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Admit Your Mistakes

Discussion in 'Sobriety Tips and Inspiration' started by gracer, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. gracer

    gracer Community Champion

    As human beings, it is but natural for us to make mistakes many times in our lives. The problem we have sometimes is our inability to admit our mistakes. This only makes our lives heavier and harder to deal with because our mistakes will keep on repeating themselves until we are no longer able to stand up from our pitfalls.

    It is important for us to acknowledge and learn from our mistakes and misadventures in life. Yes, we fall down many times along the way but it is not the number of falls we commit but the way we stand up after each fall.

    Addiction is one of those mistakes and pitfalls some people go through. If you're one of them, don't be afraid to admit that you made a mistake because it is the first step in seeking out sobriety. If you're someone who knows someone who is addicted, don't judge them and keep on counting their faults, instead encourage them to change and be with them along the way.

    Mistakes are lessons in life that we shouldn't be afraid of. If we fall into them during our journey in life, pick yourself up and keep on moving with added wisdom in you.
  2. akiram13

    akiram13 Community Champion

    So much truth in this. I think that can be one of the hardest things to admit is our mistakes and even forgiving ourselves or saying sorry. Pride plays a big role in this.

    It takes a big person to be able to admit what they did wrong and learn from it. It is a part of life and only natural.
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  3. kassie1234

    kassie1234 Community Champion

    I definitely believe in the importance of admitting your mistakes. Admitting them doesn't mean that your mistakes need to define you, but I think it truly helps you move forward and learn from them. I feel like if you deny your mistakes then you're more likely to repeat them as well. All the more reason to take ownership and grow as a person by admitting your mistakes :)
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  4. Mara

    Mara Community Champion

    It's hard to own up to our mistakes. It really takes a strong will for a person to be able to acknowledge that he did something wrong and take responsibility for it.
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  5. pwarbi

    pwarbi Community Champion

    Admitting your mistakes is something that we all need to do, to be able to move on. Once we have admitted them, apologised and tried to put things right, that should be it.

    There's no point in dwelling on your mistakes, all that will do is fill you with regret and you'll find it hard then to move forward and try and leave the past behind.
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  6. gracer

    gracer Community Champion

    I remember a statement from a well-known speaker in my area. He said that no one has ever died by swallowing his/her pride. It is by not swallowing our pride that we expose ourselves more to vulnerable situations. We are not made less of a person when we swallow our pride and admit our mistakes. We even become more of a person by learning from our mistakes and trying hard never to repeat them again.
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  7. SashaS

    SashaS Community Champion

    I can relate, I've always lived by the theory that you're one in seven billion, nobody really cares if you're perfect or not. Admitting that you're wrong and acknowledging your mistakes is a healthy way to look at things because you can then address those issues more efficiently. Know what you did wrong and find a way to do it again, but do it right this time. My stepfather had a knack for always thinking he was right, he was the most arrogant human being I have ever come across and here I am making more money doing what I live in a week than he does in a year of doing a job he hates. This is because he never learned from his mistakes simply due to the fact that he failed to acknowledge he ever made them, so he kept repeating those mistakes.

    This is something we should take into consideration with drug addiction. Acknowledge that the first time you wanted to try that cigarette was a mistake and the first time you binge drank was a mistake. Then use that knowledge to address your issues and take a step forward, instead of two steps back.
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  8. MrsJones

    MrsJones Community Listener Community Listener

    That pride is a difficult trait to deal with. This continues to be a problem with my husband even with his sobriety. I can only shake my head and leave him be and pray that God will humble him - soon.
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  9. LovesBigFool

    LovesBigFool Active Contributor

    Try being better to him than he deserves. Then try being better to him than anyone, anywhere (except God Himself) deserves.

    Watch what happens.

    He will either jump out of his skin and be even harder to deal with, or bow down to the wisdom of the ages and become a better and better human being. This is no middle ground and no chance of no reaction at all.

    It is worth the attempt, if you can pull it off. You will be going through a spiritual journey of your own if you attempt this.
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  10. MrsJones

    MrsJones Community Listener Community Listener

    Confirmation. Yea! My son said something like this about three weeks ago and I'm still watching. I'm not angry or upset behind it because I know how God can humble that spirit of pride.
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  11. serenity

    serenity Community Champion

    True, like what they say, to err is human, so it is just normal for people to make mistakes. The important thing is that they should admit it and work in improving their mistakes and to not dwell on it. Past is past, what matters is an improved future.
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  12. ReadmeByAmy

    ReadmeByAmy Community Champion

    In reality some of us are afraid to admit our own mistakes in life. And sometimes this is the reason why some of us cannot move on in our life and hinder us from grabbing any chance of good opportunities that lies ahead of us. It is nice to live in this world without anger, pain and hatred in our hearts that was the result of our past mistakes in life. That is why we should always admit our own mistakes in life so that we can have that peace of mind for a happy and contented life.
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  13. Vinaya

    Vinaya Community Champion

    It is very hard for me to admit my mistake, however, I understand the importance of accepting and admiring mistakes. Admitting mistakes gives positive view in life. Not accepting mistake means you are rigid, you may even develop mental conditions because you will be depressed with the mistakes you committed.
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  14. darkrebelchild

    darkrebelchild Community Champion

    That is where human beings fail, when they do not admit to their mistakes. Mistakes make us stronger for the future and wiser for others. There are lessons learned when we can pick ourselves up and live for another day.
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  15. Winterybella

    Winterybella Community Champion

    I am very thankful for this right now. It feels like the medicine I need at this very hour. Thank you for this post and these timely reminders.
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  16. gracer

    gracer Community Champion

    It's so nice to read all your replies on the topic of admitting mistakes. Reading inspirational words gives me this wonderful feeling of gratefulness and warmth. Reflecting on our mistakes, admitting them and trying to change our ways are all very helpful in turning us into better persons. I have learned that humbling ourselves and letting go of negative emotions helps release the heavy burden of guilt and hatred. It is so wonderful to live with a clean slate and a light heart. :)
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  17. Winterybella

    Winterybella Community Champion

    @gracer, it's quite sobering to read your expressions yet again. A clean slate and a light heart is what I pray I can be in possession of in the days and weeks ahead. I've made some mistakes in my life and I feel like they are now coming back to haunt me. I pray I can make the hard decisions and put them all behind me and move forward.
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  18. Coolkidhere

    Coolkidhere Community Champion

    Admitting our mistakes is difficult but very much relieving. When you get to admit your mistakes, it's like you take a load off your shoulders. When you let go of your reservations, it feels as though you're a new person. Yes, admitting our mistakes might be the best and worst thing we can do. It can destroy our reputation or maybe even make us gain reputation. That uncertainty makes us reluctant to admit our mistakes. But when we overcome that uncertainty, we become a better person because we're able to admit that we're not perfect and we're okay with it.

    Even in relationships, pride and ego are main destroyers of them. If you want to be the right one all the time, prepare to have your relationships tarnished. So in addictions, if you say that you aren't addicted or that you aren't doing anything wrong, you're letting bad judgment and ego get in the way of your recovery. Would you want that for life? Learn to be accepting of your flaws because in the end, the people who matters will love you still despite it.
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  19. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    That is so true. We should not let those mistakes remained to be mistakes and stop us from having a better life. We could make those mistakes as lessons, motivations and guidelines in the future to help us know more about life in general.
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  20. gracer

    gracer Community Champion

    Thank you so much for the positive appreciation Winterybella. :) I see that you are going through some problems right now and I'm also hoping in my own way that you would be able to get the right amount of courage to face them and enough strength to overcome them. Our interactions through this forum has somehow made us all become a family and whatever trials or troubles one is going through also becomes a concern for everyone else. So with this I would just like to let you know that whatever you may be going through right now, know that you can always gather your strength from everyone of us here.