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62-hours post ice cold tramadol cut and I am largely back to myself

Discussion in 'Withdrawal Symptoms' started by Chris131, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. Chris131

    Chris131 Member

    My last dose was monday night at 8pm, by that same time on Tuesday I was in full blown cessation syndrome, 300 mg a day, every single day, for six years for my neck and upper thoracic spine, not one missed dose in all that time. I was nervous, and absolutely feeling some panic, the first night was the worst, up all night, literally impossible to relax in any fashion whatsoever! Symptoms of RLS(restless limb syndrome)began at the post 30 hour mark, specifically in my inner arms from the armpit on down to the top of the wrists and right down the middle of the inner hands, this began to escalate from there into my legs and soles of feet!

    This prompted me to peruse my med cabinet and imagine my great surprise to discover a full bottle of gabapentin prescribed by the very clinic which had cut me off cold, after a perfect six year run with them. One of gabapentins primary off label uses is for RLS, both in opiate cessation and those poor unfortunates gifted by nature with RLS, God bless the latter unfortunates, its RLS which serves to further your already existing anxiety, serving to radically escalate the discomfiture of the person in question!

    Most of you have no need to hear much more about that beast from yours truly, what you do need to hear, and its very important that you hear it, is that one of gabapentin's other seriously investigated off label uses is for mitigating the worst of opiate cessation syndrome! Now my fear was that tramadol is not an opiate, yes I know they lump it in with them now, but that is just because they have no better class of drugs to dump it in with, so I was I concerned it may not perform as hoped for!

    Amazing results, not knowing what doses they resort to(its almost always customized)I elected to simply take the gabapentin as it was prescribed, 100 mg x 3 daily! Second day and night the worst of the cessation symptoms had moderated themselves, even more importantly, no concomitant crashing depression, my mood was clearly being stabilized via the mechanism of action of the gabapentin!

    Today is day three post cold cut, 62 hours to be precise, and I feel over the hump, I actually got several hours of sleep last night, even though the RLS was still there, though not as aggressively, I was much more relaxed and confident that all was soon to resolve... I had heard horror stories about cold cutting tramadol, especially in those who like myself had been on that crap for years, I can say that the gabapentin easily served to trim off the worst of the cessation symptoms, I'm still rundown, and feel like crap, but I am also back to myself, I am even gonna ride my exercise bike for 30-minutes this afternoon, not to bad at all for the day three post 300 mg cut from the tramadol.

    I would strongly caution all to check with their doctor before embarking upon such a course of action, I would also offer up this chilling warning, I took this medication exactly as prescribed every single day for six solid years, never abused it as such, I cannot even begin to imagine the magnitude of discomfort that would manifest itself after cutting cold from let us say, 600 mg of tramadol a day, or those adventurous souls who thought to play around with this substance recreationally, and at ultra high doses, tramadol is to my mind capable of far worse then what I have, and am going through, pharmaceutical researchers haven't a clue as to its real mechanism of action, you're messing around with your neurological system as you play around with this substance....

    Good luck to every one of you, I don't care if you're a chronic pain patient as I am/was, or a straight up street junkie, we all experience the exact same cessation syndrome, such is a bond, God bless you!