @Justice hey there. thanks for your input. sorry you are having to contend with all that. i do think landlords need to be aware... and tenants protected!
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  6. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    Interesting article you shared, @Justice. Thanks for sharing.
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