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Binaural beats and digital drugs

Discussion in 'General Substance Abuse Discussion' started by amin021023, May 27, 2015.

  1. amin021023

    amin021023 Community Champion

    I don't know if you have heard about I-doser or not, but It's a program which plays you some audio files that basically affects your brain waves the same way drugs will do, you should listen to it via headphones to get the results. I've tried it and believe me it does work... It's a good entertainment, try it out sometime:
  2. MyDigitalpoint

    MyDigitalpoint Community Champion

    I haven't heard of this particular program, but I have heard of digital drugs, sounds and image effects that stimulates the brain much in the way a psychedelic drug could do, but interacting with neuronal function.

    This could be considered a good entertainment as plain and simple as it should be, but there are underlying factors that can result in undesirable effects, like in example, having a existing cardiovascular condition or being prone to suffer it.

    Listen to this for fun and for a little time may not harm, but these programs are designed to get you wanting to keep listening on and on, kind a virtual drug indeed, which develops addiction and side effects.
  3. JonnyMacdonald

    JonnyMacdonald Community Champion

    Of course with the digital age these types of things would surface. I have no interest in any of the devils new tricks, he already had me once and will not get me again. I am going to bring this up at church, parents need to know know about this new danger! Perhaps God-willing we can get this banned before it's too late.