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"Cocaine Bug Syndrome"

Discussion in 'Cocaine' started by ExpertAdvice, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. ExpertAdvice

    ExpertAdvice Active Contributor

    Have you ever heard of "Cocaine Bug Syndrome"?

    Just the other day, I was doing some research, and I stumbled upon this very concept. It's "more scientific name" is delusional parasitosis.

    What this basically is is that persons who have been exposed to/have used either meth or cocaine, develop this condition where they constantly believe that parasites/bugs are literally infesting their entire skin (freaky, right?).

    So, they end up going to a number of doctors/other sources in search of "help" for this "invasion of the body snatchers" that they think is going on...but which really isn't.

    So my question to you is, do you know of this "cocaine bug syndrome"? Have you ever seen or known someone who experienced it? Or maybe experienced it yourself?

    Do you think it's that dangerous?

    Let me know!

  2. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    I've known people to have suffered with bad skin, rashes and itches as a result of using amphetamine (the same thing as meth but in different form). Some of them would pick and scratch at their rashes.I have also suffered similar symptoms myself. I have never, however, heard of anyone believing that it was a result of some kind of parasite or bug living under their skin except on one occasion and that turned out to be scabies so there really was parasites living under their skin and it wasn't a result of drug (mis)use.
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  3. kassie1234

    kassie1234 Community Champion

    I've heard of that too, but more so associated with meth use -- I guess it's the same sort of thing? There had been stories in the media about people literally picking and scratching holes in their skin because of that sensation of bugs being under them. I've never used those drugs personally to have first hand experience, however I think with a mind altering substance like that then of course there's likely to be symptoms that manifest themselves as physical feelings...for me that's another reason to stay far, far away from them.
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  4. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    I am not familiar with the Cocaine Bug Syndrome. But just reading the definition of it, I think it is dangerous. It is because someone might hurt himself thinking that there is a bug in the skin just to get rid of it.
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  5. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    You know what that is an allergic reaction to an ex boyfriend you wish you never met. This is why a doctor can't figure it out. There's no piss test for that. You see when they are near, you get sick to your stomach. You sleep too much because the idea of them makes you depressed. Your skin just starts freaking out and you feel like you've just rolled in poison ivy.
    If you think you have bugs eat lots of spicy foods. It kills them. Pomegranate juice. I wonder if it will repel the human parasite you gave your number to that needs to wake up to reality.
    What is a parasite anyway? A bug that sticks to you that doesn't belong there. They keep following you trying to attach themselves to you. They are creepy. No wonder the skin crawls. Sounds like a creepy stalker.
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  6. sonia11

    sonia11 Senior Contributor

    I've never heard of anyone having this, but it reminds me of a movie I saw a while ago. It's called The Lost Weekend, from 1945. It's not about cocaine, it's about a guy with alcoholism who ends up in a clinic for people with his problem. Some people are suffering from DTs, and there was a guy ( I think) who thought he had bugs crawling all over him. So I don't know if this problem is exclusive to cocaine users.
  7. recovered

    recovered Member

    I was addicted for a year or so and have never really felt they were under my skin; I did feel like little bugs were constantly biting me but when I checked my legs or my arms I never had any marks or bumps. I think the feeling of paranoia is quite real however peoples experiences are usually unique to some sense.
  8. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    Actually, this phenomena is not exclusive to cocaine use. There are several drugs, both prescription and illegal which can cause this side-effect. It's said to be a result of overstimulation to the central nervous system.
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  9. bsthebenster

    bsthebenster Community Champion

    I used to use stimulants and have had it happen. What an idiot I was. I don't think it's overly common though and you don't get it from casual use. It generally happens from being up a couple days or more on your stimulant of choice.
  10. LilAnn

    LilAnn Community Champion

    There's a very big difference between meth and coke. This is extremely common when someone uses meth. As well as "meth mouth", altered facial features, and a myriad of other symptoms. Coke doesn't cause any of those things, which is why it was/is popular with the wealthy crowd.
  11. vegito12

    vegito12 Community Champion

    I have heard of people who start to have skin problems or bumps in the arms or other areas and they did start to get stressed out from this occurring and had to go to the doctors a lot, and start a long treatment recovery plan to sort themselves out. It must be painful as the person tries to scratch their skin and it can be hard to cope as at times even the doctors don't know what is going on and find it hard to get the right treatment for the patients. I hope the ones who are suffering do get through this as it can be irritating to have skin issues and also, their families have to suffer when the person has problems.
  12. LilAnn

    LilAnn Community Champion

    Does it happen repeatedly? Or just once?
  13. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    This is usually something which either happens repeatedly or is ongoing should the user continue to use. It can come and go. I think there are numerous reasons for it: stimulation of nervous system, blood circulation, sweating, dehydration, etc. I guess the delusional part comes down to what the user believes is causing it.
  14. LilAnn

    LilAnn Community Champion

    I cannot relinquish my control like that. I pride myself on knowing what is and what isn't real. The idea of being delusional scares the hell out of me.
  15. Poindexter

    Poindexter Member

    There is indeed such a real and physical thing. The coca plant has few insect enemies because it is a natural insecticide. These are probably entomology bred at some govt. lab and released intentionally on known addicts for a variety of possible reasons. Tests on subjects reveal their existence including trapping a few specimens in liquid filled containers providing physical evidence. No known method of pest removal will kill or get rid of them, as they are extremely resilient. They demonstrate phenomenal, almost supernatural capabilities, such the speed they move at and the ability to jump several feet. Several subjects abstained for as much as a decade or more and when relapsed found they were merely dormant for that period. Apparently the parasite enters and exits the body at the base of hair shafts, attaches to an internal blood source and reacts when exposed to cocaine. The larger the dose, the more intensely they react. There is a proven and so far single method of destroying the victim's infestation. An MRI. Why this is effective is still not known. Tests on previously infested subjects post-MRI are completely negative. A few specimens can produce a massive infestation in a matter of weeks, contingent upon how frequently the subject used cocaine and the doses involved. There is no other symptom of their existence when in a dormant mode ie when cocaine is not being introduced.
    Methadrine use does not induce these parasites. More likely, those subjects are indeed experiencing a psychosomatic reaction.
    Subjects and demonstrations have determined that when the parasite is exposed to cocaine in large doses, the insect will attempt to get away from the poisen and disengage from their blood source, climb out of a hair shaft, vomit the cocaine, which subjects report as sudden cold spots on the body, then move at almost unbelievable speed up (always in an upward direction) the body to find new ground. Almost all will jump off the host or run out through the extremities for several minutes because reattaching to the host is not possible at this point due to the host still having cocaine in his blood stream. Once outside the body, they exhibit several interesting behaviors. They prefer darkness, seem to have heat sensing, possess extraordinary vision in the light and are attracted to movement. They will then either jump from a wall or ceiling, pictures, curtains etc, or travel at phenominal speeds across a surface to get to that movement ie a host. Lots of them get "lost" and run to places where they wait for movement. Trapped specimens in 90% isopropyl alcohol were not affected and seemed to create a protective bubble around themselves and were quickly drawn to a fingertip pressed against the container. Subjects report no itching and cannot feel them enter the body but also report trapping a specimen between a thumb and forefinger will produce a nasty bite- probably a defense mechanism. As a result of the lack other indications or symptoms, or other characteristics of known parasites, these insects will elude detection from medical resources and make the victim sound like a lunatic. Specimens have been found to be as large as flea and have a pink tinge due to their source of food. A great deal of disinformation has been spread to cover up the existence of the obviously clandestine and covert effort to create and distribute these man-made parasites. Mostly from web sites like this one where victims are led to believe they are imagining such things.
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  16. LilAnn

    LilAnn Community Champion

    I have never heard anything like this before. I'm intrigued. Where did you learn about this? I want to read more about it
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  17. Poindexter

    Poindexter Member

    Google wonder bug's tests for more. He has said that he conducted other unorthodox and creative tests that he hasn't posted for the existence of these things, but I don't think he has any real idea of what they are. He has said that upon request he would post them but he has not done so to my knowledge. We would like to see them. Also google japanese beetle 1962, who also seemed to echo our findings but several years ago.
  18. Poindexter

    Poindexter Member

    Japanese beetle 1962 contributed to the thread on a way with words -
  19. Poindexter

    Poindexter Member

    Wonder bug's tests are in the same thread.
  20. LilAnn

    LilAnn Community Champion

    Thank you! It sounds like some real shiesty business. Not too hard to believe, though.