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Anyone can Relapse: Don't let go

Discussion in 'Heroin' started by Mayoress, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. Mayoress

    Mayoress Active Contributor

    Men in recovery are much more vulnerable and susceptible to any situation or events that changes the cause of their lives. What I mean is that any sad or stressful situation can easily break them and cause them to pick up again. Knowing this we should be very careful in recovery.
  2. rz3300@

    rz3300@ Senior Contributor

    Well that is the one main thing that I learned pretty quickly. I knew that I was always vulnerable, just because that is the way I am, but I always thought that my sponsor was all fixed. He seemed in control, happy with his life, able to move on. Yet he too relapsed and found himself in a bad situation. If it can happen to someone like him than it can happen to anyone.
  3. Shenwil

    Shenwil Senior Contributor

    It not just in recovery though. Like I say recovery is the easy part but life after recovery that's where the real journey starts. It's all about trying to keep a stress free lifestyle.
  4. xTinx

    xTinx Community Champion

    At any stage in the recovery process, if you don't have the support you need or the mindset necessary to make it through to the end, then it will be really difficult to bounce back from any slip-up or negative thinking. Support should be consistent and the individual must never try to be alone all the time as doing so might take a toll on his/her unstable emotions.
  5. tasha

    tasha Community Listener Community Listener

    it is not an easy road and you do need to understand that the recovery process is a life long fight but if you have been able to get yourself into recovery then you are able to stay sober.
  6. Mara

    Mara Community Champion

    The path to recovery is full of bumps and obstacles. One needs to be strong to be able to continue. Just one slip may cause the person to spiral down that path again. And of course, a little support from friends and loved ones is a big help to someone who is on the road to recovery.
  7. Nancy D.

    Nancy D. Senior Contributor

    This is not an easy journey. If someone is going through an attempt to recover...they need all the strength they can get. It is about supporting the person unconditionally..even through the relapses. It is not an easy thing to cure the disease so support along with the effort to quit and the desire to quit is a must and so important. Anytime there is a support system strong enough to withstand the is always a great thing with a positive outcome.
  8. melody

    melody Active Contributor

    There is no such thing as a smooth recovery. There are going to be those times where you feel like you have been kicked in the face, and then kicked again. Temptation and old patterns can draw us in. All of these things makes it easy to fall off the wagon. The important thing is to never quit quitting. Eventually, it will stick if you never give up.
  9. LindaBreen

    LindaBreen Member

    Dont think it is an easy road.
  10. Mayoress

    Mayoress Active Contributor

    I don't think that life can be totally free of stress, but I know that no matter how hard our situation, we can decide to stay happy. When there is peace and Something interesting for you to do, there is a large possibility that for easy recovery.
  11. lost247

    lost247 Active Contributor

    During my first year clean, I had a great group of women surrounding me for support. One of which had almost 20 years clean, she wasn't my sponsor but she was someone I looked up to. I don't know what happened, if it was the looming clean date, or what, but she went back out and she died. I was devastated, it crushed me, but it served as a very important lesson to me early in recovery that this never leaves you, that vigilance is necessary for survival.