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Could this be considered addiction?

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by Zelle139, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. Zelle139

    Zelle139 Member

    I've been smoking weed for about 8 years now, and pretty much daily for 5 years. I smoke 3-5 bowls a day from a very small one hitter, almost always for the reason of getting the munchies. See, my whole life, I struggled with being underweight, and since a small amount of weed gives me effective munchies, I'm able to eat a lot more and keep myself at a healthy weight. If I don't have weed around, I can eat, but not nearly as much as when I've smoked a little. My girlfriend says I'm addicted because I need it to eat. I say it's no different from an appetite supplement since I'm not really smoking enough to get me high. I function just fine after and no one can tell I'm high unless they know me really well, and even then, a lot of them don't notice most of the time. I'm just looking for opinions mostly, like my girlfriend and I aren't fighting over it, in fact she loves watching me eat a lot lol I'd just like to know what other users think~
  2. Momma9

    Momma9 Community Champion

    If you can't easily stop smoking right this minute and never smoke again, you are likely addicted. It sounds to me like you are, but only you can know the truth. Just the fact that you are posting here shows that you are considering you may be addicted.

    As a former daily smoker married to a daily smoker for quite a few years, I will say that when you are in the fog of marijuana use you *think* you are doing just fine. You may *think* no one knows you are high. In reality, I suspect others know. I see people high and smell weed all the time! When you stop and come out of the mind fog after a few months, you realize how smoking pot was affecting your life. And usually not in a good way!

    I also have problems with being underweight. It turned out I have an underactive thyroid. I cleaned up my diet and lifestyle and added weight training and a really good liquid vitamim/mineral supplement and it helped a lot. I am also getting older so I am sure that helps too! I am now feeling better than I have in my life and am totally free of all addictions. Except for coffee!
  3. Zelle139

    Zelle139 Member

    I've stopped smoking in the past with no problems if I needed to take a drug test or had to fly out of town where weed wouldn't be readily available. I never had trouble doing it if it was necessary, the only downside is I can't eat as much, nor do I enjoy most food as much. If I'm addicted to something, it's the feeling of munchies after because I don't look for the feeling of being high for the most part, it's just a plus haha

    Okay, this is gonna sound like it's coming from a serious addict or something but I've asked a lot of people around me if they could tell, and almost every time, they didn't notice a difference. That's where I'm basing this part off of. Also, I'm pretty sure my workplace would have done something by now since I've been around enough of my superiors while high for them to have said something...

    Aaaaand I've had my thyroid checked several times and there's nothing wrong with it. I was actually prescribed appetite supplements at one point in my life because I was 90lbs and 5'4. Congrats on being addiction free! Except for caffeine haha Weed is my only drug though, I don't drink coffee at all and hardly any soda ^^
  4. SashaS

    SashaS Community Champion

    I'm not a professional with regards to this or anything and this is all coming from your average person, but if you think its not affecting your life negatively and you can still function fine with and without it, then I guess its not a problem. I would consider the amount of money that I spend on the cannabis and consider how that affects my lifestyle and how much money I would be saving by not smoking that much every day.

    If it helps with your diet then I guess that's an upside but perhaps consider other ways of eating more. I find it hard to eat sometimes and I avoid it by just eating food I like, which happens to be fattening foods like burgers and fries. The problem is that with my metabolism, it disappears and I never gain a gram of fat, which makes me underweight and I need to eat 2 hours later. (Un?)fortunately I don't have easy access to weed and it is illegal where I live, nor do I plan on using it because willpower alone gets me eating.

    I know I've literally just typed a bunch of useless words, but if there's anything useful I can tell you, that is to consider your life without weed. Where would you be? How much more money would you have if money is a concern? How much more time would you have to do other things?
  5. Jose

    Jose Active Contributor

    Do you really feel marijuana is the best solution for gaining weight? Didn't the appetite supplements you were prescribed worked better?