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Addicted at 30???

Discussion in 'Prescription Drugs' started by jbbarn, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. kana_marie

    kana_marie Community Champion

    One of the biggest problems in these situations, in my opinion, is that very few people know they're addicted at the time. I swore to everybody that I needed it. I was always in soooo much pain!! I was NOT addicted, though. Lol
    Once you can convince someone they're addicted the hard part is over.
  2. Connie

    Connie Member

    Perhaps the problem with all of the contributors saying that you should deal with the pain without the painkillers is that none of you have ever suffered from long term chronic pain - pain that is excessive, pain that is there all of the time, the moment you move, pain that prevents you from sleeping, pain that prevents your body from healing, pain that leaves you physically unable to do anything. Pain wears you down and strangely doctors know this where as the patient does not. Patients only find out with time. Doctors and physiotherapists are there to help you deal with the pain and get you exercising to get the body producing its own painkillers.

    I'm in exactly that situation. Long term chronic pain, 6 months in and on daily morphine plus other pain meds.
    I'm scared stiff of being addicted to morphine and my doctor knows it. He has had to persuade me to take more medication to control my pain because the pain is preventing me from recovering physically. I simply can't do the exercises needed to regain control of my legs.

    Long term pain management is about taking the pain meds before you get the pain not when you are in pain and have to wait another 45-60 minutes for oral pain medication to take affect.
  3. oraclemay

    oraclemay Community Champion

    One can become addicted at any age. It is a real shame. I hope that recent events in his life wake him up. There must be a way of stopping him. I think his mother can have him committed to a rehab center. That would be better than watching him kill himself with medication.
  4. JessiFox

    JessiFox Active Contributor

    So sad, I know people in the same situation. Quite a few people who end up addicted to pain killers starting out taking what their doctor prescribed, exactly as prescribed and found it addicting :(. It's sad that doctors prescribe so carelessly at times, and don't provide adequate follow up to make sure that addiction isn't happening.
  5. GenevB

    GenevB Community Champion

    @jbbarn what is actually your question, how can you help your friend or why do doctors prescribe anti pain meds even at minor surgeries? If it is the second, it's because that's the standard procedure, if it's the first, well one thing I can assure you is that dealing with pain meds it's not the same as any other drug, the person must actually want and be convinced that he wants to get off it in order to stop that addiction, otherwise he will just continue and even turn one addiction into another, or worse, into more.
  6. jbbarn

    jbbarn Active Contributor

    My point is that doctors are footloose with pain meds. I suppose it is naive to be shocked that a person could resist any kind of drug addiction until age 30, but shocked I was. I blame his doctor for this. I believe in personal responsibility, and I know that Doctors are required to manage their patients' pain, but they also need to wean the patient off these narcotics.