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Alcohol Rehab - Avoiding Detox?

Discussion in 'Share Your Detox Experience' started by OhioTom76, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. OhioTom76

    OhioTom76 Senior Contributor

    Long story short, I was recently charged with a Domestic Violence charge by my brother for a verbal argument we got into at my parents house. He and I have been at each others throats for years now - he's lazy and lived out of my parents house his entire life and never goes to work. I've temporarily moved back since I'm between jobs right now, and it's cramping his style. So he is constantly starting fights with me 24/7 to try and get me out of there, and the more you try to ignore him, the more he keeps pulling stunts to start an argument. I hadn't had a drink in over 3 weeks when the night of this incident happened, but that night in particular I got a bottle. Of course, as he usually does, he started blowing up and flipping out any time I so much as walked out of my room to use the bathroom, or go into the kitchen for something. He had been doing it all day that particular day, and by late that evening (and after a few drinks) I laid into him and told him off and we got into a huge shouting match. Being the primadonna he is, he decided to be a smartass and call the cops on me and made up some story that I was chasing him around and physically abusing him. Everyone else in the house knows that wasn't true, and our own father is going to testify on my behalf in court that my brother has been the real trouble maker in the house for years now and he instigated that whole argument that evening (and just about every other day leading up to it).

    Since then I had a temporary restraining order against me and I'm in a short term lease at a nearby apartment until at least our upcoming court date. Once again, it's been several weeks without anything to drink, so aside from that one day, it's been nearly two months with no alcohol for me. That was up until a couple days ago, when my new neighbor invited me over to have some drinks with him and watch the Walking Dead season finale. I already had an appointment scheduled with a local Alcohol rehab center to get an assessment, which I planned to bring to court with me, just to show that I was seeking help for my drinking to the judge, since I was sure that was going to come up and I wanted to be proactive.

    The problem is, I wasn't expecting them to ask me to do a urine test as part of the assessment. I thought the assessment was to just ask me some questions and determine if I need counseling/help. That's basically what the treatment is (as it was explained to me), group discussion for 3 hours a day, several days a week, over the course of 16 weeks. But they won't even let me into that without doing a urine test to see if and how much alcohol I have in my system. If they detected it in me, they probably would have put me into a detox program for who knows how long. I understand the dangers of quitting cold turkey, but I've largely made it through two months with hardly anything to drink, so I feel like I'm beyond that for the most part right now.

    I declined to take the urine test, explaining to them that I want to make sure with my insurance company what is covered and what I will be responsible for before I incur any more medical fees right now. I have a feeling the doctor was putting me on the spot to try and see if I was lying. I did tell him that I had drank a few weeks prior but not about the drinks I had the day before. I don't want to get put into a full blown detox program just because I had a few drinks recently and they would show up on the test. From what I understand the most common tests will show it in your system for up to 4 days since you last drank.

    The other issue is, under the restraining order, I was not supposed to have any alcohol at all, and I did not want the test coming back showing that I had some in my system, because that would only complicate things even further should the judge request to see the results.

    Does it make sense to have not told the doctor to avoid all the extra hassle? I would rather have just gotten directly into the counseling instead.
  2. remnant

    remnant Community Champion

    Your case mirrors mine as far as alcohol consumption is concerned. I have never really got addicted. I can quit for up to 4 months without any serious withdrawal symptom at all. Then one fine day, something comes along that makes me to drink alcohol. It is usually negative or positive but it has to be significant. Back to your issue, you should not have told the doctor but either way, don't regret what you did because you told the truth which has a way of unravelling itself and this will check your alcohol issues in future.