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Discussion in 'Other Substances' started by Lucy, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. Lucy

    Lucy Member

    I think a may be addicted to caffeine. I love coffee and occasionally take caffeine pills. If I am not addicted yet I feel like I will be soon. Is that a huge issue?
  2. dpaige707

    dpaige707 Member

    I don't know why caffeine is not considered a bigger drug than it is. It is a stimulant to be avoided especially. You are addicted to the body buzz that caffeine gives you only to suffer the crash later. Caffiene is not a substance that should be taken regularly and caffeine content in consumer products should be regulated. Caffeine is just as addicting and it only occurs naturally in a few things, but other that it is just as addicting as a lot of other stimulants.
  3. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    I have been addicted to caffeine and it can be surprisingly difficult to give up once you've become deependent on it. Once you've become accustomed to having caffeine every day, you'll feel like you just can't wake up properly or that your brain just won't function properly without it. Of course, too much can also cause caffeine intoxication/poisoning.
  4. sadiemarie

    sadiemarie Member

    For me I can hardly function without it. I need caffeine to wake up. I need it to get through my day. I have fibromyalgia so it really helps. Even my doctor suggested using more caffeine to help me get through the day. I am sure it isn't the healthiest thing ever but if you need it I guess it is alright.
  5. jdroc

    jdroc Active Contributor

    I got a starbucks gift card I need to cash in right now lol, caffeine is cool, it serves a purpose. It's even good for you in certain amounts.
  6. jade870

    jade870 Active Contributor

    I think I may have a addition to caffeine myself, but it is not coffee, it's Mt. Dew. Strangely over the years my consumption for caffeine has increased a great deal. I did and really think too much about it until last year, I realize I started out drinking one Mt, Dew a day. And as time went on I found out I was drinking up to three and four a day, without even realizing. And as of now I can drink six or seven a day plus a cup of coffee in the morning. So I think I can say for myself yes I have a caffeine problem. It is very strange to be how we do not even realize sometimes that we can drink so many cokes or cups of coffee a day. I would think it would has something to do with our everyday busy lives. I thought about trying to just stop cold Turkey, but as many people would think that didn't work. I was a complete nervous wreck, without my everyday consumption of coke or some type of caffeine I could not even function properly.
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  7. wulfman

    wulfman Senior Contributor

    Yes where I live people drink masala tea 2-3 times a day. These people have severe headaches if they don't get that "shot" of caffeine. They simply cannot function. You should see the plastic cups they sell the tea in for people on the move on the road side. They are smaller than a shot glass. It is all about getting that caffeine hit that their bodies have been accustomed to getting at specific times of day.
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  8. wulfman

    wulfman Senior Contributor

    I myself have stayed away from tea or coffee just because I always drank milk or juice. I have cut back on soda a lot. If I do drink soda I drink Sprite which does not have any caffeine.
  9. Missie1709

    Missie1709 Member

    I am addicted to caffeine and I know because if I don't have it, I'm exhausted. My energy just plummets! I'm not a big coffee drinker but I love my Diet Dr Pepper! I have to have the caffeine or I feel like I can't function. I would say stay away from it before you do get addicted.
  10. E.Mil

    E.Mil Community Champion

    I think that caffeine does have a addictive quality. I don't drink coffee, but I feel withdrawal symptoms when I try to stop drinking cola beverages that contain a lot of caffeine.
  11. xTinx

    xTinx Community Champion

    Yes it is. Too much of anything is not good for you. Even ordinary food can take a toll on your body when taken in excess. The life of a human being requires moderation and balance. Without any of these qualities, we'll be in utter chaos. Caffeine will destroy your nerves. You'll develop anxiety. You should cut back on your intake while you still can.
  12. vegito12

    vegito12 Community Champion

    I think that it can be easy, as in coffee it wakes a person up and also keeps a person awake and it make a person rely on it and use it more than they need to. My sister used to be addicted and would have Coffee couple of times a day and, also and would make her shake sometimes and had to leave it which was a lot of work as well. A person, should not fall to this as it could overtake them and also may affect the realationships as well which would not be good.
  13. IrishHeather

    IrishHeather Active Contributor

    Ah... I have to admit I am a slave to caffeine. (as a matter of fact I am drinking a cup of coffee as I type this...sigh.) As many of the other posters have mentioned it is a stimulant. Although caffeine is not addictive in the same sense that many hard drugs can be considered addictive, it definitely affects the brain and body and stimulates them in a manner similar to the amphetamines such as cocaine. Both caffeine and cocaine increase dopamine production in the brain, so you experience a temporary "high." Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that activates "pleasure centers" in the brain, and quite simply makes you feel "good." Naturally, the pleasurable effect produced by dopamine manipulation plays a major role in caffeine addiction. I know that theoretically I should strive to cut back on caffeine intake to reduce my dependency because when I run out my husband says I'm not a very nice person to be around...LOL! And oh what a head ache I get. Thanks for bringing this up... its nice to get a handle on something I didn't even realize might be a problem.
  14. GenevB

    GenevB Community Champion

    I've read that if you eat an apple in the morning it wakes you up even better than a cup of coffee, it can be a useful advice for those who are looking to get rid of caffeine and replace the "morning kick" with something else. Drink 2 glasses of cold water and eat one apple, you'll feel better after a short time, it doesn't give you the blood rush, but it wakes you up properly.
  15. katherine25

    katherine25 Senior Contributor

    I don't think its a problem I love caffeine and I haven't noticed any problems. Although, if I go a day without caffeine I do get serious headaches.
  16. kassie1234

    kassie1234 Community Champion

    I think caffeine addiction is a big thing - mainly because it's so acceptable in society that no one seems to think of the risks. I myself am trying to cut back, because I was having so many cups a day it was causing me anxiety - my heart would race and I just felt all around ordinary! However when you say to someone you're addicted to caffeine they just seem to chuckle and agree, as if it's the most normal thing in the world!
  17. Corten

    Corten Member

    My parents drink coffee multiple times a day, I hope I won't start drinking it in that large amount, ever. I like the taste of it, but I don't think I could always make myself a cup of it every morning or multiple times every day, I'm way too lazy for that.
  18. cmleasure

    cmleasure Active Contributor

    It's strange to me that caffeine addiction is so widely accepted, and practically glorified. People always joke about not talking to them until they've had their cup of coffee. No one seems to think it is an issue to be addicted to coffee or soda, though neither are good for you. The fact that so many people in this country struggle to start their days without caffeine is a huge red flag to me. That is not healthy. In my experience, caffeine doesn't even do any good for me with alertness or awakeness. Coffee makes me feel sick and soda is just gross.
  19. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    Being addicted to anything can be a big issue since it can cause you health problems and other problems. Better to control your caffeine consumption as early as possible. Just consume it in moderation to avoid getting addicted to it.
  20. GenevB

    GenevB Community Champion

    You have a point, but I don't think you could get addicted that bad to caffeine, I mean I remember back in the days when I was sleeping only 6 hours in 2 days, had plenty of coffee, actually so much that I couldn't sleep even if I hadn't slept in the last 24 hours, but at some point when I didn't have the need to stay awake I just gave it up, I can't recall any withdrawal symptoms back then.