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Boyfriend supplying

Discussion in 'Share Your Story Here' started by Airion, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. Airion

    Airion Member

    After completing 3 months in rehab thinking that I would have complete support for my boyfriend in my recovery but that didn't happen I'm in control of my own actions my own behavior but for him to so easily allow it to happen and not put up a fight for my sobriety is wrong he still is encouraging me to get methadone after overdosing 5 times this clearly is not a sign actions of someone who loves me and has my best interest in mind right
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  2. Right. If he cares about you he would not put you in situations that could jeopardize your sobriety. I would recommend that you remove yourself from the situation because if you haven't used; its only a matter of time. I wish you all the good luck in the world and hope he gets help for himself.
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  3. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener

    @Airion cutting ties with loved ones in active addiction is oftentimes necessary to protect your own recovery. i know it's tough, but i believe when we stand up for our power... God or the universe will stand up for us, providing what we need. set some firm boundaries with him.... if you need help regarding that, seek some guidance from a counselor if you can...

    you are doing good with your recovery, and proud of you for going to rehab. there is freedom on the other side of addiction...and that included emotional well-being. being around someone who doesn't want to get better or make the effort (and i mean really make the effort)... well, as you know that may bring you down.

    we are here to listen if you need.... we believe in you and want the best for you!
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  4. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    @Airion... YOU should always be at the very top of your priority list. If your boyfriend isn't being supportive of your sobriety, and if he's trying to get you to use methadone, he is not someone who truly loves and cares about you. I'm no expert on relationships, but if I were you I would walk away from this guy. I fear that staying with him will end up causing you a lot of grief, and you deserve better. Your sobriety is so important, and you need to be in a situation that will help you succeed.

    Sending you love, light, and strength.
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  5. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    All I have to say is leave him.You are worth something he can't see and that's happiness and sobriety
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  6. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    @Airion... How are you doing, my dear? Let us know when you get a chance. You are not alone.
  7. Aodafml2

    Aodafml2 Senior Contributor

    Right, odds are ,,,well you know
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