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Dance it Away!

Discussion in 'Sobriety Tips and Inspiration' started by pandabear1991, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. bluedressed

    bluedressed Community Champion

    Aaaah I jog at night but since I'm out of shape, sometimes I just cannot go on -- and since I jog with music and everything is dark, I just take dancing breaks! It's more uplifting than just feeling like I'm not good enough to keep on, and it keeps me moving till I start running again!

    As to my godmother, she was in a center or some sort of intitute for a while after she tried to kill herself the first time, but right in the night after she got released, she disappeared. I'm not sure what could have been done. Looks like we had the awareness, specialists tried to get to her, etc,etc, and still. *sigh*
  2. stariie

    stariie Community Champion

    Jogging 7 days a week is admirable, and for 2 miles? That's phenomenal in my book. If I got myself to do just a small 10 minute workout a day, I would be super-pleased with myself. I have been going through a bit of emotional drama in my life, and sometimes my self-care goes on the back burner when certain situations crop up.

    Ugh, and you have a horse camp? Now, that is a beautiful thing. If I had access to a horse camp, I would get plenty of exercise out there.

    And it's always good to keep the inner-child awake and running. Being child-like in a world like we live in today can be one of life's greatest achievements.
  3. stariie

    stariie Community Champion

    Sorry to hear about your Godmother.

    I have to ask you, where do you live that you can go jogging at night?! If I had a large piece of my own land, I would go out at night and walk (not jog, lol), but since I don't have that large parcel of land yet, I stay in my house at night.

    I think it's great that you take dancing breaks, at least you are still moving, keeping your heart rate up, working your body, and also maintaining your limber-ness (is that even a word? lol) which is always a good thing;).
  4. bluedressed

    bluedressed Community Champion

    I live in a small village of Germany. Well, something of a quiet suburb, I guess -- nice little houses with nice little gardens and all, nothing much scary (and I was always used to walk home after parties when I lived in the city, in Canada). I just like to run in the fresh air, and in the dark. I run after 10 or 11PM, not too far off either -- I just run the set of streets that are perpendicular to our (each is 500m).

    I think I'd somehow feel more unsafe on a big piece of land, even if it were mine, than in the streets! If someone broke in my land, I'd be far away from anything, whereas as it is, if I'm unsure of something, there are people all around to hear me scream and to go ring.

    And yeah. Dancing makes it fun. No-fun exercise is dangerous; it makes you want to stop and never start again!
  5. JoshPosh

    JoshPosh Community Champion

    It is a great form of exercise. If you enjoy doing it and it gets your heart rate, then by all means don't stop. Keep up the good vibes and stay loose and keep the blood blowing. It's better then the bad alternatives.
  6. stariie

    stariie Community Champion

    Suburb of Germany? Well, the way that you describe things there makes me think that you're okay running where you do at night, and that's what matters, whether you feel comfortable or not when you are outside at night.

    When I say on my own land, I mean, my own front or large back yard :)
    Not necessarily a huge plot of land that goes on for miles and miles (although I would not mind having that, and a few horses on that land as well).
    I live on the outskirts of Silicon Valley in a decent neighborhood, but I wouldn't feel totally at ease running at night.
    I used to live right in the middle of the Valley, and would feel a bit safer in some parts at night.

    Since I don't do a lot of running at night or at any other time for that matter, there are some places around where
    I wouldn't mind walking:) at night, but never after 10 or 11PM unless I had to.
  7. bluedressed

    bluedressed Community Champion

    Ah, I guess I don't have much fear? Some stressful stuff happened to me walking at night a few times back in the city, and I get edgy when strangers addressed me, but overall, I guess I just have this "Do what ya gotta do" mentality when it comes to it, and I'd rather walk than take the taxi any time.

    For jogging I guess it's different, because there is no special reason why one must be outside. But I don't jog very fast and, even if I am less self-concious about it now, I still prefer running in the dark. It's fresh. Also, if I spent my day doing not much and start to feel any sort of "self-hate", then I can go outside and run it out -- it's surprisingly nice, takes my mind off things and gives me a sense of accomplishment. :) The worse thing about it is passing by houses where dogs are kept outside. They have fences, but their barking surprises me everytime! They're not there in the winter, so that's good.
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  8. Nergaahl

    Nergaahl Community Champion

    This seems like a fun method, for people who like to dance. I, for example, hate dancing. I'm not a very energetic person, and I prefer sitting in my chair at birthdays and such. I guess this won't work for me.
  9. stariie

    stariie Community Champion

    I guess my caution comes from perhaps growing up in places that, although they are nice, they are not without a certain 'element' to them. Silicon Valley and the surrounding areas can be nice for the most part... Google, facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo territory and the like. While nice, certain areas probably have a different kind of vibe to them than a German suburb probably has. I don't know though.
    When I think 'German suburb', I picture a place kind of scrubbed down a bit, perhaps not as "urban".

    I don't like when dogs jump from out of nowhere if I'm walking somewhere. I love dogs, all animals, but I think that owners should make sure that if their dogs are outside, they are properly trained and restrained at all times.

    Nobody is perfect, and dogs are going to bark, but for the most part a dog owner should try to keep their animal under control. Some dogs can run right up to the fence, jump up on the fence, and bark up a storm, just inches from where a person is walking.

    I can totally understand how running takes your mind off things, and gives you a sense of accomplishment, both of which are great. A nice walk does the same thing for me, only I have not been out walking as much as I need to.

    I do my exercise program in fits and starts. Sometimes I'll start exercising and not miss a day for months, and then I might stop, and won't start back up again for a long while. I have a lot of exercise DVD's, and of course there are workout routines on the Internet, so I can always get a workout in--inside of my house if I want to... but sometimes I guess I just don't want to bad enough:oops:.
  10. bluedressed

    bluedressed Community Champion

    Well, dogs kept outside are more guard dogs than pets. Usually, they don't "climb up" (put their feet up the fence) to scare you, they'll just come close (a foot or a few feet) to the fence and bark. Usually, those houses have signs about watching out for the dog.

    I also usually am on/off my workout, but I've been following the MOOC "The Body Matters" which mentions that you should at least do 150 min of moderate exercise a week, or 75 mins of intense exercise. Because the arguments for it are very convincing.
  11. stariie

    stariie Community Champion

    It's good to exercise so many minutes per week; keeps the body strong, and the mind focused on things that are good. I find that if I am exercising regularly that I eat better, sleep better, even move better through-out my house doing daily chores.
    I also read and/or heard somewhere that not exercising is as bad as smoking cigarettes. I find that hard to believe, but that's what some people were saying on some kind of talk show.

    I need to really commit to an exercise program in the long term, but the challenge with that is that you can only take things one day at a time. I get impatient, then I don't make time in my day for exercise, but I really need to be better when it comes to self-care. Sometimes in the recent past I have dedicated a lot of time to helping others, while putting myself and my family on the back-burner.
  12. bluedressed

    bluedressed Community Champion

    Well, I was mostly convinced when I watched this guy talking about how important moving was, and how an overweight fit person was in better health than a sedentary, non-fit person. Really eye opening, in a way.

    It was in the edx course The Body Matters, but here's the opening vid:

    and then following vids which are also pretty fun to see:

    I think it helps to find good training programs. I really like the blogilates POP pilates vids (especially the ones on group muscles I need to focus on, like Back Attack or Pilates for Arms and the Upper Back), and recently I discovered which is unbelievingly easy to sort through length of the video, difficulty, equipment needed, target muscle group, type of activity... And when you make a (free) account, you can save workouts in a calendar. Then it's just a question of making an habit, and on busy days it's easy to just make a shorter session. :)

    And yeah, I also feel better after a good workout. Sore, but happy, and re-energized ! :D Totally awesome. And when I calculate the time I spent sitting to the time I'm working out, it always reminds me of how much I should do some more of it. XD
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  13. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    Cymbalta recovery. This is an interesting drug. Anti-depressant and nerve pain. Really, an all in one. I have heard of this but I did not know what it was for. It's something how they put all this together. I'm going to have to read your posts about your recovery from this.
    The Nintendo dance games sounds good. I would probably like that. You are saying that you are very self conscious still. Well this is going on with a lot of people today. Social media, the internet are carry on what magazines and television have done to us for quite some time. I feel you on that one. It can be overwhelming thinking of people's judgements. Nothing really to allow to as it's said, occupy space in your head. It's an interesting subject really. Eventually we get comfortable with ourselves and realize who the really great people are in our lives. They stand out, you think of them fondly. They certainly don't make you feel bad about yourself. Perfectionism can make you self conscious. Maybe being like your own friend. Cutting yourself some slack. Allowing you to be you without judging yourself.
    Recovering from prescriptions can be just as challenging. Sounds like you are doing well but need to rewire the mind a little.