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Colonostomy while on subutex

Discussion in 'Prescription Drugs' started by Scaredandalone, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. I am desperately trying to get info from someone that has had a colonostomy while on subutex. Will they be able to put me to sleep and what about pain control. I ask my prescribing physician and he just says no big deal just don't take your subutex for 3 days before your test and they will be able to treat u like anyone else. Well there is a problem with that I will be in full blown withdrawals by the time I go for my test. That scares me to the point I'm probably going to cancel. I need this test because there is something very wrong with my stomach. I'm thinking possibly the subutex has done something to my stomach but doc says no it shouldn't cause any problems with stomach. The doc I'm referring to is my phsiciatrist that prescribes me the subutex. Please anyone that has had this procedure or any procedure where u are put to sleep done please share!!! I'm so scared and can't find anyone that understands. Thanks
  2. deanokat

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    @Scaredandalone... I suggest you talk to the doctor/facility that will be doing the procedure. I think they might be able to better answer your questions. Good luck.