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A Call To All Friends and Family

Discussion in 'General Substance Abuse Discussion' started by wecanbeatthis, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. wecanbeatthis

    wecanbeatthis Member

    I am a heinous opiate enthusiast since reformed. I have personally caused immense pain and suffering for many many people on account of my opiate abuse. After countless attempts at sobriety I truly felt as though there was literally never going to be an end to my destructive path. Until someone had given me a copy of The Stoned Philosopher: A Journey Through Addiction by C Alan Taylor. This book has changed my life, and were it not for the kindness of a close friend who had provided me with a copy, I never would have found it. If you have a loved one who has tried everything else and failed, get them this book. Addicts who have been on the move, hustling, etc., will not have the resources or time to track down such a thing, and so many who could be helped by these words shall remain in this disease's icy grips. I have witnessed many wonderful things since being introduced to this way of thinking and I feel if more were exposed to this type of approach we could all benefit greatly. My copy was ordered on but I'm told you can purchase directly from the publisher's website, on B&N (not confirmed), or even get an audio copy.
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