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Discussion in 'Heroin' started by Jai50, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. Jai50

    Jai50 Senior Contributor

    I just saw on the news that some businesses are starting to put blue lights in there bathrooms to detour heroin users from shooting up in the bathroom. They say it will be harder to find a vain. I just think I would be in there bathroom longer getting pist off cuz I'm having a problem finding a vane.
    Do you think this is going to work?
    I also think recovering addicts heroin opiate users should be more involved finding more affective ways than this to help addiction.

    My option this is not.

    Just a thought
  2. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    I read about this last year. I have no idea if it will work or not. But I do think it shows how bad things have become.
  3. True concern

    True concern Community Champion

    I agree this is a pathetic poor excuse for what they may claim as helping addicts,i understand that as a business owner you are concerned about people shooting dope in your bathroom and ONLY as a deterrent i agree this could work however in no way should this be looked at as helping addicts.The thing about heroin in the vain it's an instant high however if you mis the vain it will absorb into your muscle tissue and you will still get high,now shot it with coke and heroin(speed ball) it could cause many heroin related overdoses because most people that do this shot large amounts of heroin to the point it will slow your heart rate to the point of death but when you add cocaine it increases your heart rate very dangerous but it will infact if through a vain keep your heart pumping and you will survive (most time's) however of course this is no fail safe guarantee but if you mis a speed ball in the vain the heroin absorbs but the cocaine does not potentially increasing heroin overdose.Now when shotting Meth it has to go through the vain period or it will literally burn the flesh right out of your body and you will not get high but you will have massive abscess all over leaving open wounds which usually become infectious,cocaine will also burn your flesh and cause abscess which will lead to infections.More needs to be done to help educate addicts and society and i often wonder what happened to humanity?Why don't we care for our fellow man anymore?This is a phrase often used in government and military but it applies in ever day neighborhood's and society as a whole and it makes perfect sense and i wish the world started every morning saying this out loud considering the current disgusting political climate.("TOGETHER WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL")I pray people stop choosing side's as Left-Right it's bullshit we are all Americans and should care what's just for each and everyone of us not just one side or the other.I'm a white man and the best friend i ever had ever is a black man,the best family friend's to me and my wife are illegal aliens and my sister who is adopted is 100%Hispanic.We are all human's and i pray everyone opens their eye's soon as sees how society is turning on itself.Now sober i watch the nation "Self Destruct"and my heart hurts over this.Im sorry i got way off track on this response but i hate watching people hate one another simply for not agreeing 100% of the time.I fear that others are forgetting how important it is to take part in the conversation with respect even though we can't agree on everything because we are all different but that's what i love about Humanity
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  4. Jai50

    Jai50 Senior Contributor

    My thoughts exactly ridiculous.
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