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Companion drugs

Discussion in 'Tobacco / Nicotine' started by remnant, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. remnant

    remnant Community Champion

    There are some drugs that appear to complement each other. You find that a primary addiction to one drug will provoke a secondary addiction to another drug. Take cigarettes. Most tobacco smokers started abusing the drugs when drinking alcohol. A glass or bottle of beer on one hand and a cigarette on the other makes for the perfect experience that leads to addiction. I believe other examples abound.
  2. JoshPosh

    JoshPosh Community Champion

    I was reading the OP and I did remember a friend long ago that has since passed. He was a alcoholic, smoked weed and a bunch of other drugs. But he swore that the best combination he did was smoke a marijuana joint that was laced with cocaine. By his admission it left him in a buzzed state where he was neither up or down. He just was buzzed and stated in a euphoric state where he was totally coherent. After that he couldn't do one without the other.
  3. Jose

    Jose Active Contributor

    I think alcohol and cigarettes go together just for a cultural thing, its seen as normal, on the other hand, marijuana and cocaine must have a legitimate physical effect, just like a speedball brings you up and down. I think drinking alcohol triggers the craving for cigarettes just because for a smoker everything can trigger the crave for cigarettes, you have programed yourself to smoke in certain situation.
  4. ejorman1010

    ejorman1010 Senior Contributor

    It is very common to see people outside of bars smoking. I think it's the mindset of "I'm already drinking, mind as well light up the cigarette." You are absolutely right that they go hand in hand with each other.
  5. Joethefirst

    Joethefirst Community Champion

    I think it's the association that you make. If you always have the same two things together, if you only have the one it doesn't seem to taste as good. It's like having bacon and eggs.
  6. pwarbi

    pwarbi Community Champion

    With me, I found that alcohol and cigarettes went hand in hand, and I could not have it want a cigarette all day but as soon as I had a beer I automatically wanted a cigarette aswell.

    I think most people who drink will feel the same, especially if they're a smoker aswell, and the more you drink, the more you want to smoke.
  7. Tsky45

    Tsky45 Community Champion

    I think that most people do both to get a buzz. Smoking and drinking at the same time seems to add on to the effect of the drink. Even tho it's really just the alcohol doing most of it. I think it's a really unhealthy mixture. I use to do this all the time and end up with hang overs in the morning.
  8. kaiserflame

    kaiserflame Member

    Mine was coffee and tobacco. I really enjoyed the warm drink and the warm air as well as the bitter tastes complimenting each other. They had a similar kick so it lead to my smoking addiction.
  9. danjon

    danjon Senior Contributor

    Alcohol and food. Yes, I know food isn't a drug, but there are distinct and compounding health problems when you get into the trap of alcoholism and obesity. Can make getting over one or the other a lot harder than it needs to be.
  10. Joethefirst

    Joethefirst Community Champion

    I never did make the association between the two. I know that there are a lot of people that do but I never craved a cigarette after having a coffee.
  11. sclupto

    sclupto Member

    I don't think it's limited to complimenting drugs, not when there are so many feelings that are so strong on their own. Every time I get the headrush of accomplishment, I have an awesome day at work or I get a date or win a race, anything to make me say "YEAH!" I just want to drink and smoke until I feel ten feet tall. The hardest part is reminding myself that it is not ok when I am in a positive place, I just want to look like James Dean with that cigarette on my lips, but, really, it's the worst time for me. When I get cocky I can start fights.
  12. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    ...Or wine and chocolate ;) But seriously, not necessarily. I have noticed that people who start using drugs often use softer drugs, then start trying stronger things. But that doesn't always happen this way, sometimes a weed user keeps smoking only weed for years.
  13. kaiserflame

    kaiserflame Member

    It was really good on a cold morning. It's something my family has always enjoyed so I tried and just kept going. It's not the most common of associations outside my family.