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Discussion in 'Cocaine' started by Guy123, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. Guy123

    Guy123 Member

    Hi All,

    I am acutely aware how in comparison to a lot of the courageous people who frequent this forum, my concerns and habit are pretty mild, but it is because of their inspirational stories that I fear for my health and future.

    New to the forum and my first post. I think I might be becoming addicted to cocaine, if not already so. Its Friday early morning (4am) and feeling sore after another binge. Work is out the question and will be 'working from home'. This has become more common, having done the very same but two weeks ago. It started every Friday night when i first moved to a new city (London). Its now a case I do it alone - and thoroughly enjoy my time as well - most weekends. It feels like it is my own time to explore music, to stay up late and to simply take pleasure in my own company. The weekend habit with or without company has been for around 1.5 months, anywhere from 1g to 2g.

    Every time I wake up I tell myself "just one month off and lets see how we get along". I recover after a couple of days . I feel good again. I do it again a few days later. I am successful for my age (27), and it means I can bank roll as much as I feel i require, an awful place to be in some regards as it is so easy to get and I have no barriers to access.

    Advice needed! How do i start to get over, what could be argued to be, a minor addiction as it stands that is on the edge of a spiral? Has anyone had a similar experience of catching themselves before it becomes too late?

    Thanks for your time
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  2. Peduncles

    Peduncles Member

    Hello there @Guy123! I congratulate you for having the courage to do a self-check on your use of cocaine and to be cautious if you are already addicted or not. First of all, here are some articles I found relating to cocaine which may give you as ide if you are already dependent on it:

    If you also want to do a self-assessment, I found this self-assessment screening quiz that you might want to try:

    It takes 21 to 254 days in creating a habit. It may look like that its not a big deal but habit is very powerful. I would like you to understand how habit is formed. First there is a stimuli (like cocaine) that at first does not attribute any response to you. Then there's an unconditioned stimuli (like having your me time) which leads to an unconditioned response of having a peaceful sense in which you can explore yourself, do everything you want for yourself, just to have that sense of freedom. Now you took cocaine which became associated with your me time making cocaine as your conditioned stimuli which will lead to the unconditioned response. This unconditioned response will be your conditioned response for using cocaine so everytime you use cocaine you will feel that sense of freedom. That being alone is not enough anymore to give you that sense of wellness that you have from before. There's a necessity for using cocaine to achieve that reward from having your me time and the promise of euphoria in that substance intensifies the conditioning of your response thus forming a habit. I suggest that you try to keep on self-regulating if you can control your use. But I highly recomment that you consult an addiction specialist just to make sure. It is better to prevent something than to receive a treatment. I hope this would help in some way. Keep us updated! More positive vibes to you!