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Coming off of opiates and the withdrawl is killing me. What do I do?

Discussion in 'Opiate Withdrawal Treatment' started by qvogiteman, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. qvogiteman

    qvogiteman Member

    I know that there is not much to do but wait for it to end but I am in "acute gastro distress" right now and I need that to stop so that I can function like eat, go to school, maybe sleep a little. Any suggestions? I've tried Levsin, peptobismol, and flexeril. What helped me last time was taking Valium but my mom dumped it down the sink saying it was a drug too even as I was telling her that's what most people use to help come off the opiates.
  2. Totalarmordestine

    Totalarmordestine Senior Contributor

    Flexeril is just a muscle relaxant - it doesn't do much for anxiety, but it may do a little. It can actually make some people more anxious.

    Immodium is commonly used for the diarrhea. That kind of sucks your Valium got dumped. That is something commonly used in opiate withdrawals to help with the anxiety/ feeling of wanting to jump out of your skin.

    For the nausea, the thing I use is pepto bismol.

    You could go to your doctor and ask for something called Suboxone or Subutex. It is an opioid partial agonist, made specifically for people getting off of opiates. It will take away nearly all of your withdrawal symptoms. It is a "partial" agonist because although it binds to the opioid receptors, it won't really get you high like Vicodin will. It too, however, can be addicting, but the withdrawals associated with Suboxone are no where near as terrible as those from coming off of things like Vicodin. You do need a prescription for Suboxone. I used Suboxone for about a month and the withdrawals from it only lasted about a week and were only very mild (some sweating, a little diarrhea).

    That is my best recommendation (the Suboxone from your doctor or something like Valium), but if that's not possible for you, I would do the following:

    Get some Immodium (it's over the counter from any drug store, the generic is loperamide)

    Use the Pepto Bismol for any nausea you may be having.

    Sleep as much as possible. There is a lot of tiredness associated with coming off Vicodin, and sleep will definitely help.

    Benadryl (generic = diphenhydramine) is also over the counter and can help with the anxiety and also put you to sleep more.

    These are the best things you can do without seeing a doctor. However, like I said, if your addiction was very bad, I would highly recommend seeing a doctor.

    It will probably take you a couple of weeks to feel like your old self again, maybe up to 3 or 4 weeks if you were severely addicted. I would say the first week will be pretty hellish, but after that it will gradually get better.

    You can do it! I have been here before and I know what you're going through right now. Everything about it is awful, both being addicted, and coming off the stuff. But once you get past everything, you will be glad you did it.
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  3. tarverten

    tarverten Senior Contributor

    I would be very cautious about using Suboxone. Contrary to what others say, withdrawal from Buprenorphine can and in most cases is much worse than Hydrocodone.

    There is a method known as the Thomas Recipe which has worked very well with people. The only issue you will run into is that is does call for the use of Benzodiazepines but it can be used without them.
    However, if your withdrawal symptoms become severe then I would pay a visit to your physician.
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  4. blastguardgear

    blastguardgear Senior Contributor

    Don't ever take the sleeping pills route!!

    1. They will damage your liver big time and you can get into serious health problems.

    2. You will get hooked up on them and you won't be able to have a normal life any more if you don't take your pills everyday.

    The sleeping pills industry is damaging our health by capitalizing on our ignorance, and by distracting people from effective and natural ways to deal with this problem. I had been taking prescription sleep medications [Ambien] for over 5 years. It stopped working and I simply took more. Still did not work. Nights were very difficult - medication put me to sleep but I would wake up after 2–3 hours with a strong sympathetic response (fast pulse, pounding heartbeat, wide awake alert). It was a very difficult cycle to break. I was really in bad shape due to lack of sleep.

    After years of struggling I was able to cure my insomnia naturally and pretty fast. I followed the Sleep Tracks sleep optimization program, here is their official web -site if you want to take a look
  5. shadowsupernature

    shadowsupernature Senior Contributor

    Thats going to hurt you in the long run my need to stop now before its too late...the person above is probably right about what to take for relief but what is going to happen when u take it again...the same thing my friend, jus remember that...until you build up a tolerance??? Then whats it going to be??? Keep feeling misserable, who cares, right....only you!
  6. thepieeatingjay

    thepieeatingjay Senior Contributor

    drink lots of water. Don't let your blood sugar drop to low. Force yourself to eat something every day. Rest, rest and more rest (cause lets face it you can't do much else) You can get Methadone or subuxone prescribed but I suggest you don't, though subuxone is better than Methadone. I suggest calling up AA or NA remember the pain you're in now and know that you never have to do it again.
  7. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    Eat better foods so it goes through you easier. Fruit and vegetables. A ton of fruit will put some fiber in there and fix you up. Sounds scary but it works. Lol. Drink a ton of water. Maybe a gallon or so a day.
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  8. YES! Instead of adding other prescriptions or medications, this is a great route to take. And remember, you aren't the only one who's been down this road. You've got support here! You can do this! I remember that pain and struggle all too well. But it's SO worth it.
  9. amin021023

    amin021023 Community Champion

    as others pointed out, you need to be careful about those pills, have you visited a professional?
    I don't think a little help from sleeping pills would hurt, especially when you're in pain and can't sleep...
  10. JohnBeaulieu

    JohnBeaulieu Community Champion

    You need to discuss your options with a professional. Have your doctor explain to your Mom what your plan is and why you need certain medications maybe.
  11. JayLyn

    JayLyn Active Contributor

    Depending on how severe your withdrawal is (and I guess that depends on how much you used and how long) I would recommend seeing your doctor or a drug and alcohol counselor to get into a detox. The first time I tried to get off of opiates by myself was a disaster. I was taking methadone illegally, and was afraid to tell anyone because I didn't want to get the person who was giving it to me in trouble. Little did I know just how hard that stuff is to get off of. Anyway, after about eight or nine days withdrawing on my own, trying T'3s and alcohol to relieve the pain of the withdrawal, I finally broke down and told my boyfriend at the time. I'll never forget it. I had just about burned down my apartment from falling into an alcohol induced sleep with a lit cigarette, when I woke up I was too sick to do much about the mattress that was smoldering except (and this is going to sound gross) to pee on it. It wasn't the first time I had peed on the mattress, I wasn't moving around too well by this time.
    My boyfriend took me to his parents house for a birthday dinner (did I mention that it was my birthday?) and I agreed because I felt that I had to, after all no-one knew what was going on. But before I did, I told my boyfriend the truth about what was wrong with me. He still took me to his parents but told them some lie about me being sick with flu and they let me lay down. The next day he took me to a drug and alcohol counselor who immediately got me into the hospital. I was in the hospital for 10 days before they said that I was A-OK and released me.
    Before I went into the hospital, the withdrawal was the most painful God awful experience I have ever had. I would not recommend anyone try to withdraw from opiates on their own, I tried and couldn't do it. As for taking other medications for withdrawal, I'm personally not for it unless it is supervised by a doctor since all you are doing is trading one for another. I know that after I withdrew from the methadone I still had the psychological withdrawal to go through and I didn't have follow up treatment so I started to abuse things like benadryl DM cough syrup, gravol, anything I could get to take away the terrible feelings of depression I was going through. I would not recommend that either. After you do withdraw, please try and get some help through meetings, a close friend, or one on one counseling. You didn't start taking drugs cause your life was so perfect so finding out what started you is one step you need to consider taking, another thing is now your brain is used to having that chemical supplied and will have stopped producing sit on its own, you will need help to manage until your brain chemistry catches up again. Good luck to you. I hope it all turns out well. Believe me, I am much happier in my recovered state than I ever was when I was using.
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  12. jeremy2

    jeremy2 Community Champion

    Your mum is probably concerned about you and that's why he dumped those drugs. If Valium is the only drug you can use to cure your disorder, then i suggest you both see a doctor who'll explain clearly to your mum why that drug is important and why you have to continue using it.
  13. lilfaerie28

    lilfaerie28 Active Contributor

    Kratom was the best thing that I could find to help with ALL of the withdrawal symptoms. They sell them in smoke shops and convenience stores. The Circle K near me even sells it now. It is herbal and you can find more information about it here. I took it in capsule form, but you can make tea with the powder or mix it with juice. I read a lot of things on the internet that weren't true. It never made me high, it never gave me any side effects. It just helped with my withdrawal symptoms.
  14. YiyinCeCee

    YiyinCeCee Member

    I'm personally fighting oxycodone addiction and it's literally killing me. I seriously don't know what to do. I've tried suboxone and subtext never have had methadone but it's never worked for me I have no idea what to do anymore this is the first time I've ever posted something like this and I'm not even sure this is where I should be posting this. But I really need help. I'm up to 100-120 milligrams a day easy. I can't do it anymore mentally physically I'm done. I really don't know what to do.
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  15. pstrong1969

    pstrong1969 Community Champion

    I speak from experience. Ive been addicted to opiates for about 20 years. Through the years Ive had periods of clean time but always go back to them. Been on Heroin off and on for about ten years. The first thing you need to do is seek rehab to be physically detoxed from the substance. You will feel like **** for about 7 days but then you will start feeling better. After detoxing you should attend NA meetings, also i would suggest going to outpatient treatment where you can learn more about your addiction. It takes about 6 months to heal the brain from the effects of opiates. By then you will feel so much better you wont want to use them again. Unless your like me that finds myself in situations where i have to escape pain. Emotional pain or physical, it doesnt matter. This is where you have to be careful. We forget the misery using drugs really causes us. I hope this helps you out. Believe me i feel your pain from one addict to another.
  16. loser

    loser Community Champion

    It is not killing you. It only feels that way.

    Tough it out. Trust me... as hard as it is, the withdrawal symptoms will pass. You have to be strong.

    Talk to your body. Tell it that it does not need to experience this pain anymore.

    Try drinking hot water. It may help with your stomach. Also, gently massage your stomach and intestines. It helps with the cramps.
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  17. Joshstillclean

    Joshstillclean Stupidity Exists - Fact.

    Man Im so happy that your giving advice now.
    I know I wasn't much better off than you when we met but Look At how much better both of us are now.
    It brings a smile to my face ever time I run across one of your posts now because I,know its going to be filled with hope.
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  18. Anthony2516

    Anthony2516 Member