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Discussion in 'Prescription Drugs' started by Cv73, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. Cv73

    Cv73 Member

    I started abusing oxycodone halfway through high school. I started out selling them to other kids, but ended up trying some for myself. I started out taking one a day because I loved the high it gave. Within a month, I had moved up to snorting 5 a day, just craving the same high I got when I first started. About a month later, I overdosed in a neighborhood park and woke up the nest morning with a crazy headache, so I took more. I overdosed a second time at a party 2 weeks later, and it was after this happened that I finally looked at my life from a greater perspective than getting day to day highs. I realized I didn't want to live this way anymore, and I went cold turkey. I had withdrawals in school where I was shaking uncontrollably and had to puke multiple times. It is now 2 years later, and I've been clean ever since. However, once you get addicted to a drug, the addiction is there for life. I have had plenty of tests in self control because the urge to use again will always be there in me. My one wish is that I had never wanted to just try it "one time". I hope this is useful to someone who is thinking of trying any drug just one time. You have a lot more to lose than you realize.
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    @Cv73... Welcome to the forums and thanks so much for sharing your story. I'm so glad to hear that you were able to overcome your dependence on oxycodone. Congrats on your 2 years of clean time! Keep doing the next right thing and know that your story will inspire people who read it.

    Thanks again for sharing with us. I wish you continued success on your recovery journey.