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Alprazolam blues

Discussion in 'Other Benzodiazepines / Sedatives' started by malcomms, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. malcomms

    malcomms Member

    I was recently on a high dosage of Alprazolam, a higer dosage than my medical advisors were aware of, in fact. Then we all have our little secrets don't we?

    Those little blue tablets are now Schedule 8, so I had trouble refilling my scripts and the Doctor's I see advised a slow withdrawal. I did well over 3 months and only suffered lightly. That is a suprising thing considering I was exceeding the recommended dosage and frequency.

    Withdrawal was the usual mood swings, visual hallucinations of bright patches of light, or dark patches in my vision, elation and misery in turns and full body trembling. I also suffered urinary tract problems of burning and resreicted flow.

    The end result - free and clear. I took 1/2 a tab recently during a time of severe anxiety (thats less than 1/4 of any single dose previously) and was knocked around for 2 days - sleep and sedation...thats all I craved, sleeping up to 8 hours straight on one day.

    I'm glad its all over. Do I want more Alprazolam...I will be honest - yes! Will I have some...No!
  2. Good for you. Of all the drugs I have ever abused xanax was my absolute favorite just because it made me feel so "normal" and functional. The temptation to go back on it is great but I try to remember the price of it and how miserable it makes you feel after a while.
  3. downsouth

    downsouth Active Contributor

    Benzodiazepines can do wonders if taken as prescribed and not abused. Although they are not advised to be taken long term, I personally have seen them do wonders to people I know who suffer from anxiety and depression.
  4. downsouth

    downsouth Active Contributor

    I am glad you realized how harrowing the experience can be if you abuse drugs in this class. The withdrawal can be especially bad. As long as the prescribed dosage is having an effect and you are able to function normally there is no need to go over that amount. Also worst thing you can do is keep secrets from your psychiatrist. If anything he may add another drug with the Xanax so you get the effect you want and not take more of the benzo.
  5. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    The withdrawal of the alprazolam that you describe sounds like enough to make you not want it. Hallucinations and vision changes. Trembling and so forth. I guess some people want to destroy their brain. This is full on messing with many aspects of your brain and nervous system. It is considered a controlled substance. I bet it kills your liver and kidneys. Dialysis might be fun when your kidneys go into failure. This stuff will stay in your system and wreak some serious havoc. It has to be detoxed out.
  6. RoseK

    RoseK Active Contributor

    I currently have Xanax prescribed to me while I transition from one anxiety drug to another as well as to manage my body tics. It's strange..but they don't seem to do much for me beyond give me a little reprieve from fierce anxiety-inspired tics. Otherwise, I don't feel any different when I don't take them. Mind you, I never go above 2 in a 24hr period at the height of my tics and anxiety. Anyone else have such an experience?