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Are sober living homes right for everyone?

Discussion in 'Sober Living Homes' started by k9cb, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. k9cb

    k9cb Active Contributor

    Without going into too many details, someone I know was recently in a sober living group home and ended up relapsing pretty seriously, getting kicked out, etc. This was in many ways facilitated by them encountering some people they had known previously. Perhaps that particular home was too local? Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has had similar experiences or knows of similar experiences. It seems like for some people in recovery, the chances of encountering and living in close proximity to someone they'd previously used with could cause some issues.
  2. MNyte

    MNyte Member

    Sober homes are mainly for people with a main motive to stop. Any person resenting going there tends to fuss and discuss the usage of substances. This sparks a chain reaction to those with similar ideals of the sober home: a limitation. They tend to end up using substances once again. However, someone with a strong will to stop would not get affected, and merely see it as a feeble instigation. So, it depends on the mentality of the person, not the decision as whether to go or not.
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  3. 6up

    6up Community Champion

    Sober living homes are not suitable for every addict. I also propose that people should avoid living in sober homes that are within their locality. This helps one to avoid their previous friends who used to influence them.