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Cocaine and Epilepsy

Discussion in 'Cocaine' started by Sparkster, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    I have no idea if there is any evidence that cocaine can actually cause epilepsy, although obviously it can exacerbate it. However, my brother-in-law never suffered with epilepsy or any related illness until shortly after he started using cocaine. He was using normal powdered cocaine at first and although I knew he was up to something and could see him changing, things didn't seem too bad. However, he then also started smoking the stuff (i.e. crack). Soon after, he began to suffer with regular epileptic fits even though he had never had one before. Over ten years later and, as far as I know, clean from cocaine (but still using heroin), he still has epileptic fits to this days and has had many of then in front of me. It's ridiculous tothink that if he had nevee tried cocaine then he never would have had an epileptic fit and wouldn't suffer with epilepsy now.
  2. Jasmine2015

    Jasmine2015 Community Champion

    I don't have a way of knowing if the brother in law was already predisposed to having epilepsy and what his triggers are. I have heard for some people bright flashing lights can cause an episode. I believe an episode of Pokémon was famous for doing exactly just that with the kids in Japan years ago. Who is to say that the drug your brother in law was using wasn't mixed with some other substance when he obtained it?
  3. vegito12

    vegito12 Community Champion

    I think it can happen to some people and also the mind can make us have mood swings as this drug can be dangerous to many people and also in movies I have seen how it can be addictive and how a person has lost many around them or lives have been ruined in the process of taking this drug. Sometimes when people buy this drug from the streets if the dealer is not well known or new they may mix things in it and make it look like the real thing and make the person feel unwell which can mean hospital visits for some people. I reckon that we need to be aware of the drugs which are sold and also some people don't care what the drug can do and also they can face epilepsy which can make a person to have sufferings and also not know what is going on.
  4. Tsky45

    Tsky45 Community Champion

    There are studies that show drug addictions lower the grey matter in the brain. The fact that drugs like crack can have an effect on your brain, wouldn't surprise me. I think it is possible that these hard drugs your brother was taking could have caused this. Maybe he should detox and go to a rehab this may help. It may not cure the epilepsy but it could stop further damage.
  5. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    Maybe it is one of the side effects of drug abuse or it was triggered by the drug abuse. There could be various factors on that cause maybe he is also mixing it on other things or already have the condition. I do agree that he need to detox and totally stop using any drugs.
  6. bleblanc10

    bleblanc10 Senior Contributor

    I do not think there is a way to really know but it makes sense.
  7. kgord

    kgord Community Champion

    I think that drugs can do mysterious things in the body, and particularily those that are not in monitored doses like those presented by pharmacies. Cocaine who really knows what the effects of it are in the body? It could be almost anything. I would be wondering what it would do if looking for something to meet your needs.
  8. rz3300@

    rz3300@ Senior Contributor

    I would be surprised if there was a direct cause and effect between the two, but anytime you are putting a stimulant straight to the brain it probably can mess with some wires up there. Certainly you should avoid all drugs if you have issues with seizures, and I would guess that cocaine is high on that list of dangerous ones to use.
  9. RakeMind4

    RakeMind4 Active Contributor

    Cocaine is well known to be associated with seizures, although it is not understood very well on a chemical or biological level. It is thought that the use of cocaine increases the occurrence, and lowers the threshold for, seizures in people who are already predisposed to it. Particularly, like you mentioned, smoking cocaine is known to cause seizures at a greater rate and severity than snorting it. This makes sense, because, as a gas, the drug is absorbed into the bloodstream quicker than as a solid, and places a greater initial strain on the brain and nervous system. Here's an article and a medical study on the subject:
  10. IgCho

    IgCho Member

    Having been involved with a couple of neurological studies on the causes of epilepsy, it seems to me that while Cocaine was unlikely to have caused the disorder on its own, it is extremely capable of exacerbating a predisposition to epilepsy. A seizure is basically a massive uncontrolled chain firing of neurons in at least one portion of the brain. Cocaine is known to heavily increase neuronal firing in brain sections salted with dopamine agonists, so it seems quite believable to me that in someone with some predisposition to this condition you could expect Cocaine to potentially cause a seizure.