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Are electronic cigarettes a better alternative?

Discussion in 'Tobacco / Nicotine' started by stagsonline, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. stagsonline

    stagsonline Active Contributor

    People have varying opinions regarding e-cigarettes even after trying out different brands. That was the same for me but after trying out a few brands, some stood out as more appealing and satisfying to a level I was comfortable with though not as much as a real cigarette. Manufacturers have come a long way trying to create e-cigs that meet different vaping needs and I am sure that with the variety of brands available today, there is definitely one or two that could prove pretty good.
  2. Askani

    Askani Active Contributor

    The problem you are having is you aren't stepping down as you vape. You are using the highest mg of nicotine and that isn't quitting. You have to do as I and many of my friends have done. I started out on 24mg nicotine then went to 16mg and am now down to 3mg. I have been off smokes for about three months now. I don't vape casually and every few minutes.
    I take a few puffs when I get the craving then put it away awhile. You have to want to quit also. I see more people who fail when they try vaping because they really just don't want to quit. I have seen many who are just trading one for the other and funneling money into a new habit by buying a huge cloud making vape and puffing on it every 5 minutes. Use it as a tool to quit not as a substitute and you will do fine. I plan to quit altogether in a few weeks when the last of my juice runs out.
    As far as health wise, it is better than smokes because all you are getting is the nicotine with no added chemicals and tar. I would rather someone vape than smoke any day. I think the studies they are doing now will wind up showing it as a much more healthier alternative in the long run. You are seeing much more opposition to E-cigs now because the corporations are losing money especially in the UK where cigarette smoking has dropped by nearly 50%. That much opposition should tell you it is healthier and they want your money and don't care about your health.
  3. stagsonline

    stagsonline Active Contributor

    I will admit that I have been doing it the wrong way honestly. The first few months I was on the right road to quitting but my urges kept increasing so I opted to go for higher mg of nicotine to satisfy my urge. Unfortunately, that made me want to get back to smoking again only to change my mind due to past experiences with chest problems. I have already taken some steps towards changing from casual vaping to a 'quitting plan'.
  4. Sarah

    Sarah Member

    I know a few people that have quit smoking using e-cigs. They are supposed to be better for you but it seems from what you have said that they are not working for you at all. It seems like you are determined to stop, have you thought about going cold turkey? My mum gave up this way after years of smoking it does take huge will power but she said it is more effective because she felt with cigarette alternatives she was just replacing one addiction for another. Also as mentioned they didn't satisfy her cravings. She said that exercise helped a lot and it was win win because when she quit she ate more and put on weight so exercise was a way for her to both combat this and feel good.
  5. stagsonline

    stagsonline Active Contributor

    I have though of that option numerous times and even tried it but I keep failing. I am really willing to stop vaping for good but I wonder why it seems so hard for me. The only time when I can really stay away from vaping is when I am not around the house. I sometimes take a walk or travel a few days to stay away from e-cigs and it works.
  6. Askani

    Askani Active Contributor

    Well like i said I suggest you step down. Buy lower mg of Nicotine each time and put your vape in a drawer somewhere and only use it when you feel that overwhelming craving coming on. Also change the times you vape. If you vape first thing in the morning when you wake up, then stop. Wait an hour after you wake up to vape. Start noticing when you vape and why. Change up the times you smoke or vape, limit your vaping, lower your nicotine mg, and you will break that daily habit in no time.
  7. LadyMiles

    LadyMiles Active Contributor

    I found that the e-cigs were not very helpful in my journey to quit smoking. I used an e-cig for about 2 months, I did stay away from cigarettes for a minute but seemed to gravitate right back to them. I found I was spending more money on the e-cigs trying to find an e-juice that I liked. As soon as I found one it seemed to have went off the market so I was back to searching. I then found a little shop that had some fancy vapors and thought maybe if I had a vapor that I enjoyed using that it would keep me on the cigarette free path, wrong answer. I ended up spending almost 100 dollars for a new vapor and went back to cigarettes within the next week.
    I believe that quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do. I understand it has to be something that one is really ready to do but I also believe that it is an addiction that individuals need help overcoming. I am on a mission to find a way to let this nasty habit go!!
  8. Askani

    Askani Active Contributor

    Shops will do their best to get you to buy a model with all the bells and whistles that costs a pretty penny. I buy juice online at different places and can find it really cheap. I only pay $1.99 to $2.99 plus shipping and most of the sites have a coupon code for either a percentage off or free shipping. Sorry it didn't work for you though. Good luck.
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  9. Charli

    Charli Community Champion

    I haven't done research but from what I've seen of the people around me using it, it does seem to be better and it also did seem to work for most of them in trying to quit cigarettes. One of the better advices I've heard was to get a strong one at first to compensate for the satisfaction you are getting from cigarettes. If you find the first vaping experiences to be lacking then you are more likely go back to regular cigarettes which are likely to be much more unhealthy for you.
  10. skullalif

    skullalif Member

    I'd agree, E-Cigs are not the best solution to stop smoking currently, especially for frequent hardcore smokers, my uncle tried shifting to E-Cigs and received many complications afterwards, the best way to stop smoking is still finding other substitutes to chew, such as gum and candy, while slowly reducing smoking frequencies, because stopping suddenly will raise complications in my opinion.
  11. Askani

    Askani Active Contributor

    Well you have to want to quit. People love to say they want to stop smoking, but lack the will and desire to do anything about it other than talk. I bought my vape starter kit for $25.00 and can get juices for anywhere from $1.99 to $2.99. Most of the stop smoking aids I have seen run well more than that in terms of cost. Nicotine gum to me is just nasty and doesn't provide a viable alternative. My vape has helped me wean myself off slowly and comfortably so far and I will quit altogether soon. I see your point though. Everyone is different.
  12. SF13

    SF13 Member

    My mother tries them off and on, but only when she can't afford a pack of real cigarettes. She once said that they were like smoking a sock. Though, she did try other 'flavors.' If you absolutely have to try them, don not get the cheap ones. The fluid cartridge might leak and you'll suffer serious burns. This isn't as much of a problem now, but some people suffered horribly.
  13. JoshPosh

    JoshPosh Community Champion

    There just isn't enough long term data on e cigarets or vaping, to determine if it's a safer alternative. If anything you just made it tolerable to non smokers, and its cheaper than the latter. Also the can now vape in places and establishments that have banned the traditional smoking.
  14. popcorn365

    popcorn365 Member

    This is what my best friend did. She used the e-cig but continuously smokesd cigarettes in between as well. When she first started the e-cig she was constantly smoking regular ones too but over time, almost a year now, she smokes 2 cigarettes a day. She was a two pack a day smoker. I'm really excited and proud of how much she has cut down. She is almost there.

    Because cigarettes are legal, I don't think non-smokers realize just how hard it is to walk away from smoking. Prior to being a smoker, I didn't get it. I figured if it was bad enough for your health, it wouldn't be legal. Lol. To be that young and naive again. I think that using both together, you can get there BUT it is going to take longer. I think i'm okay with that. If it takes me longer but I'm successful.....
  15. popcorn365

    popcorn365 Member

    Given the fact that cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins while E-Cigs contain a mixture of propylene glycol, glycerin,nicotine (but not in all of them), and flavorings....I'd say there are obvious reasons in that alone that show that e cigs are a safer alternative to smoking regular cigs. Many of those ingredients are found in your average asthma inhailer
  16. GenevB

    GenevB Community Champion

    Well, depends on you, if you really want to quit smoking then you should just quit. If you're delaying it too much then you probably won't ever be a free person. I never got the satisfaction of smoking a cigarette from an e-cigarette, after a few smokes I'd just light up a cigarette and smoke the real deal. When it was my time to quit, I told myself that I would never put a cigarette again in my mouth, under no circumstances and thanks God, here I am, haven't smoked in about 6 months. I used to smoke a pack per day or so, so it was a pretty big hop for me. When it comes to you, you shouldn't listen what other tell you, you should listen only your inner voice, maybe you don't really want to quit cigarettes so that's why you're appealing substitutes. This is ok, just be true to yourself, if quitting is what you want, then you will quit on your own.
  17. Geinnam

    Geinnam Member

    I tried several brands of e-cigarettes without success. I ended up with a terrible headache, stomach upset, and a lot of frustration. I found that using a nicotine patch was very effective. Not only does it ween you off of nicotine slowly, you also begin to go through your day without the action of smoking. I had to realize that any discomfort I felt was not because I no longer smoke, it is because I used to smoke.
  18. jbepp

    jbepp Active Contributor

    I don't think e-cig help that much. E-cigs usually have high levels of nicotine and most of the time the person ends up going back to normal cigarettes just for convenience. A friend of mine started vaping e-cig but he said that the flavor just wasn't the same and finding good quality e-cigs was too difficult.
    Still, e-cigs are healthier that cigarettes.
  19. stagsonline

    stagsonline Active Contributor

    I have never tried using a nicotine patch even after several considerations and recommendations from close friends. Your reaction to e-cigs is not suprising as I also experienced the same during the first few days but it stopped. People say that you need to try out different brands of e-cigs so that you can have a perfect vaping experience. This can at least make it feel better than smoking but rarely works even in my situation.
  20. stagsonline

    stagsonline Active Contributor

    When using e-cigs, you actually have the option of choosing the level of nicotine you want. This means you can have a high level up to none. Even without nicotine, vaporizers still don't replace that smoking feel that comes with real cigarettes. The flavors are quite interesting in my opinion. If you read reviews online from users worldwide, you will definitely get the best brands.