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Addicted to travel

Discussion in 'Other Substances' started by Damien Lee, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. Damien Lee

    Damien Lee Community Champion

    I'll be honest, I do enjoy travelling either to the countryside or that odd trip overseas. It's truly exhilarating to get on a plane and fly off to a new place I've never been before. However, I've never traveled often enough to consider myself a travel addict of any sort.

    I do have two friends that are particularly avid travelers. They've been all around the world and to places I wouldn't even consider. The one friend does need to travel because of work commitments but the other likes to take regular holiday breaks. I would even argue that he is addicted to this sort of lifestyle as he always mentions that he wants to visit some new place, after returning from his trips.

    Know anyone like this, or are you also addicted to a bit of travel?
  2. juno

    juno Community Champion

    I have to admit that I myself like to pick up and see the world whenever I can. However, I know of some people who have made it a lifestyle. They either travel for work and live from hotel to hotel with no permanent home to return to, or they do it for pleasure by lovingly simply and working through the towns they visit.

    I think some people just have a passion for travel and it's great. Some have already found life partners and still live a healthy as well as worldly life. However, their are those who are not commited and can never hold on to a relationship because of their travel lifestyle. I think these people have commitment issues. I know of some people who have such fear of love, feelings and attachments or getting hurt that they travel so far and deep at times that they can't be reached for days. Such situations have led to them being unreachable during emergencies and funerals. That can be unhealthy in this day and age where there is cell phone just about anywhere.
  3. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    You must be joking there is no chance that it will ever happen. My most memorable trip was to Scotland. My least memorable was with a guy who specifically said some malarky about how I would remember this. Lol, can you imagine? He was probably addicted to himself. Inflated ego. I guess some people have conversations with themselves and it causes an inflated ego. The first trip that was most memorable because of how that person made me feel. One could certainly be addicted to that. Standing up taller and being inspired to be alive. Feeling happy; this is what makes something memorable.
    Well hopefully you get some help with your travel addiction. There's nothing worse than irrationally traveling all over the place just to satisfy an addiction. Especially when there is no point to it.
  4. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    I love travelling and would tour the world for the rest of my life if I ever won the lottery. I wouldn't call it an "addiction", just a "want".
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  5. Coolkidhere

    Coolkidhere Community Champion

    I guess the need to travel is somewhat of a passion for a person. I know this one famous model/host/blogger named Patty Laurel. She has this goal to have visited the same number of countries as her age. So if she is 29 year old now, she has to had visited 29 countries. I think it is a really good passion or goal in life as travelling is a great way of learning.
  6. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    Not at all. I hate traveling by plane. Traveling by plane is a total and compete nightmare, plus after all those accidents that have taken place in the last few years I feel even more nervous when it comes to traveling overseas. I find long trips by plane, bus or car really exhausting. I prefer to avoid those, but if I can choose between bus or plane then I prefer the plane, because it's way faster :)

    I'm not happy with the way airlines work now... the service is worse now. They serve too little food! The prices of their tickets are much higher than they were back in 2005... so many cuts, the service is worse now and the food is even worse (and so little, I'm talking of a few 2 pieces of cantaloupe and kiwi and half grape!), oh but look at the price of a round trip ticket now... I feel so ripped off when I fly ''United''.
  7. sonia11

    sonia11 Senior Contributor

    I really love traveling and would probably do it constantly if I could afford it. I wish there was a way to get paid to travel. I don't think that's an addiction so much as a cool thing to do.
  8. vegito12

    vegito12 Community Champion

    I reckon it can be something which can be addictive and also this can cost money and time as this can take a person away from the important things and they end up doing a thing, which is a hobby to something which becomes more important. This can be a good experience for people who want to move around and also seeing new sights, can be a good way to learn about cultures and also try new foods which are nice to experience. I do know some people who are addicted to travel, and also it can be a good thing which can make the person feel like doing it more and more.
  9. ReadmeByAmy

    ReadmeByAmy Community Champion

    I think travelling to some places is not a form of addiction. If you have the free time and the money why not?....We only live once in this world and life is too short. So if ever there is an opportunity for you to do travelling to places grab that chance and moment. For me if I will be given an opportunity I will surely like to travel to places I love and dreaming of going and for me it will be memories to cherish in my lifetime.
  10. 6up

    6up Community Champion

    I do travel on weekends after working for the whole week. You must have the money so that you can enjoy your trips. Which means that you must work first to make the money. That is why I cannot afford travelling on weekdays.
  11. kassie1234

    kassie1234 Community Champion

    I love visiting new places, and I do try to at every available opportunity when finances and time allow it. I don't know if I would classify it as an addiction as such, but I do certainly know people who tend to run and hide from real life by traveling from place to place. I think that's when it's problematic...but apart from that I think that it's just a natural thing to be inspired by what's out there and wanting to see it!
  12. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    I do travel but not that often since I need to work and not that much money to travel more. If I could have more money for it, I will be also traveling more since it is something that could be fulfilling and relaxing.
  13. RSH85

    RSH85 Member

    I am also addicted to travel. I have spent tons of money on travel instead of buying a nicer car or other things. I have no regrets. I've never had more fun in life then when I travel. Cause in the end, I will feel much better knowing that I can look back on those awesome adventures and cool people I met from all over the world and know that I spent my time on this planet well. I am addicted to thinking about upcoming trips, planning them through various travel sites etc
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  14. EddieS

    EddieS Member

    People who say that traveling addiction is funny and impossible, just don't know it. And I personally know people who can't stop going to new places. I think I know why this is happening. Perhaps life tastes insipid to them in general, and they try to get new emotions from travel. They think that if they climb Kilimanjaro mountain, it will make their life better. But the secret of happiness is that you need to learn to be happy as you are, in your current state. You need to enjoy getting pleasure from ordinary things. You must learn to value it that you wake up and alive, that you have legs and hands and nothing is aching. That you have food on your table and a roof above your head. Try to focus less on yourself and more on your family. I am sure your parents need a call and a friend needs words of support.
  15. CameronAlsop

    CameronAlsop Active Contributor

    Dependence on travel, in my opinion, is a good addiction. For example, during the pandemic, I felt out of place and did not understand what was going on for a long time. Everything turned out to be much easier, I didn't have enough travel. Therefore, when the quarantine was relaxed, we decided to immediately go to Germany with friends by train from I can say that I felt better there! Much better! There you can go limp in the typical "gingerbread" Alpine towns of Bavaria, fall out of the poverty of the Eastern region (by the standards of Germany), step into the world of skyscrapers in Frankfurt am Main. Here everything seems too measured and calm, however, every year for two weeks the German world turns into utter chaos and garbage — the days of Oktoberfest. I was insanely satisfied when I returned home and am already planning a new trip!
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  16. CharlesClark

    CharlesClark Active Contributor

    I like traveling by train.
  17. nieprophsono

    nieprophsono Active Contributor

    I'm addicted to travel, and I consider this perfectly normal. I am in a constant desire to visit new countries and new places and meet new people and new cultures. I find this very nice. I prefer to travel at least 4-5 times a year, and there are often short trips of a few days in which I have a well-made plan to see many beautiful places. Otherwise, I try my best to travel to the country where I live. I live in Germany, and there are a lot of beautiful places here that I haven't discovered yet. So on weekends, I buy a train ticket from to different destinations, so I travel a lot.
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