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"Cocaine Bug Syndrome"

Discussion in 'Cocaine' started by ExpertAdvice, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. Coated carton

    Coated carton Member

    I too have them it's not a hallucination they are 100% real if an MRI is the only way of ridding myself of them i will ask my doctor to have a MRI . these parasites rush to the injection site stop the bleeding then swim throughout my arm it is bloody scary I will post res from MRI when it's done.
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  2. silent

    silent Member

    Exactly the same thing happened. I caught it on camera as a white bug running across my body at a super speed with a 16MP camera. Also, i caught it in my hand once and it bit me leaving a blister. Cocaine and cigarettes make it pissed off. Otherwise, i believe it is living inside of me harming my liver as ct scan said fatty liver. Is there any information on how to catch it? Ivermectin seemed to help. I could 3d model a device to trap it if i knew more. Vermox worked too but the thing came running at me again after i changed the garbage it ran up the wall and i had a problem again.
  3. Loso

    Loso Member

    I'll share my story this has happened to me on cocaine after staying up over 24 hours about 5 grams in I stared to feels bugs all over me and I swear I could see them but could never catch one I would also see real long and skinny worms all over me and I would catch them and try to pull on them until they break. I even sprayed my self with bug spray to try and kill them . It was a scary ordeal but it felt real I have never took my body to that point no more if you ask me its dangerous but yes if you use enough cocaine and stay up couple days It can happen depending on the person.
  4. brian1955

    brian1955 Member

    a girl i know thinks she has bugs in her hair after smoking crack, every time she smokes she pulls and twists her hair looking for bugs that are not there
  5. Azile

    Azile Member

    Oh my gosh I am reading exactly what I am currently experiencing and over a two month period of horror, I haven’t told anyone...ashamed? disbelieving? As an addict, I know the reception such a tale would receive and as a psych grad student, I tried to will away the horror, assuming (hoping more like at this point) it was long-term stimulant induced psychosis/delusional parasitosis. What do I do? MRI? I fear that Explaining the current situation, and my desperate intention to stop using and reestablish some kind of recovery, will still land me in the psych ward and I can’t afford that. Also after three days of abstaining the presence of said infestation and follicle super production was less, but that almost freaked me out more - the dormancy. I’m feeling hopeless, helpless and just as an aside, every other aspect of my life and behavior is lucid and rational. I’ve exhausted the search for the onset of every potential disorder. Thank you for even starting this dialogue.
  6. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener

    @Azile hello there. welcome. thanks for reaching out. i am not that familiar with this topic, but wanted to reach out. i happen to think honesty is a really good policy. it's hard being honest sometimes, but it can bring about the change you desire. maybe you WON'T end up in the psych unit :) i hope you will reestablish recovery efforts...

    i'm sorry you are feeling so helpless... is there anyone you can talk to? doctor?

    on a side note, i'm a psych grad student and worked in mental health for years... i also had an emotional breakdown in my mid 30's.... studying and getting a degree, and even helping people doesn't mean we won't go through our own "stuff".... and doesn't mean we will always handle life in a certain way. give yourself permission to feel what you need to feel and reach out for help when you need to... i did and it helped me so much....

    hope this helps
  7. Just to let you all know.. I read somewhere recently that about 80% of cocaine tested coming across the borders has a CATTLE DEWORMER in it. Look it up yourselves. It is supposedly a cheap way for them to cut it.
  8. Also, there are more nematodes on this earth than any other species, I believe combined. In soil, in animals (including people), and everywhere. It is said that if you were to snap your fingers and everything on earth EXCEPT nematodes disappeared, you would still be able to make out where the people, hills, mountains, animals, cities, and everything was, because the nematodes would still be there in their place. Look that paraphrased quote up too if you'd like.. i believe it was a well-respected biologist or parasitologist that said it.

    So, yes, there probably are bugs that leave your body when you shoot up cattle dewormer.. doesn't surprise me in the least.
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  9. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    I shot dope for over 15 years and never had this issue,although after week's awake i did have someone in my house i couldn't find and they wouldn't shut up.I believe it was simply just paranoia and lack of sleep,i had a girlfriend who would dig bugs all over her body while we were high,same dope i was using but never had the bug issue myself
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  10. bubblygum

    bubblygum Member

    hi there. i can confirm this to be true as a party person on a weekend i have noticed this sensation only a few times over a few years. its not always and i think u have to have a large amount of cocaine a few days of it in a row. i wouldn't say it scared me as i've always done my research to know whats normal or abnormal so i'm always prepared. i read about this when i first ever started using the party drug and thought it was nonsense as it never happened but couple of years later i had my first experience of bug syndrome. it just feels like a fly landed on you and walks across your skin on your arms face or legs. but when you know about this syndrome u know its not real but i'm sure other users who wouldn't know of this would be pretty distressful feeling something that not there. you can see why someone would get the illusion its something under the skin. i don't ever scratch or try to pick a hole loooool. u cant help the automatic reaction of just wiping the area with your hand as if to move something off but then immediately after you know why u did it. hope this helps.
  11. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

  12. Boom

    Boom Member

    What if someone regularly takes coke or meth and finds ‘bugs’ that they attend doctors with and doctors nor family or friends believe them and think their crazy but this person has all the real symptoms of scabies or mites but due to drug use they are just treated for addiction and being crazy when they really could have ‘bugs’ what’s the answer to that???
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  13. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    Honestly on this one it would have alto to do with your definition of "Regular use"More info is needed.How much meth or coke per day?How many day's in a row do you stay awake on average? How long have you been using?May be able to give some insight,but that information is key to understanding what's happening. Stay Strong and God Bless
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  14. CareBear414

    CareBear414 Member

    I have these parasites, however, mine are either staying attached to the strand of hair once it shoots of that hair follicle, and they will travel with the hair, or the parasite resembles a worm of sorts and your description is inaccurate. They are extremely fast, there bite sucks! I had a millions red bites all over me a few times. Once time I did a really large dose, and the parasite, which looks like hair, when held between thumb and pointer, would thrash heavily! These things suck! Thankfully as long as you don't use cocaine you don't have this issue. Still can't wait for Dr to have a reason to put me in an MRI, that radiation will fry those dormant parasites!
  15. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener

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  16. Danielle

    Danielle Member

    My older sister does this. . She really be thinking something is on her. People please stay off the drugs
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  17. Shadey360

    Shadey360 Member

    I would just like to share my experiences. Im currently going through my second time now and i feel a ton of relief, in a weird way, to have found this thread. But i don't wish this apon anyone! It is real and to anyone who thinks it's not just because you have not experienced it, or haven't seen anyone experience it, or just think it is too far fetched, taken your mind off the narrow, one way street. Albert Einstein would be considered the crazy and delusional one in a room full of uneducated people. Im not a cocaine user, Im a meth user, and I have never injected. Not one time. Every one, it seems, is describing what I've been through and am going through now to a T. It happened to me around the same time last year, when the weather was around 90 degrees or better. I don't know if that's a coincidence or not, but I don't think it is. I think someone said something about them being heat seeking or sensing. For me, they do get worse in the heat. And i sweat real easy clean and sober so you could imagine on a stimulant. I have a high tolerance for any kind of drug so I can handle meth pretty well. Im not saying I haven't had my moments but I can usually tell when it's the drug messing with my head. The first time it happened ive never heard of what we are speaking on and there was only one portion of the week or so episode that parisites even went through my mind, because of an instance in the shower. For me, they do not like water. I was thinking a snake was in my car in my seat because I could feel the parasites moving on my butt, but it felt like a snake or mice or something moving around on the inside of my car seat, my bed, whatever I sat on, and no one else could feel it and thought i was crazy and it was just the drug messing with my head. I wasn't saying the drug wasn't causing it, but I knew it wasn't just illusions. I was grasping at straws to try to prove myself and it made me look crazier. Went to the Dr. one time because my feet hurt so bad, it felt like i kept getting bit or stung by something, and was swollen and red, trying to prove to my brother there was a parasite or something in the house but when they seen what was in my system they automatically referred rehab and sent me on my way. I mentioned parasites before they found out i was using and they looked at me crazy and asked if I've been to a third world country lately. About the snakes, I kept, and still do, a constant hissing noise in my ears. Well, not exactly a constant, but, this time recognizing, when I turn my head a certain way noises like the vents blowing from the ac in the car and house, frequencies from the radio in the car (mainly tweeters and 3.5's even when turned almost all the way down) would cause the hissing sound. I now believe it's from them going into my ears. They enter any and every part of my body: toes and fingers I noticed first, feet, hands, eyes, nose, ears, elbows, knees, buttocks, both extremities, yes, BOTH, and I thought it was weird the first time but realized it the second time especially after reading this thread and another thread, the weird looking hairs, the black ones. I finally seen the thread looking ones about a week ago and got it on video, and, to me, it clearly does not look like the ceiling fan or vent blowing on a sock thread. The mice got stuck in my head at first because I had just bought a used car and from the test drive i felt a presence, like someone was looking at me or something. I believe in spirits and such. But about the first 5 times i opened the trunk was black, dry rotted rubber foam in the same exact spot and the car, after i bought it, had a weird distinct smell, i started to believe urine of some sort then i thought i seen a mouse dropping. Almost a year later after every one said i was crazy and i started to wonder if it was my nerves, i found a nest with a hard shell snail and decent size droppings in my cabin air filter. I will claim one dead to me before i let them try to convince me or tell me other wise. At first, i thought while reading, how can somebody see the ones jumping off the walls but it jarred my memory a time my girlfriend and i got back in my car, because i wouldn't ride in it for a while, i sat in it and when she turned the air on I remember seeing long, straight noodle like (not quiet as long as a noodle but it just reminded me of one for some reason) shooting from the vents it seemed and hitting/penetrating my legs and feet. And just now on the way to the store and back (I'm writing different times of the day) they were tagging me again. Eveng through my shoes.Everything had actually stopped last night as i was reading this thread. But i see they can come and go as they please. Each time they have started up i had been eating a dose or two every day and smoking the rest of them. Eating it i think would be the closest to injecting as far as the intensity of the drug, but nothing with the poke of the skin and the blood. But most of it gets in your blood stream by eating it. The drug now a days it's nothing like it used to be, as what made me like it, early 90's-2008. Something about it is far different. And before this thread i was convinced it was pinworms, until reading this thread and another. I have taken to doses of Reeses pinworm medicine about 3 or 4 days apart and then started Para End 3 days ago. Beginning of my 3rd day of the Para End is when it calmed down. Not saying it's working but i will keep taking it to see. And I'm only smoking my doses now, as to last time i completely stopped. I still feel the presence of something in my car and wondering if that's where i could have possibly picked these things up that are ruining my fun time i usually have dosing. I must say it is not worth it but it's easier said than done for some people, myself one of them. I failed to mention its come close to ruining my relationship with my girl, which for most is a given without the bugs, but we were good until she didn't believe anything i said. She had finally seen and knows I'm not making it up for the fun of it, and reading this thread to her as she had heard me describe most of everyone else's experiences. And this is why my post is so long and i apologize if it upsets anyone. But if i could ease someone else's mind it's worth it. Im still having a hard time wrapping my head around everything so i could imagine what it sounds like to someone who hasn't experienced this. Again, thanks.
  18. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener

    @Shadey360 hello and welcome. thanks for sharing here. i am not familiar with this topic... I do hope that you will want to give up meth.... and that you will be free from having to experience these things.
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  19. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and insight, @Shadey360. And I'm with @Dominica in hoping you'll eventually get off of meth. The longer you use it, the more damage it's going to cause you. Your body deserves better, my friend.
  20. Shadey360

    Shadey360 Member

    Thanks Dominica
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