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Atheist Sues Rehab For Sending Him Back To Jail For Not Submitting To A "Higher Power"

Discussion in '12-Step Support Groups' started by Charli, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Clairelouise84

    Clairelouise84 Senior Contributor

    Oh my goodness that is one of the most absurd things I have ever heard! How can you possibly say that to someone that is an atheist? He does not believe, you can not force him to do so!
  2. Charli

    Charli Community Champion

    It was mandatory so technically he never really agreed to anything as much as it was forced upon him for a criminal offense that was non violent and non threatening to others since he was on,by charged with possession and not even for selling. As for going with it, even if we consider that he had no choice but to go to rehab, he still should have a basic human right to choose his own beliefs and not have to follow others'.
  3. kylerlittle

    kylerlittle Community Champion

    To be forced to submission is slavery and I do not allow that. I myself being a Christian and someone who believes, or perhaps tries to believe ( I don't trust myself much), I think it's very important to not force it down peoples throats because it takes the whole idea of free well away. I think it's even the reason why there's a lot of terrorism and horrible acts out there in the name of religion.
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  4. Clairelouise84

    Clairelouise84 Senior Contributor

    It is nice to hear a religious person say that, of late I have only experienced those that are trying to force their religious beliefs on me so it is nice to hear someone that does not believe in that.
  5. kylerlittle

    kylerlittle Community Champion

    It's sick, it's like trying to force people to be in a relationship, it doesn't work like that.
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  6. Clairelouise84

    Clairelouise84 Senior Contributor

    It is a waste of time too, people will be a lot more forthcoming and listen better if you are NOT trying to force stuff on them, I certainly go into shut down mode when someone starts preaching hell fire and brimstone at me.
  7. kylerlittle

    kylerlittle Community Champion

    I understand your position. While they might preach whatever it is at you and cause fear, it's a different matter. I would believe the best way one can present such things is by putting an argument out there respectively without any insults or touching on personal choices and forcing it down their throat. There are actually good Christian debaters and presenters out there, among them apologetics and philosophers and professors of universities. If you would like to see how Christianity should be presented among Christians, I would recommend seeing John Lennox, Ravi Zacharias. I don't force it down peoples throat, but I do recommend that people listen to such things, but I do not say that I would sue them or do whatever if they don't, if they don't, it's their choice.
  8. bsthebenster

    bsthebenster Community Champion

    The point of rehab is to help addicts recover and ideally prevent further criminal charges. Forcing an atheist to pretend to believe in god isn't going to do the trick. Giving religious folk an advantage over others is extremely discriminatory.
  9. kylerlittle

    kylerlittle Community Champion

    I agree on this point because faith is something that cannot be forced, but gained.
  10. Zyni

    Zyni Community Champion

    I do think that faith is based on free will and therefore cannot be forced. After reading this story again though, it sounds like the guy was just looking for trouble. They told him that his "higher power" could be anything. If that's the case then it didn't have to be based on "religion" at all. He was very disruptive and passive aggressive, and then went on to sue. Sounds like he was just trying to make some bogus stance to get his fifteen minutes. I can't see where "religion" was actually forced on him.
  11. JonnyMacdonald

    JonnyMacdonald Community Champion

    God wants us to love all his creation, even if they have turned their back on Him. God also wants for us to help each other, help fight of the devils as well.
    These are both reasonable Christian values. So what is done here is wrong. We need to help this man. We don't need to force people into God's good graces either, that is up to them and God to figure out. It also builds resentment in people.
    Help get them to a better place, they are more likely to realize God's love. If not, a clean atheist is better than an addicted one.
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