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Codeine addiction

Discussion in 'Prescription Drugs' started by Chilledoutfela, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. I really had no idea from where to start so thought to create a new thread...
    I have been abusing codeine since 4 years. There was a time when i used to work and live alone in a different city...away from family.
    When i lived alone i used to take 8-9 bottles of cough syrup containing codeine in a day...just because of the same i lost my job...i used to sweat a lot...constipation...i will see my left part of body turning numb for day i decided to quit all these things and live a healthy life...i decided to move back to my mom n dad and take a control on my life...
    I have reduced my codeine intake from 8-9bottles to 2-4bottles in a day.... i need help in knowing few things... how will be the withdrawal symptoms for someone taking codeine for 4 years.
    I dont think i m addicted to it though... i mean yesterday only i could not get a chance to have one as i was busy with some work...(i thought thats fine i ll take codeine later once free from work)i trully need to end this abuse...
  2. I need to know if there are few home remedies to end craving for codeine....
  3. deanokat

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  4. Hello thanks a lot for that useful info...i have bookmarked the site. will go through it in some time.
    Well as mentioned (as i read few article) ppl dont know why they get my case i know why i started using codeine.
    Long time back i was supposed to marry my 9 years old girlfriend ..which almost happened ..v got engaged but later had to quit that relation because of my mom n her parents use to always make my mom n dad look down.
    I was so badly attached to her just to avoid the pain of losing her and to show my momn dad that i dont have any problem doing that. i cudnt tell mom n dad how much i loved her . i even could not show my mom n dad how broken i was..i had to be there support..i had no one to share my thoughts to speak let out everything...shout n cry...thus i started taking it helped me forget the pain of losing her...i wrote this thing to inform you y i started taking codeine...n now i feel its high time.....let the past burry the dead...
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  5. thomasortiz

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    Didn't know about cough syrup contains codeine until I read this post... Chilledoutfela maybe you want to consider treatment?
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