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Discussion in 'Sobriety Tips and Inspiration' started by kfontroy, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. kfontroy

    kfontroy Active Contributor

    If you are looking for words of encouragement for a drug addict, then you are in the right place. It might be you yourself looking for those words or a family member or even a friend of yours.

    They want to quit that drug; it could be coke or heroin to make an example. You might be the one who may have talked to the about quitting smoking or drinking.

    losing that person becomes even harder. And they need you so that they can keep motivated to stay on the right track.

    Action speaks louder than words
    Deciding to stop taking the drugs is the first and easiest task. Sticking to and maintaining that decision is the hardest part. But that does not mean that you do not need words of encouragement for a drug addictfrom your friends. With a little self-discipline and commitment, you should be able to overcome your ‘demons’.

    What you should understand as a drug addict is that when you are quitting, you are not doing it for somebody else but yourself. With that said, you will know that your health is important and you are also doing it so you live longer. And you can go to the sober recovery for more.

    Your circle of friends
    What is also of the essence, is the company that we surround ourselves with. When you associate yourself with negative thinking, there is nothing positive that is going to come out of that gathering. That is why it is important to associate yourself with people who are going to help you come out of your problem. And positive thinkers also help to motivate you. You can find this and more at recovery works.

    Recovery addicts
    These are the people who mostly need our words of encouragement for a drug addict. What you really say to themshould no be a lecture on why they should really quit. Remember how fragile these people are, when it comes to cravings. All you need to do is that you can tell them that they are not alone but they can get through this. Tell them that you are not about to judge them but her to help them with all the support they need.

    Some of these words of encouragement for a drug addict you can find them at hub pages. You can help you friend to beat this thing by just being there for him. He really needs you and not a lecture. If you give them lectures you are almost saying go back to your drugs.

    • Do not lecture an addict but just give them your support.
    • After deciding to quit, you should be seen to be really trying to not making a half hearted attempt to do so.
    • Always try to associate yourself with positive thinkers as they bring positive result.
    • Give a drug addict your support so that he knows you are there for him
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  2. jess7077

    jess7077 Member

    Great topic here! Some people try to push their thoughts and negative feels on those that are addicted. It turns the addict into an angry person. Someone who is struggling to recover needs support and positivity! Try to help them find an alternative to cope from a trigger point that makes them want to go back to their drug of choice.
  3. kfontroy

    kfontroy Active Contributor

    so true! positive reinforcement goes a very long way
  4. Buddy101

    Buddy101 Member

    I really do believe that action speak louder than words when somebody tells me they are going to do something you need to show me. Show me so i can believe you dont tell me let your actions tell me.
  5. Charli

    Charli Community Champion

    I agree. I think this is a very concise briefing of how to deal with addicts and also how to conduct yourself when doing so. Lecturing doesn't really help all that much because at that state it would probably only drive them away, if it wasn't already one of the things that drove them to addiction in the first place. It's much better to just lead by example and provide some guidance instead of belittling them even further.
  6. kima

    kima Member

    It is so true that lecturing and putting down addicts will not work. My best friend's little brother has an addiction, and the only way his family tries to deal with it is through negative reinforcement. They threaten to send him to boarding schools, call the cops on him, or yell at him, but none of that works. If anything, it only makes matters worse. Unfortunately, his peers are the ones who have influenced him into becoming an addict. I'll try to talk to my friend about words of encouragement she can give to him. Thanks for posting such helpful information!
  7. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    This is a great post. The circle of friends. This is a big one. I love positive people. They are so easy to be around. "when you associate with negative thinking, there is nothing good coming out of that gathering."
    Lol this is funny. It can be this way if you allow their low mentality to bring you down. Sometimes there is not much of a choice unless you completely move yourself out of an environment. Well, you can either sink to it and join in or do your best to rise above. I've certainly been in some seriously negative environments. Level of awareness will be the deciding factor. It is said, and I think its true, that positive thoughts are stronger than negative ones. I don't know, perhaps if you stay as positive as possible. Stick to the brighter side other people have to eventually come out of their dark cloud. Going easy though cause it can force them deeper into a bad mood.
    I'm thinking of this guy who was obviously just angry. Almost something kind of disturbed about him almost. An attitude. I was kind of forced into a situation of dealing with him. Certainly not by choice, it just was. I was nice to him. Try to make good conversation. Make him laugh a little. He lightened up, a little. Well, we do the best with what is going on around us. So yes if you can get in a positive environment, go. But if you aren't in one you can make it that way as best as possible.
  8. Vinaya

    Vinaya Community Champion

    I have stayed was from prescription drug addiction since 16 years. I have stayed away from cigarette addiction since 10 years.I have given up alcohol addiction since 7 years. As a former addict,I can understand how it feels to be on high, how the family treat you when you are an addict and how you can recover.