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Are electronic cigarettes a better alternative?

Discussion in 'Tobacco / Nicotine' started by stagsonline, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. stagsonline

    stagsonline Active Contributor

    I remember when I attended my first meeting with a lung specialist after I started having chest pains. The first thing he asked was: Do you know the amount of damage you are doing to your lungs by smoking? Of course I din't know much except that smoking was damaging my lungs and turning them black. That is when he mentioned so many chemicals and explained how each of them was affecting my respiratory system. That scared the hell out of me.
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  2. LadyMiles

    LadyMiles Active Contributor

    Ugh, I seriously am stressed about quitting. I can't fathom what the doc told you and the way you felt as he described each chemical and the damage being done. I believe it's going to take me secluding myself for a couple of days or something. Maybe finding a buddy I can reach out to when the cravings are the strongest. I need to do something. You mentioned in a post of mine for me to figure out what it is that I am smoking for, like is it out of boredom or what. Well, I did a little investigating and it seems it is really two things, boredom and socializing (many people in my life smoke). I'm seriously going to have to change people, places, and things. Maybe not forever but until I can regain my self control. This is definitely a tough battle but more importantly, one I am going to win.
  3. Profit5500

    Profit5500 Senior Contributor

    You will win it you just have to go for it. Winning the battle of addiction is a tough one but with some diligence you would win. Just try to be positive and cut back on the amount you use.
  4. Gin0710

    Gin0710 Active Contributor

    I found it to be helpful. Since my husband switched to e-cigarettes he has cut down on the nicotine and will soon just be smoking juice with 0% nicotine. He hates cigarettes now! And the crap in cigarettes is what causes all the damage not the nicotine.
  5. Onionman

    Onionman Active Contributor

    I'm really not sure about them. I tried one a few months ago, simply because my friend was trying one out. As an ex-smoker (or rather, I'll have the very occasional one), it felt strange keeping my hands occupied in that way without it being a cigarette. But it also made me want to have a cigarette for an added hit. It felt really odd.

    And if I can have these weird thoughts, you can only imagine what an impressionable 14-year old is thinking when they try it out.
  6. Onionman

    Onionman Active Contributor

    I think the big thing still is that we're all still flying blind with e-cigarettes. We all have specific views on it but until the long-term data tells us "yay" or "nay" in terms of the health risks or otherwise, we're just relying on our assumptions and biases. There's enough money on both sides of the argument to continue to confuse us. I'd simply prefer to sit on the sidelines rather than get heavily into them.
  7. Davienna

    Davienna Community Champion

    I am not very sure but I read somewhere on the internet just a few weeks ago that one exploded and killed the user. I even heard that it can be harmful to persons around you, so if it is how then would it be a good replacement? I am wondering if all the talks are factual but then again, there are several drugs used to cure illnesses yet they have deadly side effects.
  8. AFKATafcar

    AFKATafcar Community Champion

    Unfortunately, the companies that manufacture e-cigarettes (in some cases the same companies that manufacture tobacco products) aren't being completely honest with consumers. They can tout that e-cigs are healthier than normal cigarettes since they release harmless vapors. The fact of the matter is that more and more studies continue to show that e-cigs might not be any safer than cigarettes at all long-term.

    Higher doses of nicotine than those found in cigarettes are often used in e-cigs, and the possibility for addiction is still there. They're effective at helping someone quit cigarettes no doubt, but they're more of a lateral move than anything else as far as your health is concerned.
  9. popcorn365

    popcorn365 Member

    I wouldn't call it a lateral move considering E-cigs don't have the thousands of chemicals that a regular cigarette has. In my opinion that is definitely an improvement.
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  10. jdroc

    jdroc Active Contributor

    From my experience vaping is tons better. Just based on me being able to breathe better and having more energy. It works man, trust me. I'll get on patches for a week at the most then start vaping, and gradually decrease the nicotine content in the vapor till it's null. You should try it. Maybe try it with patches or gum.
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  11. Gin0710

    Gin0710 Active Contributor

    I've vaped and it doesn't feel like smoking to me and I always feel like I'm cleansing my throat. There's no nicotine in the hits I take either, it's all juice. I think it helps with stress in some cases.
  12. popcorn365

    popcorn365 Member

    Stress is my biggest problem when it comes to smoking. I get really stressed out and then often will go into a full blown panic attack. Usually before the panic attacks becomes full blown I'll head outside and smoke a cig and calm down. Maybe I'll have to try the e-cigs again on those occasions so I can eliminate the two I'm smoking everyday. Good for you to vape the nicotine free ones!! That is great!
  13. Gin0710

    Gin0710 Active Contributor

    I was never a smoker. At least not a habitual one. I did smoke a few times but never made a habit out of it. I just started vaping recently because of all the stress. It does help relieve a lot of stress. I highly recommend if you're looking to break away from smoking. It really does help. My husband had been a smoker since he was nine and vaping helped him get off cigarettes for good. Not only that, but it opened him up to a whole new community and now he's pro-active in his life. Far more than he used to be. I really appreciate what vaping can do for people. I hope it doesn't continue to get the bad rep because it is anything but bad.
  14. Ronsa

    Ronsa Active Contributor

    It depends on different persons with different degree of addiction to cigarettes. It is necessary in helping the serious prolong smokers to get rid their smoking habits gradually. It is simply providing more excuses to continue smoking in most cases.
  15. SuphaflyUK

    SuphaflyUK Member

    I smoked for 8 years. Not heavily, less than 10 a day but still too much. 3 months ago, during my withdrawal from my last binge I didnt smoke for a week because I felt like death anyway.

    3 months have passed and I havent picked up a drink or a smoke since. I've given up by accident and some of my AA buddies get annoyed that I did it so easily :)

    The vapour / e-cigs have been a god send and I used to smoke and use the e-cigs together. Now its only the vapour pen I use and its working a treat. Hopefully there arent any long term side effects to vaping because its certainly a better alternative to the real thing.
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  16. popcorn365

    popcorn365 Member

    That is awesome!! I'm very happy for both you and your husband. It is stories like this that keep me motivated to keep in trying. Perhaps I'll give vaping another try! I need to do something!
  17. popcorn365

    popcorn365 Member

    That is great! I'm really glad that it was so easy for you to quit. I wish it was that easy for me. You are right; the e-cigs are a much better alternative to the real thing and I'm so glad that you are kicking both of your addictions!! That is fantastic!
  18. mkCampbell

    mkCampbell Active Contributor

    My wife does Vaping and she buys everything at a specialty Vaping shop. The "Vaporizer" was about $40 bucks but has lasted for almost six months. She gets a refill on her liquid about every ten days for about $10 bucks or so. She has cut down her nicotine several times and plans on hitting zero soon. Best part, she smells so much better, house smells better, she can taste food again, and she's loving the extra couple of hundred dollars in her pocket every month.
  19. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    I feel that vaping is a way better alternative to cigarettes and apart from the tobacco industry I don't think anyone can deny it. Cheaper and healthier.
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  20. mkCampbell

    mkCampbell Active Contributor

    My wife get's her vaping stuff from a shop that can add or reduce the nicotine so that might be something to look into. She started with some level that mimicked the brand of cigs she used to smoke but has reduced it several times over the last several months. Good luck!