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Addiction to Beauty?

Discussion in 'Other Substances' started by gracer, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. Coolkidhere

    Coolkidhere Community Champion

    It can be really hard to maintain your blood pressure when you have crazy in laws.:/ Anyway, just steer clear of rollercoasters and aspirin. Maybe when you are not busy anymore you can check to see other people with the same condition.

    Yeah, I guess it really does not matter to our in laws whether we are healthy or not. It is sickening to think that way but it is. I do hope you get better already and stand your ground with your crazy MIL.

    I remember when I was in labor was my MIL was very unsympathetic to my pains. Ugh. It was torture having her there. She made it seem like I was overacting. Well, she did not even experience labor, she just went CS without going through the pain of labor.

    Yeah I hope that too! If I find a job, that would be easier. Maybe in the future when my son goes to school already.:)

    It really is hard living with in laws. You have to abide by their rules because you are staying at their house. If it is the other way around it might be easier.
  2. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    Bumping my head is also bad, lol, I forgot to add that, no more accidental head bumping D: Yeah, I will :) Today might not be a busy day, so I might do that in a bit ;) It's just sometimes I do have the time to do that, but I end up so tired at the end of the day! And yes, it does sound so sick and twisted if you come to think about it D: Lol, I remember she gets so angry when she goes to the doctor and no one ask her how it went. Not even her son, but she should know better because he is just like that.

    She sounds a lot like my MIL, she is so unsympathetic most of the time... always trying to turn all conversations about her. If you are in pain, she goes on to say she has experienced way more pain than you and so on :p I don't want her there when I give birth, that is for sure, hahaha! Too much stress already, maybe my husband will listen to me given the fact I've this in my brain.

    Don't worry, I can tell you are a smart girl, I'm sure everything fall right into place once your boy starts going to school :D Some traditions are meant to be broken ;) Specially the one about living with the in laws, lol.
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  3. Nergaahl

    Nergaahl Community Champion

    I have never met any person who was so obsessed with beauty or had the money for so many plastic surgeries. I see young girls today being obsessed with their look and constantly adjusting their make-up, even while at school, during classes!

    And not only, but it seems that this "selfie" and "facebook" trends also contribute to their behavior. Some girls even post two or three pictures per day! And I barely take one picture of myself each month!
  4. LilAnn

    LilAnn Community Champion

    We have had several " I dare you to finish that thought..." moments. He is especially fond of comparing me to his exes. When I'm PMSing, though, he's learned to keep his distance, lol. He can tell now, by the look on my face if he should risk a joke or not. Give it some time, and I bet your fiance learns to figure out your mood, too. Its one of the most exciting moments in any relationship, I think lol
  5. karmaskeeper

    karmaskeeper Community Champion

    I think we live in a world that puts pretty people in our faces at every point possible. What real people, people like us need to understand is the so called beautiful people aren't naturally that way. They are so fake it is a joke the bad part is young girls mostly fall into this trap of wanting to be like them. Which causes real issues for real people. Young ladies you are truly the real beauties no matter your shape or size god made you to be one of a kind embrace it.
  6. Coolkidhere

    Coolkidhere Community Champion

    I feel you! Sometimes, at the end of the day, all I want to do is sleep lol. Just do it when you have free time.:) Ahahaha! How conceited is your MIL. Lol and so funny that no one asked about her consultation with the doctor! Serves her right!

    Yeah exactly like that! She always has something about herself she has to say. Every conversation will end up about her. I really hope your MIL is not there when you give birth. Maybe send them away on a trip during your due date lol.

    You know my MIL carried my son while going home. That moment where I want to carry my son as we are going home, she took away.

    Thanks, smart just like you!:)) Yeah I hope that tradition goes to flame! And then no one has to live with their in laws ever again!
  7. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    Hahaha, to be honest I tend to put things off, sometimes I can squeeze some time to do this kind of things, but then I feel so tempted to do something else... like, I tell myself: ''Come on, you worked so hard today, you can enjoy at least 30 minutes playing a video game!''. So when I least expect it is time to go to bed, plus, I'm enjoying my last single months, hahaha. Life will be even busier when I move in with my fiance and we have a baby :D

    I have noticed a pattern, it seems all the bad MILs are most likely narcissistic. I think it's the same with @LilAnn 's MIL. From the sounds of it... sounds like our MILs love to get all the attention. From LilAnn's description I am almost certain her MIL is narcissistic, same with my MIL. They always need to be the center of attention, can't share the spotlight.

    Today I was talking with a woman like that... gosh, she was so loud... she wanted to turn everything to her! She loves talking about herself... I pity whoever ends up marrying her son D:
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  8. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    Jesus, no waaaay!!! He does that?! Gosh, there is something I can't stand and that is being compared to someone's ex, I don't do that and I expect the same from the guy. He tried the same with me, I almost broke up with him because many of his comment far too inappropriate and made me feel so uncomfortable, I hope is not the same with you! Today we had a really rough moment... I had told him I am really stressed lately, so... 30 minutes later what does he do? He gets defensive over a seemingly innocent comment I made >_< It was inoffensive to me. So I hope you are right and he can figure it out when not to mess with me.
  9. Jasmine2015

    Jasmine2015 Community Champion

    It may be more about addiction to be accepted by others more than the cosmetic procedures itself. Honestly I think that without the media and pressure from society, people would not care as much about outward appearances as they do now. Where is the beauty in going through cookie cutter plastic surgeries? Your body is going to change as you age. At the same time I hope your mindset changes, as in matures, when you age as well.

    These people that like to flock around you while you are still young, will they still be around when you are older? That is why I can't and won't base my life purely on outward looks. Just look at how lavish some of some priests and politicians look. But the instance we get wind that they are doing wrong, we let them have it. Not too long ago I heard that Hilary Clinton spent $600 on a simple hair cut and she wants to run for president? She may look good, in her mind atleast, but not so for her reputation. It is perfectly acceptable to keep yourself up, that is what responsible adults do. But there is a difference between that and becoming obsessive.
  10. Coolkidhere

    Coolkidhere Community Champion

    Hahaha! I do that sometimes too! Like I end up using facebook hours at a time! Yeah do enjoy your last single months! Being married will be very different especially if you have kids. Even going to the bathroom will be on hold. Lol. Or at least your privacy will never be heard of.

    I think so too. I wonder why they have that complex. I sure hope I would not be like that when I become a MIL. And I will try my best to be nice to whoever my daughter in law will be.

    So what kind of daughter in law do these MILs need? Someone like them? Lol. It really is a pity to be a daughter in law of such MILs. I pity myself, you and others like us!
  11. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    Of course you won't be a MIL like that, you are a good, easy going person! You can be reasoned with, and most importantly I am pretty sure neither you or I or LilAnn are narcissists. We are just normal people who just want to enjoy our lives, do our thing, don't be bothered while doing so... we don't like to bother others either. We just want to do our thing and be left alone =D I think we will be great MILs :) I only hope we don't find DILs from heck, hahaha!

    Yes, those MILs need awful DILs just like them, to show them how it feels having to deal with them on a daily basis. See how they like it! And I tell you what? My MIL has met people like her in the past, she ended up fighting with them, didn't like it one bit, hahahaha! Karma! I have noticed she doesn't have as many friends as she wants us to believe. I've always wondered who would like to spend time willingly with someone like that? o_O Does your MIL have a lot friends?
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  12. Coolkidhere

    Coolkidhere Community Champion

    Exactly! I really hate it when my MIL has to stick her nose in everything I do. One time, I wore black and she tried made me change my outfit because it looks like I am going to a funeral, her words. Lol. I told her I do not have anything to wear. It is really annoying living with her, I have said this a hundred times at least!

    Anyway, I do hope we get a nice DIL or SIL. I think most DILs or SILs are nice anyway except for a few rare ones. So that is why we ended up having MILs from hell. There are a lot of us nice DILs and such many evil MILs.:p

    My MIL is notoriously known to people as being nice. To all other people she is nice. But to me, she is not. At least your MIL is known to have an attitude problem. That is a good thing as when you have problems you can just point that out to your hubby! But my MIL is very friendly to all so many people like her. But she does bad mouth a lot of people, I always hear her complaining about a relative or friend. She is very nice in front but when you turn back she bad mouths you. I guess when it comes to me she is not nice but also bad mouths me. Lol.
  13. LilAnn

    LilAnn Community Champion

    My MIL thinks everyone loves her. Anything you and anywhere you go , she "knows people". 75% of the time they don't know who she is, and 98% of the time they don't like her, at all!
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  14. Coolkidhere

    Coolkidhere Community Champion

    Well, to her relatives they all love her. With other people, I do not know. I hope it is the same as your MIL's case. I do know she is not on good terms with some of her husband's (my FIL) siblings. Lol, it is funny though that your MIL thinks everyone likes her when they really do not!
  15. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    Wow, that is too much. Mine hasn't done that yet... but she has made some comments about my weight, which I find also so annoying. I hate it when they don't know where to stop! We are adults now D: I've told my fiance I expect no one sticks their nose with how we raise our children or how we live our lives once we live in our own house. It's our house, our life. I'm not going to move that far only to live under someone else's shadow!

    Lol, that is such a nice theory, and it does make sense! Because it seems there are so many MILs from hell out there. My horrible sister got a really nice one though D: Funny how terribly evil people get luckier than their nicer counterparts D:

    Damn! She sounds a lot like my MIL, she is nice to some... but then again, she has some enemies in her neighborhood. She bad mouths almost everyone, that woman is nasty in every single way... nothing nice about her. She even makes fun of how some people walk or look, but I guess she hasn't look at herself in the mirror. I've be more humble if I had had graves disease like her... she is lucky she didn't go blind when her eyes popped out... Some people are just nasty and will always be :( I guess we just need to be patient... I have the hope mine might move away one day, lol.
  16. Amelie Santos

    Amelie Santos Active Contributor

    Whenever I see Courtney Cox now, I feel sad and confused. Here is a woman who has the whole world at her feet, yet she somehow still seem to feel less than if she lets nature take its course. But I get why she's doing it - I remember watching an old interview of hers where she implied that in her family, beauty is the most important. Can you imagine living in that kind of environment?
  17. DrMay1987

    DrMay1987 Member

    I had some friends who are addicted to plastic surgery. They changed a lot in their body, their face and now they don't look the same as many years ago. I don't like it. It is not your body. I made a plastic surgery but I only made my boobs not to be let down because my boobs are big and it will be a problem after some years. The operation was made by, the best guys in this domain. I love them and what they made, and I hadn't a problem with it after the plastic surgery.
  18. Davers

    Davers Community Champion

    Interesting older thread .

    I get the addiction / but I been ugly all my life , so I'm used to it. o_O
  19. abragred

    abragred Member

    I don't think the fact that anyone can be beautiful these days is bad, what's bad is that society is trying to make us believe that there is this ideal body that we absolutely need to have or we are not beautiful enough. It's advertised by all clothing companies and makeup brands all over social media, and it's dangerous cause girls will save up just enough money to book a procedure and don't even look up the firm. It's okay if you want to do it for yourself, but it's not okay to do it to "fit" society's standards. For example, I did a great deal of research until I found this company which helped me with my wrinkles.
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