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Do nicotine patches work?

Discussion in 'Tobacco / Nicotine' started by asuewrowt, Jun 26, 2015.

  1. asuewrowt

    asuewrowt Member

    For the life of me, I was always baffled about whether these work or not. For a person that has smoked more than half their live(s) to be able to simply "slap on a patch" and get the same buzz is still an enigma to me. For you smokers out there, do those patches HONESTLY do the trick. And do they help you break the habit?
  2. tarverten

    tarverten Senior Contributor

    Nicotine patches only HELP you quit by controlling the withdrawl symptoms! They are not the magic bullet, as you will need willpower, dedication and a lot of support from family and friends.

    First of all, make sure you have no heart problems because if you use nicoderm you can put yourself at risk for heart attacks and other cardiovascular events. There are other alternatives like Zyban etc you can discuss with your Dr.

    Before you start using patches, first throw away all cigarettes and matches at home, in your car, and at work. Put away ash trays and lighters. Tell your family and friends you're quitting and ask for their support. Avoid triggers for smoking. Set a no-smoking policy. Do not allow anyone to smoke in your home or car, and avoid other people when they are smoking. You can also join a support group.

    Like I said, Nicotine patches are used to relieve withdrawal symptoms of smoking (imagine yourself when you haven't had a smoke in a while) like anxiety, palpitations, and irritability. An added benefit is that they don't contain the carcinogens and gases associated with tobacco smoke. So your pretty much getting your nicotine fix from a patch rather than a cigarette. One patch delivers a constant amount of nicotine to you for 24 hours, so you have to change the patch daily.

    I would recommend Nicoderm because it provides smooth delivery of nicotine to your bloodstream as opposed to other generic brands which have mroe variability. You pretty much choose the strength of the patch based on the amount of cigarettes you smoke per day. Look on the box of the product you choose. I believe if you smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day you will need to use the following 3 STEP program.

    Begin with STEP 1 (21 mg) for the first six weeks.
    Move to STEP 2 (14 mg) for weeks 7-8.
    Then move to STEP 3 (7 mg) for weeks 9-10. This prepares you to stop using NicoDerm altogether at the end of week ten.

    But if you smoke fewer than 10 cigs a day, just use STEP 2 (14 mg) for 6 weeks and STEP 3 (7 mg) for 2 weeks.

    As you use Nicoderm, you'll feel your cravings start to diminish as it helps your body gradually wean itself off nicotine. Over an 8 to 10 week period, depending on the strength you choose, you lower the dosage until you stop using it altogether.
  3. blastguardgear

    blastguardgear Senior Contributor

    Things work differently for people. Gum didn't work for me but I decided to get a patch one day to try I cause I hated smelling like smoke all the time. I smoked the day before I used the patch and whenever I put the patch on, I literally had no desire to light one up. It was shocking to me. Usually when I thought about smoking I'd want to. But with the patch, I had no desire to no matter how often I thought about it or saw someone else smoke. Patches worked for me. For some the nicotine gum does and patches don't.
  4. shadowsupernature

    shadowsupernature Senior Contributor

    Yes, they work. At least they worked for me. It's been 6 or 7 years now, and I don't have any desire to smoke. I smoked for a loooonnnng time, about a pack, or more a day. The "craving" went away in a few days. My mind didn't go blank and my eyes didn't glaze over after going without a cigarette for 2 hours.

    When I first quit, I thought I'd need a patch the size of a "Wetsuit" but I was wrong.
  5. thepieeatingjay

    thepieeatingjay Senior Contributor

    I just put my first patch on and am surprised that I have little to no craving for a cigarette. I got down to 10 cigarettes per day so I m using the 14mg patch. I m seriously shocked because I just ate a granola bar and always want one after I eat. This is so weird. I really hope I can quit this time. I have had many failed attempts but I need to do this for my health. I m turning 30 this year, getting married next year and eventually want kids so the smoking has gotta stop. My boyfriend smokes over a pack a day so he s doing the 21mg and I REALLY hope it works for him. It s nice to quit with someone but a little harder because one caves the other one wants to too, haha. Yesterday, without the patch, I thought I was going to die without a cigarette and ended up buying a pack. Today is different. Good luck to anyone trying, you can do it! And I agree, if this doesn t work for you, try something else! Oh, and for the oral fixation, we are using e-hookahs with no nicotine.
  6. Totalarmordestine

    Totalarmordestine Senior Contributor

    They help curb the craving for nicotine, but it does nothing to help with the habit. That's why smoking is so addictive. I was more addicted to the habit of smoking when I got in my car, after a meal, etc. My husband used the patch and quit, but all I did was set a goal date for myself and only allowed myself a certain number of smokes a day. It took two months, but at the end, I was down to 3 a day. When I started forcing myself to finish those, and enjoyed them less, I knew I was mentally prepared to just throw those "sh*t sticks" away. Besides, I've saved over $2000 since I quit 4 years ago, and I'll be rewarding myself with a great vacation.
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  7. dakotacensus

    dakotacensus Member

    Congratulations on quitting! It's always the habit that gets to me, I don't even mind the withdrawal symptoms that much any more. There's a kind of intensity to it that's quite exhilarating at times. Smoking ends up coupled to so many different part of your life. The morning smoke, the after coffee smoke, stepping outside with smoking buddies, I'm never able to handle getting away from those.
  8. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    Anybody I've seen trying that patch they end up smoking with it attached to them. You are not suppose to smoke at all with that sticking on you. I haven't ever heard anybody say they kicked the habit with the patch.
  9. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    I have heard mixed opinions on this, some claims this does work, while others claim it didn't work for them. I'd not be able to tell, because I've never been a smoker myself. I have been thinking of helping my fiance quit by getting thoe patches for him, but that will have to wait til we move in together.
  10. Coolkidhere

    Coolkidhere Community Champion

    Ah thanks for clearing this up! I thought the patches were supposed to stop you from smoking. But it turns out you have to stop first before you use the patches. My hubby really needs this. So I might buy it and explain to him how this works.
  11. Anahap

    Anahap Member

    Well, my mother who used to be a smoker for 23 years used the nicotine patches and managed to quit smoking for good. I think the patches help you for the first few days when your body still needs it's daily nicotine intake. But after those first days, I'm not sure how else the nicotine patches could help you. It's just pure ambition and willpower after that.
  12. I've quit smoking cigarettes by gradually getting off it. I never tried nicotine patches but I have a friend who did. She didn't last too long and eventually moved to smoking e-cigarettes, then eventually went back to cigarettes. It really is up to you to quit, based on my experience. Will power is stronger than any substitute. It's better to not be dependent on substances.
  13. sbatz72

    sbatz72 Active Contributor

    I think they work to the point that you can wear them and not have any cravings. However, after breaking the psychological part of the addiction, you will need to be brave and take off the patch. It is only after the psychological addiction is broken that you can break the physical addiction. I would not think that anyone would be successful at quitting if he/she tried to break the physical addiction first.
  14. Rosyrain

    Rosyrain Community Champion

    Patches alone did not work for me, but the combination of patches and nicotine gum worked like a charm. Every couple of weeks you decrease the amount of nicotine going into your system by chewing a little less gum and using a patch that has a little less nicotine in it. Part of the issue people struggle with is that they have to find something to do with their hands and their mouth instead of the act of smoking a cigarette.
  15. pwarbi

    pwarbi Community Champion

    Nicotine patches work, but only for some people. At the end of the day your still going to have to want to quit yourself and have the willpower and motivation to do it.

    Just putting a patch on isn't going to be a miracle cure, and I think that's why a lot of people end up smoking again.
  16. JoshPosh

    JoshPosh Community Champion

    I have a friend that smokes 3 packs a day. He travel internationally a few times a year. His flights sometimes go for 20 hours in the air and he depends on the patch to get him through it. According to him it helps get through the flight but it is not the same as a cigarette.
  17. rightct

    rightct Community Champion

    In a way or another, they do. They didn't work for me a couple years back, and none of my friends reported any kind success with it either, but I did see other people from other parts of the world which did report success stories, so I don't rush into saying it doesn't work... it just isn't the thing for me. :)
  18. henry

    henry Community Champion

    Nah, I don't think any of that quitting stuff really works. It might work for a little while, but I bet you'll be back blowing more smoke than a chimney in no time at all. If you REALLY want to quit, just stop. Take your smokes and flush them down the toilet, and say, "No effing more!!"