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Can a person become addicted to medications prescribed by a doctor?

Discussion in 'Other Substances' started by Lanny, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. Lanny

    Lanny Member

    There are some people who abuse prescription drugs, that is, taking them in a manner or a dose other than prescribed, or taking medications prescribed for another person. I still can't understand why someone would become addicted to medications. What do they get out of it?
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  2. Gin0710

    Gin0710 Active Contributor

    It happens a lot more often than people realize. And the reason no one is busting the dealers (aka doctors) is because it's legal and looks legit. Yet it's feeding someone's addiction and making pharmaceutical companies money. Sad cycle.
  3. AFKATafcar

    AFKATafcar Community Champion

    Very few people even realize when they become addicted to prescription drugs that they're actually prescribed. For some people, they think that they're properly treating whatever the medications are for, and that an extra dose or two can't hurt. Either way, it's 100% possible to become addicted to prescription drugs, and most people don't let it happen on purpose, at first. It spirals out of control for some, though.
  4. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    I think it is possible to get addicted to anything even for prescription drugs.
    Maybe it starts from taking more dosage than what was prescribed thinking it will could cure them faster or they feel that the required dosage is not enough to cure them or relieve the discomfort they are feeling.
  5. Ronsa

    Ronsa Active Contributor

    I also agree that it is possible to get addicted to medical prescription made by a doctor. It is difficult to stop consuming the prescribed drugs once it is used because the body get used to its effect. The person will feel uncomfortable or ill when not taking the medicine. It is not surprising that the person is misguided that he is receiving treatment instead of being getting addicted to prescribed drugs. It is not good in general.
  6. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    Yes, certain prescription drugs are (physically) addictive, such as SSRI's (antidepressants/serotonin inhibitors) which affect the chemical balance in the brain. Tramadol, which contains opioids, is also commonly prescribed in the UK although legal regulations on it are tightening up. There are plenty of other addictive prescription drugs available too.
  7. Saji

    Saji Member

    People get addicted to drugs due to the feeling of euphoria that they get when they consume the drugs. The medications that we get from the doctors are also drugs, but we don't get addicted to them as they don't set of a reaction in our brain makes us become addicted to something. As each person's body is different, the reactions that he will get will be different. Quite a few of the drugs sold in the street are actually used for medication. So it's only normal that people get addicted to them.
  8. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    I'm sorry but this isn't the case - addiction does not have to be caused by euphoria or any other pleasant feeling that a drug causes - many prescription drugs do cause chemical changes in the brain and stopping taking them can potentially be quite dangerous (antidepressants for example) because they are physically addictive - because of the chemical changes they cause not because of how they make a person feel.
  9. La.oui

    La.oui Member

    This is definitely possible. It could be because the person begins to feel dependent on the drug that even a slight symptom of the original diagnosis that the medicine was prescribed for would bring about a need for the drug in the person.
  10. Serena

    Serena Active Contributor

    Sure. It is possible for a person to get addicted to drugs prescribed by a doctor. I think some people end up going this route because they are easier to get and the drugs are legal. I suppose people get addicted to these types of drugs for the same reasons that people get addicted to illegal drugs.
  11. tasha

    tasha Community Listener Community Listener

    The same thing that they get out of any addiction. A block out of their everyday lives and at first a rush. It is about insecurities and life changing events that they would like to forget. Medication is easy to get addicted to because like anything else it gives a feeling of some sort, but that wears off and then they want more.
  12. valiantx

    valiantx Community Champion

    Anything can lead to addiction. Repeat: anything can lead to addiction! It's that simple in logic. For example, internet blogging can become a addiction, and can lead one to have bad or no relationship with one's family, friends, or business.
  13. Serena

    Serena Active Contributor

    Prescribed medications can give a person the same kinds of highs that illegal drugs do. I think that they can probably be even more addictive than illegal drugs. It would be interesting to find some research on the amount of people who are addicted to prescription drugs. Are there any types of support groups or therapies for people who abuse prescription drugs? I am wondering because this does not seem to be an issue in my country.
  14. cmleasure

    cmleasure Active Contributor

    Yes, a person can absolutely be addicted to drugs they are prescribed to. Opiates are highly addictive, and doctors prescribe opiates .. a lot. The pills can take away pain and make people feel good, and before they know it they are addicted. People often build up a resistance, so they will double up on their doses to compensate for that. There is a huge prescription drug abuse problem in this country, you may want to do a little research and inform yourself about it.
  15. JadeVengeance

    JadeVengeance Active Contributor

    This tends to happen a lot. People around me and people in my family who are on medication given to them by their doctors are all addicted for some reason.
  16. tasha

    tasha Community Listener Community Listener

    Some people also tend to have addictive personalities which once they are finished with one pharmaceutical will move onto something else or find an excuse to have other medication.
  17. amin021023

    amin021023 Community Champion

    Prescribed pills are usually abused by snorting which intensifies the high. One of my friends went to a doctor and got Ritalin even though he didn't really needed it, he just uses it for recreational purposes and claims it's very fun. Ritalin is one of the most abused prescription drugs over here in Iran.
  18. tasha

    tasha Community Listener Community Listener

    That is scary and terrible that a doctor can just so easily prescribe medication. I love doctor Oz because he finds ways to help patients without medication and has agreed that doctors dish out medication way too easily.
  19. Clairelouise84

    Clairelouise84 Senior Contributor

    Yes they can, so many people all over the world are addicted to prescribed medication. The most commonly prescribed pills in the world are anti depressants and millions of people all over the world can not live without them. I was very fortunate to have a nurse that understood my worries of addiction and kept a close eye on me to make sure I did not get addicted!
  20. IrishHeather

    IrishHeather Active Contributor

    Yes, Yes and yes! This is what happened to me. It started out small and turned into a full out train wreck in the end. I battled this for 10 long years. You asked "what do they get out of it?" When a person consumes a certain substance for a long period of time, they body and brain gets used to it and has trouble functioning without it. This is defiantly a very real problem.