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Car Window shade?

Discussion in 'Other Substances' started by CameronAlsop, Sep 6, 2022.

  1. CameronAlsop

    CameronAlsop Active Contributor

    I've been noticing a trend. "Professional" drivers putting up sun shades on their drivers side window. Some even have their privacy curtain pulled up so far I don't know how they safely operate their equipment. I mean I understand not everyone looks good. But most of us are used to seeing ugly drivers. There's no need to hide.
  2. Pluto888

    Pluto888 Active Contributor

    The first time I installed roller blinds for a car. The convenience of sliding curtains in a car is their mobility. You can raise or lower at any time. On the other hand, they also have enough disadvantages: they are short-lived. Manufacturers consider them a temporary solution, so the quality of the canvas is medium. Sucktions and the sun are incompatible things. For this reason, they quickly fall off, become clogged with dust, and eventually lose their elasticity. Therefore, for the second time, I chose high-quality sun shades. This range of automotive sunshades uses advanced unidirectional cross mesh materials that reduce sun exposure to near zero and are very easy to attach because they are custom-made to fit your vehicle.