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Can employers still drug test?

Discussion in 'General Substance Abuse Discussion' started by moverqaws, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. moverqaws

    moverqaws Member

    if legislation is passed in michigan to decriminalize 100 grams of marijuana,will employers still be able to deny you employment for testing positive for marijuana for a pre-employment drug screen?
  2. thepieeatingjay

    thepieeatingjay Senior Contributor

    The problem with drug testing, is that it determines the use of a drug.
    It however, does not differenciate as to whether or not you use the drug at work. Marijuana for instance will show up in your system for weeks, or even months. Long after the effects of the drug have worn off.
    Realistically... an employer really doesn't have to list a reason for refusing to hire somebody, and can probably manufacture a reason to terminate employment if they want to.
    So it doesn't really matter if they can legally fire you for the use of something that isn't illegal.
    By the way, just because something has been decriminalized, doesn't mean it's been legalized, just that all criminal penalties for it have been removed.
  3. Totalarmordestine

    Totalarmordestine Senior Contributor

    Drug screens are in place in order for employers to determine whether or not a person could be impaired, due to the use of any type of drug in a potential employee's blood work--whether marijuana is legal or not.
  4. tarverten

    tarverten Senior Contributor

    yes it is at the employers discretion. Alcohol is legal but if you have vodka in youur pee they won't hire you.
  5. blastguardgear

    blastguardgear Senior Contributor

    Even if weed is legal everywhere, private practice has their own set of rules. They can still test you for it if it's something that can effect performance.
  6. shadowsupernature

    shadowsupernature Senior Contributor

    In today's America, you no longer have any rights to privacy regarding your body. Your employer can drug test whatever and whenever they please.
  7. Auril

    Auril Active Contributor

    I actually just read something about how employers are still drug testing in states where weed is legal. They can and will fire people who test positive. It's the same as if alchohol shows up - even though it's legal they can fire you for having it in your system while on the job. This is because they can say that it impairs your judgement and performance.
    Somewhere recently also, a guy using medical marijuanna was fired from his job for testing positive.
  8. oraclemay

    oraclemay Community Champion

    I don't take drugs, but surely this could negatively affect many people who have to take medication for a condition they have? There must be some type of recourse for people who are fired unfairly. I would say that if it is medicinal it is unfair dismissal.
  9. RSH85

    RSH85 Member

    I know this may be impossible to answer precisely, but if someone were asked to do a urine drug test, what most likely are they testing for and how long do certain drugs stay in your system , that is to say, can it be deduced from the urine test how recently a person used drugs. More info
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  10. Onceaddicted77

    Onceaddicted77 Spam fighting Moderator & Realist Community Listener

    They have different tests like 8 panel or a 12 panel. They have to test specifically for a certain drug and these panels do.

    Drug tests work by looking for metabolites IE marijuana gives off something like 31 specific metabolites in your urine when you metabolize the drug. If those are present it will signal a postive result.

    Its either in your system or not they cant really tell how much or long you did it last and most drugs are out of your system within 4 days.

    There are other tests like hair follicle that can find metabolites from up to 6 months back.

    However If your urine test is postive they can send it off to get GC analysis from there they can tell how much of the drug is still in your system.
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  11. cheffy

    cheffy Community Champion

    When you think about it it's surprising companies don't test for nicotine. I would think that they wouldn't want employees that take a few 10 minutes breaks during the day - after all time is money. Or eat corned beef since it could mean you act Irish and go out drinking green beer and all. Denied because of cocaine and not coffee? Seriously though, I think that people should only be hired if they can do the work, ie., if they're qualified and able to carry out their tasks as set forth by the company. It's that simple.
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  12. RuthSla

    RuthSla Member

    yeah, that's true, companies have weird ways of testing their employees. Like, these tests are not even so true sometimes.. I understand that there are different tests on different drugs, but there has to be a test for all of them. Or at least the majority. Even I have found tests on that can test up to 20 substances. To my mind, these kind of tests would be easier to use at a company..
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  13. Bullwinkle

    Bullwinkle Community Champion

    We're all chemically different, thus it's possible that common foods can show a false positive with some and not with others. Opiate detection from poppy seeds, THC detection from olive oil that contains hemp, foods that are high in yeast can show alcohol.
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