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Anyone here has any experience in dealing with a criminal defence lawyer?

Discussion in 'Cocaine' started by Hiner1940, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. Hiner1940

    Hiner1940 Member

    Hey folks,
    We live in Mississauga. Last day my son was charged with trafficking cocaine. But actually, he was driving his friend's car and my son is innocent in this case. He had a conversation with his friend and he committed that he uses cocaine. Now it's our responsibility to prove that he didn't know that there were drugs in the car. We're considering to approach a criminal defence lawyer in Mississauga to check out the possibilities of the case. We are hoping that the lawyer would be able to take the case to its logical conclusion. Anyone here has any experience in dealing with a criminal defence lawyer? Are you satisfied with their service?
  2. CameronAlsop

    CameronAlsop Active Contributor

    Even without a lawyer, it's clear that your son's friend has to confess. Otherwise, it's bad.
  3. CharlesClark

    CharlesClark Active Contributor

    Hi, at what stage is your son's case?
    It was correctly said above that your son would be saved if his friend confessed his drugs. It's a matter of honor.
    Your son can also take a blood test for drugs, which will help clear him of suspicion.
    I don't want to upset you, but your son's situation is not very good. I can advise you to contact lawyers from This is a very good law firm, the lawyers of this firm have saved my brother many times.
    I hope that everything will work out and the truth will prevail.
    I hope that your son will choose his friends more carefully in the future.
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  4. azazello

    azazello Member

    I want to sue my neighbors, I'm tired of their antics, does anyone know a good lawyer?
  5. Kattedjiron

    Kattedjiron Member

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  6. trueevan

    trueevan Member

    Yes, really good lawyers are needed for such cases, since it will be very difficult to find evidence. You have to find some kind of video or audio evidence where you can clearly understand that your son did not know what goods he was transporting. I asked some of my acquaintances who had such cases, and many of them advised to go to This is a company of strong lawyers who, despite the complexity of the situation, will protect the client to the last, and from the reviews you can understand that they do it quite well.
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