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A family addiction

Discussion in 'Share Your Story Here' started by ConcernedGrandma, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. I am a of 3 and a grandmother of 7. Addiction has been in my life since I was about 16. I started with alcohol and through the years move on to cocaine, crack and meth. I had a few years sober here and there, I kicked a crack habit and a meth habit for probably 8 years. Alcohol was my drug of choice I guess. In 2005 I met the love of my life. He got me started on vodka!! We spent the first year or so of our relationship drunk and getting back into meth. I got 2 DUI's within a year and spent 4 months in the LA County jail. At that time they still put women in Twin Towers. I was so scared and worried about my family and my boyfriend. Thank God my kids were all grown by then but my oldest daughter was pregnant. So, I had ever reason to stay sober once I was released.

    When I was released from jail my boyfriend (Dave) was still drinking. I fell back into my addiction in no time. My daughter (Leah) & her boyfriend (Matt) were living with us at the time. She was so upset with me. I was going to court ordered alcohol class. At first I hated going but then through group I learned a lot. It was suggested to me to try a drug called Vivitrol (Naltrexone) to stop the urges to drink. It was designed to help opiates addiction but worked for alcohol. Dave and I both went for intake interviews and where able to get the injection for free. It costed $900.00 per injection and we could only each get one free. Shortly after the birth of my first grandson was born we has our injection. I was worried it wouldn't work in one injection. Well, it did for both of us. We were both sober for the first time in our relationship. It was bliss.

    I started to become more aware of what was going on around me and discovered my daughter was taking norco daily. She started out few a day til her "best friend" introduced her to shorting it. Now she can't stop where she is living too many addicts in one house. We can't afford medical detox, so it's going to be at my house. I will just make sure she has motrin, some weed and a xanax if she gets anixeny attacks. I am mom it hurts my heart to see her that way. Dex starts this weekend.

    Need lost of positive thoughts, prayers and suggestion!