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Danyelle, THANK YOU

Discussion in 'Heroin' started by Friendtofriend, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. Danyelle,
    I came here looking for answers. I started reading all the story's that everyone has posted and the answers that were given. Danyelle, you stood out to me because you looked to be around the same age as my girl friend and she is the reason I came here looking for answers. That I could not get from her because she did not understand it. She is no longer in control. I found you stood out because you were very vocal and held nothing back. I'm not sure if our conversation were in an open setting on here or in a message system. You have the key to success already. You give it to me the key to help my girl free herself from this disease. My girl is in a very nice rehab now only because she had to make a deal with a judge. She has been clean now for about 2 1/2 months. She has been in rehab before. It did not work. It's not going to work this time. Yes her body has fully detoxed. She holds a lot of resentment against her mom for helping put her there this time. I don't get to visit her but I do get to mail letters and talk to her on the phone 1 time a week for a few minutes. I was not with her the first time she was in rehab, I did not even know she was on heroin until the 2nd month we were dating. Anyway, I told you that story. What I know now is that talking to her on the phone, she is not cured. She has a lot of people fooled but me. I wanted to know WHY for everything. I got that here.
    What I have found here is that yes, this is a quite epidemic that the government needs to get involved with to save the users and family's and everyone in contact with a user to cure this. The government is the responsible one here that made this drug to start with.
    #1 the user around my area can't or won't tell you the answers, why, only thing I can come up with is they don't know how or why.
    #2 The family does not know why or understand it and is to ashamed to find out or they have a opinion that the person can quit when ever they want.
    The user and family's and doctors need to get more involved.
    I spent a year looking for all the answers for myself. I knew nothing more but how to be a victim just like the user. My love for my girlfriend made me get in the trenches with her, I would not turn her loose. I loved her to much. I seen everything been through everything. This site, this forum, and you Danyelle give me all the answers I needed just in a few hours of time. The bad thing is so many other people are either going to separate from their loved ones. Loose their loved one to this drug., our have to go through what I have and be strong enough to endure this pain as I have.
    Communication is the Key we use to fix anything. Everything about this drug or why the user do what they do is suppressed. Until a person gets involved and get in the same trenches and endures themself in this and look for a cure, it will never be found. It's to easy for someone to give up and let things run the course.
    I have relayed what I have found in a letter to my girl. I know she has received the letter and I can't wait to talk with her on the phone to talk about it this coming week.
    Her body is no longer in pain from the detox. Just going to rehab is not enough. Her brain receptors are still telling her she has to have it and nothing else. The key here that I have found is that our brain is designed the same and we are trained with the common morels. What is right and what is wrong. That is where positive and negatives come into play. Hence, good is positive and bad is negative to the brain. What we don't know is why the user looses this this. What I have found is that the users brain has adapted, it no longer works like normal. It no longer matters how the user gets the money to get the next fix, it just knows who to get the positive results at all cost to stop the pain. So how to change this. You hold the key, We have to change the brain thought process of what is positive and negative. The brain receptors have to have a new attraction. You change that attraction and you have this disease cured. Right now with my girl, her brain still has the same attraction because she don't know what to do to change that. The mind is relentless, if you key into something that is the only thing you will think about. What I have found out here, that is all the user thinks about is the next fix. This is the same for even the non user. The more you think about something, the more you think about it unless you get your answer or you give up.
    The short version to this, if you don't know what you are up against, you don't know how to fix it.
    From what I have seen up to this point, both sides give up because of lack of knowledge, there is no communication or lack of.
    The key to this is knowing th
    "LAWS OF ATTRACTION" the Secret.
    Learn this, apply it, It does work and will work for anything. Get rid of the negative thoughts and change them to positive thoughts. I'm not a user of heroin but I have applied this to my life and I'm getting results. The change is awesome.
    Thank you so much.