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Antidepressant withdrawal symptoms

Discussion in 'Other Substances' started by CrowdedHighways, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. CrowdedHighways

    CrowdedHighways Active Contributor

    After 2.5 years of using antidepressants (I also used antipsychotics for a little while at the beginning of my treatment) my doctor finally announced that he thinks that I am well enough to stop using them a week ago. My doses were huge for my height/weight(5'11 and 125 lbs), and I am going to quit almost cold turkey over a period of just two weeks. I have been having a terrible nausea ever since the beginning of the previous week(when the doses were first reduced), and I have been vomiting almost non-stop since Friday. The doctor said that some withdrawal symptoms are almost always observed, but is this normal? Should I bother her with this?

    I'd appreciate any advice/stories of experience/words of encouragement :D
  2. CrowdedHighways

    CrowdedHighways Active Contributor

    And sorry if this is not the right place to post, I am still new here :)
  3. Auril

    Auril Active Contributor

    It kind of depends on what medicines you are decreasing the doses on...but going down to nothing in just two weeks sounds pretty extreme. I've withdrawn from Effexor before and I know that one is pure hell. If you're so ill you're throwing up, you need to call your doctor and let him/her know!