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Cigarettes smoke put problems in my head

Discussion in 'Tobacco / Nicotine' started by R1S8K, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. R1S8K

    R1S8K Member


    I've been a smoker, smoke Hashish and drink sometimes. All that was OK normal smoking and drinking like anyone else. I'm not a heavy smoker.

    But one day I was in Bahrain, and I was drinking a junk alcohol. This junk alcohol just get me drunk first time because I was a way of alcohol. But after that I don't get drunk, I have a drink a lot of that bottle until I get little drunk. So as I was drinking, I felt something weird happened to me, like a shutdown, I felt like water moving in my head, I knew that I hurted my brain with excessive amounts of alcohol.

    Then I went back to my country, I got really weak, I started to feel pain in my head. So I went to a man who do cupping to get blood out of the body.

    Then he did the cupping to me, and I got better. Then I did later cupping and I got better more.

    But one day, I smoked hashish, so a setback happened to me. And I did cupping, and cut off everything, upto smoking.

    So, now my brain can't hold the smoke of cigarettes, and everytime I get around cigarette smoke, I feel bad I feel heavy blood in my head and I feel weaker.

    So, now I have to do cupping again to feel better.

    What to do ?
  2. Joshstillclean

    Joshstillclean Stupidity Exists - Fact.

    I see noone has responded to this and honestly I'm hesetant to respond as well. This is strange honestly. It's not everyday I come across a post reffering to blood letting. Let alone multiple times of blood letting.

    This is very dangerous my friend. This man that doees the cupping I'm sure is known for his cupping abilities because he probably takes it to extreme amounts. Otherwise just anyone could cut themselves until a sufficient enough amount of blood had left their bodies such that their body had to get on the ball quick to rebuild red blood cells. Then they could tie off and stop the bleeding. But this is a very dangerous practice. Very dangerous. It's not like donating blood. Where they only let you give so much and then make sure that you are not too week or dizzy gefore you leave.

    It's not even like donating plasma where they weigh you and take all kinds of medical records into acccount to see if you are healthy enough to even donate before you start. And these two are both done by people that are trained in this field. They will tell you it is unhealthy to donate too often. I know alot of users will donate plasma because you get paid for it. This is so bad. It lowers your ability to fight off viruses and then you use and thats a very good way to catch a virus.

    Same thing with "cupping". I've heard of it refered to several different ways, but all it amounts to is loosing enough blood that you have to make more blood and make it fast. Not healthy my ffriend.

    That bad feeling you described in your head after smoking is not a bad thing to experience. You should feel bad after puttting a carcinogen into your body. Bleeding until a guy tells you you have bled enough and you will feel better now is not a fix for this.
    Hydrate, eat wholesome foods, stop drinking anything alcoholic, stop smoking, and you don't need to bleed at all. In fact that's a way of inviting all kinds of nasty stuff into your body. If you feel sick after smoking and you have been bleeding into a cup and have drank poorly distilled, you would feel sick.

    Please reconsider this. Are you able to see a doctor?
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  3. R1S8K

    R1S8K Member

    Yep, cupping is actually a medical treatment that is a very old practice and it's used for many medical purposes and give very good results.

    Because it takes out the old dated blood from the skin not from blood vessels and it's different in both ways.

    Cupping helped me a lot ...

    But because of my insisting stupidity .. after I get to a good mental health, I go back and smoke cigarettes !!

    As I know that I have an injury in my brain .. but I don't care.

    Now I'm in more sensitive situation than before, now it's not even that I can't smoke .. I can't stand by someone that is smoking next to me and I inhale that smoke. It would worsen things to me.

    The last time I did cupping was before a month, then I started to get to a stable situation.

    But I got in a car with someone and he lighted a cigarette and started smoking and I was there all the time until he finished his cigarette.

    I knew that would hurt my brain, the way I know that is if I started to feel something heavy happens in my head, then I know that there is some poison went in my head, and I feel weak in my hands, arms and legs.

    So now I'm just waiting to get back to my hometown and just do one light cupping in my head, it's not very dangerous. It actually stabilizes my situation, and removes some of the poisons that went in my head.

    The thing that I think my head can't deal with poisons anymore, like if I smelled a smoke then that nicotine would go inside my blood to my head and then the body won't get that blood back and it stay on top of my head until I remove some of that blood with cupping.

    I know but I have to do it, otherwise I would feel this heavy blood all the time.

    That's what I do most the time, and now. I bought a good honey, and also I would manage to eat good in good restaurants, and prepare also good meals in my apartment.

    And when I do that I feel very good and light. But anytime I get to inhale a cigarettes smoke, all my efforts go away and I have to do cupping and start again!

    I don't drink/smoke anymore .. if I do, then I think I may hurt my brain cells/nerves more and be in more bad situation.

    I did a magnetic resonance imaging to my brain to test if there could be something damaged in my brain, but the doctor said nothing with me, which is good.

    I of course have to visit a doctor again.
  4. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener

    @R1S8K hello and welcome. i'm not familiar with cupping... i suggest finding a specialist to work with concerning your issue and do your best to not be around smokers. ask people to not light up in front of you due to your reactions...

    best of luck to you...and please, know you can come here anytime for support!
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  5. buratinos

    buratinos Member

    Thanks for the information.
  6. nieprophsono

    nieprophsono Active Contributor

    I really love the process of smoking! An opportunity to relax and relieve stress.
  7. Xfire174

    Xfire174 Member

    I've been through something similar, smoking hashish and occasionally drinking too. At one point, I realized it was affecting my health badly, just like you're describing. I knew I had to make a change, especially when cigarette smoke started making me feel awful. That's when I decided to quit smoking hashish and cigarettes altogether. Transitioning to vaping helped me a lot. It was a smoother process for me, and I felt much better over time. I got my vape from Nexus Smoke because their products are high quality, and they have a great support center, the Nexus Smoke Help Center, that helped me figure out what I needed to start. Quitting wasn't easy, but switching to vaping made the process more manageable, and now I feel much healthier.
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