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Clueless about this drug

Discussion in 'Heroin' started by Rosyrain, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Rob93FL

    Rob93FL Senior Contributor

    Heroin really isn't that expensive. It is the cheaper option for most opiate addicts. You can only keep up an oxycodone (or any other prescription painkiller) habit up for so long before you have to switch to something cheaper and more effective.

    Also, do people really shoot heroin into their genitals to get aroused? I thought that was only because they couldn't find any veins. Opiates usually make it hard to get an erection, hence the term "dope dick."
  2. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    I have never heard of that before Rob, but I would not be surprised, people do anything to get high or aroused, they just care about the immediate effects and not the long term ones.
  3. HugsNotDrugs

    HugsNotDrugs Active Contributor

    These days, many people who are trying it were already addicted to painkillers and just looking for something cheaper than prescription drugs. Painkillers are over-prescribed, in my opinion, and it's indirectly leading to a rise in heroin use.

    Just like with taking a bunch of oxycontin, it won't hook you instantly in a physical way, but if you have psychological demons you are trying to escape you might become psychologically addicted the first time. I see women on "Intervention" type shows all the time who were raped repeatedly as children and said they were hooked the first time they tied heroin because they could black out everything that had happened to them. I could see how they would instantly say, "Dang, I gotta get me some more of that."
  4. karmaskeeper

    karmaskeeper Community Champion

    I'm so glad I was chicken when it came to trying drugs. I was offered so much in my teens. I didn't cave when it came to peep pressure. Which no one really pushed me to try anything they merely offered. I declined, and that was it.
  5. jbepp

    jbepp Active Contributor

    I've heard of many people who take it once and become scared of drug rather than addicted. They say it feels so good that you actually get withdraw symptoms and you body starts asking for more and more. I believe it usually takes 2 or 3 uses to actually become addicted.
  6. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    The issue for me is, when a drug make us feel like god, immortal or invincible, sure we want more, so better not try it...
  7. kjonesm1

    kjonesm1 Community Champion

    No, people don't just try a drug once and get 'addicted'. Your body takes time and a lot of use to become physically dependent. It starts with one use then usually builds from maybe once or twice a month, to once a week, to daily and then several times a day. It can happen faster, but most addicts don't even realize they are becoming dependent. One day they look around like what the **** happened to my life? My body? My soul?
  8. HugsNotDrugs

    HugsNotDrugs Active Contributor

    It's not true that one hit gets your hooked. They essentially give you medical-grade heroin when you have a serious operation at the hospital, and if one hit got you hooked that would mean that anyone who ever had a serious operation got hooked.

    It is true if you are addicted and you quit all the sudden that you will get sick. It is similar to how alcoholics go through withdrawals if they quit drinking all the sudden, except heroin withdrawals are actually no where near as serious as alcohol withdrawals because alcohol withdrawals can kill you. I've heard heroin withdrawals feel like a mild case of the flu.
  9. itsnotmeitsu

    itsnotmeitsu Member

    The 1995 film 'Trainspotting' captures it well I think. It's obviously got comedic elements but if you're looking for a snapshot of what it's like then give that a whirl.

    There's also Al Pacino's first film 'The Panic in Needle Park' in which a touching romance actually takes place against a backdrop of depravity - recommended :)
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  10. Rowe992

    Rowe992 Senior Contributor

    Well I have never seen heroine or cocaine in real life but I heard that it is very easy to cause an addiction. I read where it causes the user to experience a high when they first use it and so people continue to use it but it takes more of the drug to recreate the initial high and so there is an addiction in no time.
  11. vegito12

    vegito12 Community Champion

    It can be due to movies where they see the people smoking it or trying it out and not having any issues with it and think it is a great way to relax. The person, can have energy and also sexual one as well as the person will be aroused and feel urges like hunger also which causes a person to eat more than they need to and also can have bad consequences. The user thinks this is a good way, to solve problems and see their friends do this and also reckon it is the way to relax and be happy.
  12. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    I recall Trainspotting and it's a stunner, a really heavy movie that shows exactly the reality of addiction, including babies being killed due to their addict parents...
  13. Gale

    Gale Member

    I haven't tried this drug yet but I wouldn't want to find out if it is true for one to be hooked after using it once. I have learnt from those who have used it and gotten into great trouble and I wouldn't want to experience the consequences myself.
  14. Rosyrain

    Rosyrain Community Champion

    It is a very bad drug and I wish people would just stay away from it. From my understanding it is like the worst drug you can take. It can kill you instantly and is not worth the risk.
  15. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    It can happen with crack cocaine (the proper stuff anyway, not the common street stuff which has been mixed with all sorts). Trust me, I know - it happened to me - after the first time. I've never experienced that with any other drug ever though (including Heroin).
  16. scootpony

    scootpony Active Contributor

    Heroin is one drug I would have thought use of would have declined in my lifetime, but instead it seems people have started smoking it and snorting it and it's become more popular than it was when I was young. Back then all I ever heard was that you did it with a needle and I think that was enough to deter most people from even considering it.

    I knew lots of people who did lots of things, but heroin was never one of them. Too scary.
  17. rightct

    rightct Community Champion

    Like everyone else has already mentioned, it does give an initial pleasant mesmeric sensation, but is it really worth to alter all of your senses forever for a few minutes of 'joy'? I don't think so, and I strongly disadvise others to try it.
  18. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    I doesn't, no drug is worth that rightct, but people still tend to try them and then they become addicted. This society sometimes can lead us there that is why alternatives need to be created.
  19. Charli

    Charli Community Champion

    I've heard from people who are able to function with it just because they know how to regulate and moderate, but yeah it probably does mess up your brain if you abuse it just like many other substances. I agree that this one is probably a bit more dangerous than most though.
  20. Rosyrain

    Rosyrain Community Champion

    I knew someone at work who was on heroin and he tried to stay sober while at work so that he could function. The truth of the matter was that he was constantly in the restroom throwing up and we all thought he had a cronic flu. The withdrawl symptoms were very much like flu symptoms and it got to the point that he could no longer function at work at all and things were slipping.