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Cure for "Meth Face"?

Discussion in 'Methamphetamine / Meth' started by sonia11, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. Amybear

    Amybear Member

    As I sit and read through this thread, I am fighting both anger and frustration at the lack of knowledge about not only the drug itself but also the assumptions made about it's users.
    Meth, in and of itself, (unless referring to the anhydrous/red phosforus sp? Meth of olden days) doesn't NOT cause sores. Nor is it usually caused by it's users having poor hygiene. The majority of the time meth users are OVERLY concerned with their hygiene because the drug itself will make you obsess over something unnecessarily.
    The acne itself may be caused by the over production of sweat or oils in your skin from the drug, yes, but not the sores or the "poor hygiene" you are all stating.
    The sores are caused from seeing a pimple/pimples and popping them and becoming fixated on it and picking. Which breaks the skin and causing swelling, making you think it still needs popped and by the end of it all you have made a small pimple or blackhead into a red, raw sore. People who have never touched the drug and have a psychological disorder causing picking suffer from the same outcome.
    I have been a meth user for 18 years. I've known meth users just as long of course. Any of them that were unclean, were that way long before the drug. I also suffer from a problem with picking stemming back to my teen years loooong before I ever even knew the drug existed. I have never had poor hygiene. In fact most people would be extremely shocked to learn I suffer and struggle with this addiction. I have however stepped back from the mirror after an obsessive picking session, both on and off the drug, to realize I had greatly damaged and broken my skin. It's heartbreaking and embarrassing.
    People having these assumptions that we as users are "dirty" or don't care for our appearance and about the use of the drug in general are what makes it hard to ask for or get help. Even when talking about the breakdown of teeth ppl think the drug itself or being nasty and not brushing causes it. Wrong. Dry mouth, grinding of the teeth or dehydration and poor diet are what causes tooth damage.
    The simple fact that 90% of the poster in this thread start out by saying they have never used this drug but are here stating their misguided opinions as facts is infuriating. Before you post assumptions, false or skewed information, or your ignorant(meaning uninformed not stupid) opinions, try to take a moment and research the facts, or (God forbid) actually take the time to sit down with a using/recovering addict and ask questions. Get to know them. You will see just how wrong you are and how detrimental these opinions and assumptions can be not only to a person's self esteem, ability to ask for help, and in the long run, to ones recovery.
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  2. DoxyMom

    DoxyMom Community Champion

    @Amybear it is the stigma of the addict that many will never take the time to get educated on what it means of how people are affected. I ran my business for 10 years in an active opiate addiction and no one knew and I was terrified to seek help because of this.
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  3. Brock Olay

    Brock Olay Member

    @Amybear thank you for this excellent post. I was feeling the exact same way after reading these posts. I hope more people take the time to educate themselves and break away from the stereotype etc. I’ve known beautiful real estate agents, business owners down to the streets and every type in between who have become addicted to meth. Some incredible people and some not. They all have reasons even medical conditions that have driven them to this drug. I
    My heart goes out to those who have turned to meth due to depression or other reasons and to those who long to quit.
  4. CelesteLedi

    CelesteLedi Member

    You havent lost your morals. You were driven by addiction. My best friend was a crack addict, my brother and cousin on gear. Their actions during this time were never who they were to me. Be with people who see you
  5. I would like to ask how long does meth stay in your system? I read some article about meth use addiction could possible affect you physical and mental health like you would be depressed, liver damaged, meth sores, face sores, etc. And some of what I read are useful information to help those people that in need.