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Activities to Stay Sober?

Discussion in 'Sobriety Tips and Inspiration' started by blur92, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. djd

    djd Member

    I have quite a few hobbies. I think it's important to make sure you aren't getting 'addicted' to anything else in the process of trying to fill your previous addiction time. (Hope that makes sense.)

    As far as socialization goes... I've personally always wanted to start something like a book club or a cooking (eating!) club with some close friends. Volunteering is also a really, really good idea. Even a community garden could be fun, if you have one?

    I'm always writing, cooking, listening to music or watching Netflix/Hulu+ (usually while working out), if it helps... None of those things are very social, though.

    Although not very 'social' either, you could also put time into learning some kind of skill? An instrument, a language, etc?

    Yoga is pretty social - at least in the sense that if you take a class, you're surrounded by other people.
  2. bluedressed

    bluedressed Community Champion

    I knoooow!

    Ping pong is also fun. We like mini-golf too, when we feel like dorks. If you guys are young enough, you could probably drop by a college and they usually have all these kinds of table games.
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  3. Bonzer

    Bonzer Community Champion

    Someone suggested a sport already. It readily appeals to me. It should to you as well. A physically intense sport cools down your nerves and keeps you cheerful naturally without the negative effects of prescription drugs. If you enjoy the sport, there is nothing like it. You make friends in the process and you hang out with them in the process. Totally inexpensive right. I think mingling with people and discussing just anything is more relaxing than other activities.
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  4. Winterybella

    Winterybella Community Champion

    For the last couple weeks it feels like I have been drunk with stress. I spoke about it in the thread related to music but I will speak of it again. Yesterday I pulled myself out of my drunken stress stupor , went to one of my work places which really is a breeding ground for much of the stress and danced a good set of that stress away. I was like a crazy lady dancing every time the store was empty. I am just happy it is not on tape.:)I just got high on the music that was being played in the store and for a couple hours I just danced the stress away.

    It's another day and I am at another job.............I need that music again!
  5. blur92

    blur92 Senior Contributor

    My boyfriend particularly enjoys some under the radar sports. He has talked about 'free running.' I never heard of it before he originally mentioned it. Personally, I don't think it's something I could do, but I would try to get involved with it for his sake. He also wants to try a Spartan Race. When he showed me a video for it I seems brutal. Don't get me wrong; I enjoy working out and jogging. However, I lack the endurance that those activities take. Hopefully, over time I'll develop the strength it'll take. The main problem, though, has to do with him. He has injured feet and ankles from the military so I don't know if he'd be up to it. After several years the military is finally trying to do something for him. If everything goes well with that then maybe we can give it a shot.
  6. blur92

    blur92 Senior Contributor

    We're both young enough. I have some friends in university. The college I'm at has ping pong, but it seems to be taken all the time. However, since it's summer it may not be so busy now. That can be a con, though, because it'd be nice to socialize with some people there.

    I think we're going to play mini-golf soon. The place in town is opened up again for the season. There's also an arcade there. Only thing is which was previously mentioned is that it's mostly child oriented. You don't see many people our age. It's probably not a place we would want to go to regularly but would be better for an occasion date.
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  7. 6up

    6up Community Champion

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