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Almost Lost It Today

Discussion in 'Share Your Story Here' started by True concern, May 10, 2018.

  1. True concern

    True concern Community Champion

    So as I've mentioned a few times life sober is amazing and what a test of my ability to stay sober today was.Started off with second day in a row with under 2 hour's sleep.Its extremely hot where i live so i take off and my air conditioner in my car doesn't work.I spend the money for the simple fix type thing's (blower motor resistor and relay) 40 buck's and a voice in my head says that was an eight ball...i should have known the day was going to be bad when it didn't fix the problem.Take off to the D.M.V. to see a three hour line just to get in the door,i know right away i don't have the patience for this so i go to another D.M.V.Same thing at this moment i realize i can't get it my way always and i jump in line 2 and a half hour's later im 2 people from getting my number the best thing ever happens...Power outage.Now at this point i bust up laughing like some crazy nut job that waited in line for all this time to have the power go out and it was as good as so i wait another 30 mins and nothing than some employee gets a megaphone and says "Sorry folks come back tomorrow"Oh it can't get worse i think so i head to the court house to exspunge my criminal record wait in line about 45 min to get to the window to find out i needed to be in the other line..I say to the lady "Somehow i knew you were going to say that"i get to the other line wait i don't know 20 more min and when i get up to the window i ask for the form i needed and the lady says "I can absolutely help with month after you're probation is up"You talk about wanting to say fu×k it..oh my goodness,,however i come home open the door and look my family in the eye's and said thank God your still here i was worried that I was going to walk in and see a new family already living here with the way my day's been lol.Good news folks I'm still sober
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  2. Cametobelieve0202

    Cametobelieve0202 Community Champion

    What a day!! I was just talking about accepting life on life’s terms in another post and you sure did that today. Life is going to hand us lots of challenges but we just gotta roll with it. Very proud of you. I heard in a meeting the other day that “we can start our day over at any point”. I really liked that. Sometimes if one bad thing happens I can let it ruin or affect the rest of my day. So I have a shitty morning? It doesn’t have to dictate how I feel for the rest of the day. I can start over whenever I want, get myself centered and in a positive mind frame. Weird how I’d never really thought of that before. Been testing it out this week and I’m liking it :)
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  3. Dominica

    Dominica Author, Writer, Recovery Advocate Community Listener

    @True concern wow that was quite a day! yeah, at some point it is good to just smile and be like, ok, whatever. god, you are a character! so glad you were able to stay clean...and look at it from a good perspective. that takes guts, and I
    m sure the grace of God was with you....

    thank you for sharing here too. helps to get it out, and gives witness to others who may be having a rough day...

    keep the faith...and have. GOOD DAY.
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  4. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    Proud of you, @True concern. Navigating your way through a day like that says a lot about how far you've come. Glad you were able to let that sh*t roll off your back and stay on the right path!

    Hope today is much better for you! Happy Friday and have a great weekend!
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  5. True concern

    True concern Community Champion

    Thank you sir i hope you have a great weekend as well take care
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  6. Bart

    Bart Member

    True concern very good u got tru ur day,but in fairness its the waitin around that gets at us,as was said we are distracted from our goals very easliy as we spend our life chasing after what we want an to b held up just iratates the hell out of us , at end off the day u are happy with urself for confronting these problems an overcome them is an achivement in its self good work
    ONe day AT A TIME
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  7. Dominica

    Dominica Author, Writer, Recovery Advocate Community Listener

    @Bart some good insight. i remind myself to try not to chase after things.... but rather do my best to be in the present moment, appreciate the good in life right now, and when those challenging times do come, ask for help, pray, etc.

    thanks for your input.
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